Asterix & Obelix

System: Super Famicom Continent: Europe
Developer: Infogrames Publisher: Infogrames
Size: ? Save Feature: Password
Retail Price: ? Release Date: 1995
Number of Players: 1 - 2 Genre: 2D Platformer
Also On: Playstation Previous Games: Asterix (arcade), Asterix (Atari 2600), Asterix (SNES), Asterix And The Magic Cauldron, Asterix: Im Morgenland
Followed By: Asterix And The Great Rescue, Asterix And The Power Of The Gods, Asterix: The Gallic War

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    Based on a popular European comic, and never released in America or Japan. This time, Rome has set up a barricade around Asterix's and Obelix's home town, so they must venture out to take an artifact from each area of the Roman empire to essentially snub Caesar and prove their town's superiority. Unlike the first game, here two players can play in a co-operative mode (where one controls Asterix and the other controls Obelix, obviously).

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