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Batman: Revenge of The Joker
© 1992 Sunsoft
Review by Raziel

Sometimes is painful to be a Batman fan...with games like this you ask yourself...to Bat, or not to Bat? Anyway...Produced in 1992 by Sunsoft, this game humiliat...follows the adventures of Batman against his arch-enemy, the Joker. The comic book is fun to read, Batman is cool and Joker is one of the coolest villains. What did it go wrong? As it seems, Joker's Revenge was very harsh, not only to Batman but to the gamers as well...


The graphics are an eyesore. Batman is fat and ugly (no the tall muscular figure we see in the comics) and his enemies are even uglier. The backgrounds are some of the dullest I have ever seen (alongside 'masterpieces' like Genesis' X-Men). It's easily some of the worst graphics I have ever seen (and certainly the worst in a Batman game).


The sound is as bad as the graphics. It is not so screeching as, say, in X-Men but bad nonetheless. Uninspired music, average SFX. Nothing to brag about. Better turn off the volume.


Does this game has anything good? The control is awful. Batman can kick or shoot with a weapon attached on his arm (!). And all in glorious and dramatic slow motion! Well, not exactly dramatic and glorious. The sprite just responds very slowly at the commands you give from the pad/ keyboard. There are 7 levels total, which must be the dullest locations in Gotham City. You will go at the cathedral, the sewers, a train, a tank base in middle east (no kidding!) to finally reach your goal, Joker at his cave, in an island somewhere in the Pacific (or Atlantic. I don't know!). All in all, the game is almost unplayable.

Certainly the grand champion in toss-value! An awful game based on a cool superhero. Looks bad, sounds bad, plays like hell. If you don't like Batman I recommend you this game. It's a nice chance to laugh at him...Anyway, more seriously now, the game sucks badly and better avoid to own it. Don't waste 603 kb of your HD for this sorry excuse of a game. If you want to play a good Batman game, try Batman by Atari for MAME or Batman Returns by Konami for SNES.

If, after all, you decide to play use this: enter the password 5257, press A B or C and then 1200 for level 1-2, 1300 for level 1-3, 2100 for level 2-1 etc.

FUN :35