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Jurassic Park
Review by Raziel

Produced in 1993, this game is of course based on the excellent Spielberg film. It is one of the many, different, games released that year based on the film. While the SNES version was an overhead adventure game like e.g. Zelda, the Genesis version is a traditional side-scroller. In my opinion the Genesis version is better and one of the few decent film licenced games on the console.

Atmosphere is the name of the game. Whether being in the Jungle, the abandoned electricity station or the visitor's center, the graphics manage to capture the atmosphere of the film. The sprites of the humans are small and just above average, but what catches the eye is, of course, the sprites of the dinosaurs. In the game you will see various species such as the Velociraptor, the Triceratops, the Brachiosaurus and some smaller like Compy and Dilophosaurus. There is also the mighty T-rex, but unfortunately you only get to see its head. The backgrounds, as aforementioned, are detailed and atmospheric.


Not as clean as it should be, but manages to create atmosphere. Especially in the jungle level apart from the music and the SFX you will hear background SFX like birds and the growl of far away dinos. The music, although not great, is pleasant to listen to while playing and the SFX do their job good. The growl of the T-Rex could be better.


A great aspect is the fact that you can choose to be either Dr. Grant or a fierce Velociraptor. The bad thing is that the Velociraptor game is not that good. The response of the dinosaur at the commands is poor and that makes the game too hard. It is also only 5 levels long. The Dr. Grant game is 7 levels, ranging from the Jungle to the electricity station and from the volcano (!) to the visitor's center. The control of Dr. Grant is sometimes slow but with a little practice you will have no problem. The game is tough but there is a password system which is very welcome.


In conclusion, this is a fair game which is fun to play. Although not as good as other great film games like Star Wars and Batman Returns on the SNES, it captures the atmosphere of the film. It has nice graphics and sound, and decent playability. Recommended for those who liked the film. Here are the scores in %

FUN :80