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Model 2. Click for large size.

Technical Specs


Motorola 68000 running at 12.5Mhz in parallel with the Megadrive�s C.P.U.

Hardware Graphic Features:  

ASIC chip
Biaxial Rotation


6 MBit Main
512 Kbit PCM
128 Kbit CD-ROM data cache memory
64 Kbit backup


1 MBit Bios.

CD-ROM Drive:  

1x speed
150 Kbytes a second data transfer rate

CD Access Time:  

1.4 seconds maximum
0.8 seconds minimum


8 channels PCM
3" and 5" music CDs
CD+G discs

Stereo Output Sampling:  

32 KHz
16 bit D/A compatible
8x oversampling

Frequency Response:  

20 Hz to 20 KHz

Dynamic Range:  

Greater than 90 db

Channel Separation:  

Greater than 90 db


220(L) X 396(W) X 84(H) mm


49,800 � ($370) Japanese Release

Release Date:  

December 12, 1991 - Japan

System Notes/History

The Mega CD did not improve the colours on the Megadrive although it did allow the Megadrive to display film footage F.M.V.

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Photo contributed by Aaron Mims.