The Addams Family

System: SNES Country: US
Developer: Ocean Publisher: Ocean
Size: 8 Megabits Save Feature: Password
Retail Price: ? Release Date: March, 1992
Number of Players: 1 Genre: 2D Action - Platform
Followed by: Addams Family Values Also On: NES, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Gear, Turbo Grafx 16 CD
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     The Addams Family is based on the movie of the same name (which in turn was based on cartoons and a TV show, but everything here is patterned after the film). Following the plot of the movie.. sort of, Abigail Craven has taken taken advantage of Uncle Fester, who has lost his memory. She uses him to get into the house and lock up Wednesday, Pugsley, Morticia, and even Fester himself in various sections of the house so that she can get into the secret vault in the mansion to steal the Addams fortune. You take control of Gomez, the only Addams not locked up, and set off to free his family. As one might expect, each member of the family is at the end of a long level, where you must first defeat a boss to free them. You start off in the Hall of Stairs, where you can pick which level you wish to go to next.

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