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Back To The Future 3
© 1992, Probe
Review by Raziel

Produced in 1992 by Probe (surprisingly the ones responsible for MK for Genesis) the game is based on the third chapter of the Back to the Future series. In my opinion, although many may argue, all of the films in the series were good, although the first was the best. As for the game...well, it is a great honour for me to present you the worst film-game of all time (worse even than Last Action Hero).

Hahahahahaha....ok sorry...the sprites are awful, small, blocky..just ugly. The backgrounds are awful as well, bad-drawn with bad choice of colours. Certainly some of the worst graphics I have ever seen, in any 8/16 bit system.


OK, I won't start laughing again...The main theme of the film is included in extremelly poor quality. The rest of the sound is screeching...Turn off the volume (if you bother to play...)

The game consists of just 4 levels. The two of them are platform, one is a shooting gallery and one is in 3/4 perspective...I include images of all...The play control in each one is just awful. They are also incredibly difficult. This game is as amusing as being eaten alive...


THE WORST FILM GAME EVER. As simple as that. The game has the worst graphics in any Genesis platform game, and certainly tedious gameplay. All of you, who read these lines, avoid it! It is not even worth HD space in ROM format (after the review I deleted it...:)))

FUN :01