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Cutthroat Island
1995 Acclaim
Review by Raziel

This game was produced in 1995 by Acclaim, based on the film with the same name...You will say 'Why did they bother, the film was awful!' and you'll be absolutelly right...The game is as bad as the movie or, in fact, even worse...


As you can see from the pictures, the graphics are dire. Small, bad-drawn sprites with anything but fluid animation. The backgrounds are of 8-bit 'quality'...in fact, I have seen much better in Sega Master System and Game Boy Color games...

Even worse than the graphics. The tunes are ridiculous, although it seems that they tried to make them 'adventurous'...The SFX are awful and resemble screechings...Better turn off the volume...


It doesn't only look and sound awful, it plays like hell...The 'game' is basically a clone of Golden Axe, with more platform elements. The setting is pseudo-3d and your only purpose is to destroy each enemy that appears in your path. The control response is not as good as it should be. There is also a two-player mode. You will take the role of Morgan or her boyfriend in their attempt to find a hidden treasure, through 10 levels. They are varied in their themes but, as mentioned before, they look awful and you don't have any motive to proceed and see what lies next...As if that wasn't enough, the level of difficulty is very high...

This game looks, sounds and plays awful...It is a dire adaption of a dire film. There is not a rational Genesis owner who would like to have this game...AVOID!

FUN :09