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Double Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone
© 1993 Flying Edge, Technos Japan
Review by Raziel

First of all I would like to tell you that this game is a somehow 'tragic' story to me. Back in 1993 when it was released by Flying Edge, I read a review in a well known mag about it with a score of 92% and ravings about 'glorious graphics', 'top music' and 'excellent playability'...as a result I bought it and I spent about $ 39 (or 15000 in greek drachmas) for this mess...From that point I decided never to take mags seriously as far as reviews are concerned and I told myself that if I ever wrote a review I would be more objective. Well, the time came to write about this game and I will surely tell you about how bad it is...

The graphics are not the worst I have seen in my gaming life, but certainly I have seen much better. The sprites look pretty but the animation is anything but smooth. The majority of the backgrounds are bad-drawn and look awful. Also there isn't any parallax scrolling, an integral feature of 16-bit titles.


The sound is perhaps the only good part of the game. The music, without being remarkable, is quite enjoyable to listen to while playing. On the other hand, the SFX are awful and the few sampled voices dire.

Average graphics, decent sound. If the gameplay was any good this game would be fun for a 30-minutes session. But no! The control system is easily the worst I have seen in a scrolling beat'em up game. You try to punch and the punch does not hit the enemy. They punch you and they annihilate you. In other words, the collision detection is some of the worst in any 16-bit game. That's why the level of difficulty is so high. You can't hit your enemies. There are 5 levels total in the game. If you are patient enough to play you will travel through USA, China, Japan, Ancient Rome (!) and Ancient Egypt (!!!)...Your purpose, not that you care, is to find a stone called Rosetta. Of course there is a two player mode that cannot save the game. You get to be one of four characters, Billy, Roney (a tall and muscular character), a chinese karate-kid or a fat guy who is dressed like a prison inmate.


Anyway, all in all, this is a horrible game. It sounds good, but the average graphics and dreadful gameplay make it almost unplayable. With a range of much better similar games on the Genesis (e.g. Streets of Rage 1-2-3, Maximum Carnage etc) there is not a real reason to recommend this game. If you played the original Double Dragon as a kid in the arcades you might want to see it but they'll realize that some things are better when they are a memory rather than been experienced again...Just avoid it all of you.

FUN :19