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Robocop Vs. The Terminator
© 1993 Virgin Interactive
Review by Raziel

Released in 1993 by Virgin, this game is based on a Dark Horse comic book cross-over that appeared that year...The story follows Robocop who is transported with a time machine a few years after his era to destroy the Terminator scourge and destroy Skynet itself. In my opinion, this game is the only good Robocop game I can think of, together with some games that appeared only in the arcades.

Certainly the strongest part of the game. Large, detailed sprites. Especially Robocop or the Terminators are impressive. The levels are well-drawn and varied as well. I can say that the graphics have a 'movie' feel rather than a comic feel. If you compare this version to the SNES game of the same name you will understand what I mean. They are also very gory. When you shoot a human thug he doesn't just disappear, but the screen fills with blood. Brutal! The only dissapointment of the graphics is the lack of digitized images between the levels.


The sound follows the quality of the graphics. Really impressive when you consider it's Genesis and not SNES. The SFX are the certainly the strongest part. It's like making war in your room (literally). The music is good as well. Action-packed, it fits with the game perfectly. Although the music tracks are good, I recommend to play the game with music off (you can turn off the music from the options) and play this game listening to Ministry or any old Sepultura album.


It is basically a platform shoot'em up, quite similar to Contra, but a lot better, with more weapons and more action/adventure elements. However it's a bit simpler than most action adventure games, so you can focus on the action. Robocop can just shoot and jump, but more moves would be unnnecessary. You begin with Robocop's traditional handgun that is effective against weaker enemies but in later levels you acquire several stronger weapons such as grenade-throwers, lazers, rockets etc. You can also find ED-209's weapon. The levels are divided in 'Robocop' levels and in 'Future' levels. In the first 5 levels you fight in the Robocop's universe, and frankly, the levels reminded me of the movies. The first two are the streets of Detroit. The boss here is a Terminator disguised as a human (he is identical to Arnie from the first Terminator film). Then you go to the Delta City construction site. Here you fight the large robot from Robocop 2! Then there is a factory similar to the one of the first Robocop film, where you fight a small tank-robot. The fifth level is the OCP headquarters, where you fight the best boss (in my opinion), ED-209 in its full glory! ED-209 has the best appearance compared in any game that included 'him'. In other games it's too large compared with Robocop (just see Robocop from MAME) or in others simply crude (e.g. Robocop 3). But here is as it should be. After you finish the 5 levels, you go to the future. Here you will travel through several futuristic levels to reach your final goal, Skynet. The bosses here are mostly upgraded Terminators but the boss in level 8 is a large, impressive Robot. The game is a bit challenging, but with practice you will have no problem in finishing it. The disappointment is the game's ending.


Alongside titles like Lion King, Aladdin or Mickey Mania, this is one of the best licenses on the Genesis. It looks and sounds great, and plays like a real arcade game. It also has variety. Highly recommended to Robocop fans or shoot'em up fans in general.


Pause the game and press C C A A B B C C A A B B to get 56 lives and another cheat.

FUN :85