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Batman: Revenge Of The Joker
Review by Raziel

Produced in 1992 by Sunsoft, this game will make Batman fans get really pissed with the company. Inferior compared even to poor games like Batman Forever and not even to be compared with Batman Returns (SNES), this game has absolutelly nothing to offer. It's Joker's revenge against not just Batman, but Bat-fans as well. The purpose of this review is just to give some information about the game for fans that might be curious about it...

The graphics are not the worst I have seen, but they are at best un-interesting. Batman's sprite is small, average in its appearance and poorly animated. The sprites of the enemies are gross. Some of the backgrounds are nice, but most of them are dull and bad-drawn. What is nice are the stills from the comic between the levels. But that does not save the graphics...

Just awful. If you decide to play the game put Danny Elfman's score of the film on the CD and turn off the sound...The music is really bad. Not only it has nothing to do with Batman, it is also irritating. The SFX are gross.

A side-scroller that would like to be perceived as a platform game. I say that because the control response is very poor and the game is unfair with you when you lose a life (you go back at the beginning). Batman supposedly can jump and shoot his enemies. There are, of course, none of the gadgets like the grappling hook and batarangs. Also if you expect a Batmobile stage, just don't...There are about 12 levels total if I remember right... The first is pretty good (the cathedral) but the rest have nothing to do with Batman. A tank base, a train, some futuristic factories etc...Poor stuff. At the end of each level you face a boss. The bosses are very poor visually and very tough to beat. In the end you face the Joker in a huge robot! There are also some side-scrolling shooter levels a-la R-Type where you control Batman's flying cycle. Why on earth they didn't put at least Batmobile? In these levels the control is better than the action levels but they are too tough as well. There is a password feature but it doesn't save the day. All in all, the game plays like hell...

Looks, sound and plays awful. There is not a real reason to play this game unless you are a Bat-fan and you are curious what is about. But you will be disappointed. Just see it, vomit, and play a better game with the hero. If you despise Batman this game is a nice reason to laugh at him. Certainly one of the worst games I have ever played.

FUN :29