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"Marty is a powerful ally with the brains it takes to make 'smart
television' a reality. With Marty, you can experience a marvelous
new dimension in intelligent, interactive television performance."

Technical Specs


32bit 386 processor (runs at 16MHz)


Up to 1024 sprites (16x16)
Resolution: 352x232 upto 640x480
32768 color palette - 256 onscreen


6 channel FM
8 channel PCM


2 MB

Data Medium:  

CD-ROM, Single-speed (1x)
Internal 3.5" HD floppy drive


digital, 2 fire buttons, select, and run
2 standard controller ports
keyboard port


Smartcard slot
S-VHS port
AV port
MIC socket
Headphone socket

System Notes/History

The FM Towns Marty was released in 1991 by Fujitsu. It's based on the original FM Towns computer made by Fujitsu.
It is compatible with almost every FM Towns game ever released.

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Photo and information by Aaron Mims.