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Technical Specs


65c816 (16-bit)

CPU speed:  

2.68 and 3.58 Mhz (change able)

RAM memory:  

1 Mbit (128 Kbyte)

Picture Proc. Unit:  


Video RAM:  

0.5 Mbit (64 Kbyte)


512 x 448 pixels max hi res and interlaced modes

Colors Available:  

32,768 colors

Max colors on screen:  

256 colors

Max sprite size:  

64 x 64 pixels

Max sprites:  


Min/Max Cart Size:  

2 Mbit - 48 Mbit

Sound chip:  

8-bit Sony SPC700

Sound channels:  

8, uses compressed wave samples

System Notes/History

None at this time.

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