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Robocop 3
© 1993 Flying Edge / Acclaim
Review by Raziel

Released in 1993 by Flying Edge/ Acclaim, this game is based on the third Robocop 3. Robocop 1 the movie was great in my opinion, but the sequels were not that good, especially the third which had nothing of the dark and violent feel of the original. Anyway, this is not the place to review the film so let's see how good the game is. First of all I want to mention that the code of the game is Ocean's, Flying Edge just did the port to the Genesis from the SNES. Ocean as you might know is responsible for many film-licenced games. In an era it seemed that when an action film was released Ocean should do the game. I think it's not necessary to say that most of these games were bad. That's why the company was sold in 1994 to Infogrames, in my opinion. Anyway, to the game quickly!

The graphics of this game are decent. They are nowhere near as sharp and detailed as the SNES version but they are decent...The sprite of Robocop is nice but the sprites of the enemies are crude, especially the human thugs. The backgrounds, without being anything remarkable, are nice.


Although the film was bad, it had nice music. Unfortunately the music of the game has nothing to do with it. The musics are some of the most unispiring and boring compositions I have heard in a game. The SFX, on the other hand, are good.


This is where this game suffers. It is basically a platform shoot'em up, or, dare I say, a platform get-shot up. Robocop is very slow while the enemies (and their bullets) are very quick and this makes the game too hard. I completed it back in 1993 (I rent it not bought it) and now when I played with the emulators after all this years I cannot understand how I managed it. In some places it is almost unplayable. Perhaps kids have more patience with hard games than young people. There are 6 levels total, but the difficulty makes them seem like they are 66! You start in the streets of Detroit, continue at the site of Delta City where you face ED-209 (this time it helps you), go to a church (even Robots are christians, you know!), then the sewers and finally you go to the OCP office where you face two cyber-samurai. Two of the levels are flying sequences, a-la R-Type. In these levels the gameplay is even more difficult and hard.


There is not much good to say about this game. There are nice movies that turn into bad games, bad movies that turn into decent games (like 007 Tomorrow Never Dies for Playstation) but in this case a bad movie turned into a bad video game. How worse can it get? If you want to play a game with Robocop, try Robocop Vs Terminator for the Genesis. Avoid this mess at all costs!

FUN :20