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World of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck

© 1992 Sega, The Walt Disney Company
Review by Raziel

Produced in 1992 by Sega, this game was programmed by the same people who brought us the fantastic Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Quackshot starring Donald Duck. This time they made a game featuring both of them!


By the standards of 1992, the graphics are beautiful. The sprites of Mickey and Donald are very pretty and nicely animated. The sprites of the enemies, especially the bosses, are superb as well. The levels are just beautiful. Not only in the level of detail, but in their themes. The game makes you want to see what lurks next. Some levels like the clouds or the underwater level are simply stunning. Overall, the graphics are a joy for your eyes.


I am not very fond of happy music tunes, but I love the sound of this game. The music tracks ar very nice and sooo sweet. There are many different tunes, and each one is better than the other. This game contains some of the most beautiful musics I have heard in a Genesis game, after games like Sonic. They fit perfectly with the theme of the game. The SFX are superb as well. In one word, the sound is fantastic.


The game looks and sounds great, but the gameplay is even better. A simple and fun platform game. The play control is just perfect. Your sprite responds instantly at your commands. A great feature is the two player game. It is one of the rare examples of a successful two-player option in a platform game. In the one player option you can choose to be either Mickey or Donald. Their routes are quite similar, but totally different in places. You can say that there are three different games in one, the two player game, Donald's game and Mickey's game. There are five areas total, each one divided in many stages. At the end of each area you must defeat a boss. Among others there is a shark, a spider and a witch. The game is fairly easy, but there is also a password feature that makes it a piece of cake. In my opinion this is a good thing, since I am not very fond of games that make you want to smash your console into pieces with their high level of difficulty. All in all, it is a very fun and entertaining game.


Another fantastic Disney title for Genesis. Both the sound and the graphics are tremendous. The play control is perfect and its difficulty is accessible to all players. And when these things are told about a Disney game by someone who is fond of more 'sinister' games like Legacy of Kain and Resident Evil, it's just enough. This game is just marvellous and I recommend it to all players, of any age and taste.
FUN :94