ABC Monday Night Football

System: Super Famicom Country: Japan
Developer: Data East Publisher: Data East
Size: 8 Megabits Save Feature: Battery backup, one slot
Retail Price: ? Release Date: ?
Number of Players: 1 - 2 Genre: Sports - Football

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     Yet another football game. Gameplay is pretty basic: The playbook consists of 8 plays (four running, four passing, regardless of whether you're on offense or defense), and things like injuries and substitutions have been left out. Time or difficulty can't be adjusted. The player can create a team (which amounts to choosing "good offense" or "good defense" or "balanced" and then naming the players) or choose from a selection of 28 teams, named by city, that are copies of their respective real 1992 season teams (due to lack of an NFL or NFLPA license). During play, the field is always viewed from behind the offensive team, and is scaled and rotated using Mode 7. One item unique to the game is the use of "power plays", which are special plays each team can use once per half. When a player chooses a power play, the view shifts to an up-close look at the quarterback, and requires the player to rapidly press a button in order to outrun the defense (or, if the player is on defense, to catch up to the offense). The only connection the game has with its ABC Monday Night Football license is a handful of voice samples from Frank Gifford.

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