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Technical Specs


MIPS 64-bit RISC CPU (customized R4000 series)

Clock Speed:  

93.75 MHz


64-bit RISC processor running at 62.5 MHz
RCP SP (Sound and Graphics Processor)
and DP ( Pixel Drawing Processor)

Graphics processing functions:  

Z-Buffering, Anti-aliasing, eliminates jagged lines and edges, mostly in low res.
Realistic texture-mapping.
Alpha Channel effects\Fog, Transparency, etc.
Ray-Tracing/sophisticated form of light tracing ability.
Gouraud shading, (Featuring: Tri-Linear filtered mip-map interpolation, Perspective correction, Environment mapping).


Rambus D-RAM 36 Mbits

Transfer Speed:  

Maximum transfer speed 4,500 M bits/sec. running at 500Mhz.

Polygon draw rate:  

150,000pps with all effects @ 60fps


256 X 224 - 640 X 480 dots with flicker free interlace mode support


Maximum: 16.8 million colors, 32-Bit RGBA
Pixel Color Frames Buffer Support
21-Bit color video output
16.8 million colors available
32,000 colors on screen at once


RF, Stereo A/V, S-Video, HDTV, NTSC/PAL

Digital sound:  


Number of voices:  

ADPCM: 16-24 channels w/pitch-shifting
PCM: 100 channels possible, take 1% of CPU each

Sampling frequency:  

44.1KHz or 48KHz (selectable)

Benchmark performance:  

Main CPU clocked at 125 MIPS (millions of instructions per second)
Graphics Co-Processor clocked at 100+ MFLOPS (millions of floating point operations per second)
100,000 polygons per second, with all hardware graphic features turned on.


Input for four controllers
Total of nine buttons


10.23" wide x 7.48" deep x 2.87" high


2.42 pounds

System Notes/History

None at this time.

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Photo contributed by Aaron Mims.