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Street Fighter Alpha 3
Reviewed by The Watcher

      Although it is not one of the newest titles on the Playstation, credit must be given. Street Fighter Alpha 3 is by far one of the greatest 2D arcade translation to grace the Sony Playstation. Street Fighter Alpha 3 brings back old familiar faces from the series as well as introduces new characters and moves. Street Fighter Vets will be pleased with the extras. New players to the series will find a fighting game that provides fast paced action, hidden characters, special moves, and tons of extras. What more could you ask for in a 2D fighter?

Graphics: 9 out of 10
      An excellent arcade port. Street Fighter Alpha 3 contains excellent 2D animation, lighting effects, and colorful backgrounds. The new characters look great. Each character has new animated intro sequences depending on who they face. Equally impressive are the super combo animations where the entire screen boils over with special effects and shadow delays. Each character ending has been redone. There is also a nice animated intro. Returning characters from the Alpha series retain the same look.

Sound: 8 out of 10
      Street Fighter Alpha 3's stage music is decent, and fits each character. The music is an improvement over the other Alphas giving you a techno/ dance beat. Character voices were kept in Japanese, but fit each character well. Sound effects are well done. Every blow is followed by grunts, groans, and of course the explosive sounds after a special move.

Gameplay and Replay:10 out of 10
      New characters and character moves gives SFA3 a new depth gameplay. A total of 34 diverse characters can be used. Characters have been balanced out giving no one character an edge. Computer AI is decent depending on the difficulty level. The use of X-ISM, A-ISM, V-ISM can change the moves and strategies for each character. Each ISM can give advantages, but at the same time limit others. This also gives more depth to gameplay.
      Replay is where SFA3 shines. Each character has been given new endings and storyline as they progress in Arcade mode. A World Tour mode has been added. In World Tour You go on a "world tour" with your favorite characters and gain experience points by defeating challengers from each country. Gathered experience points go towards "leveling up" your character, like in an RPG - the better the fight, the bigger the reward. While your characters level up, they will also be granted access to special ISM-plus abilities, such as Auto guard, Alpha cancel, and Damage plus. Once you have earned these skills, you can then augment each ISM with abilities previously unavailable in normal arcade play. For instance, X-ism lacks air blocking, but through world tour mode, you can enable an X-ism character to perform air blocking. Character levels peak at 32, while each ism maxes out at level five (considered mastery). As an added bonus, you can take characters you created in world tour mode to fight in versus mode by importing from memory cards. More hidden modes and characters can be unlocked by playing both Arcade and World Tour giving even more replay value to SFA3.

Overall: 9 out of 10
      Capcom has done an outstanding job with the Playstation port of Street Fighter Alpha 3. It is by far one of the greatest 2D fighting games on the Sony Playstation....