System: Super Famicom Continent: Europe
Developer: Infogrames Publisher: Infogrames
Size: ? Save Feature: None
Retail Price: ? Release Date: 1993
Number of Players: 1 - 2 Genre: 2D Platformer
Also On: Game Boy Related Links: Review
Previous Games: Asterix (arcade), Asterix (Atari 2600), Asterix (Master System), Asterix And The Magic Cauldron, Asterix: Im Morgenland Followed By: Asterix And Obelix, Asterix And The Great Rescue, Asterix And The Power Of The Gods, Asterix: The Gallic War

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    Based on a popular European comic, and never released in America or Japan. Play as Asterix, making your way through levels set in various locales like Egypt and Greece in an attempt to rescue Obelix, who's been kidnapped. Players outside of Europe may not recognize the characters, but that doesn't really have any effect on one's enjoyment.

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