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Disney's Aladdin
© 1993 Sega, Virgin Games, The Walt Disney Company
Review by Raziel

Produced in 1993 by Virgin, this game is based on the fun Disney animated film. Personally, I never liked the film, I consider it too cute for my tastes (I prefer the 'darker' Lion King), but who am I to argue? This game was a huge commercial success wordlwide, helped of course by its license, but behind the flashy title there is a good game that could stand on its own.

Easily the best feature of the game. By the standards of '93 they are just perfect. The sprites are of medium size, very well-drawn and with very fluid animation. Overall they are a joy for your eyes. The backgrounds are of high quality as well, and they are themed after several sets of the film. They are also varied. I could dare to say that the graphics are some of the most impressive in a Genesis game. By watching the game, you will never notice the colour limitations of the machine, as you will do in other 'ambitious' titles like e.g. MK.


The sound is of high quality. The music tracks of the game have been taken from the film. Although I did not like the music of the film (again I consider it too 'happy') I must admit that the work that has been done with the game's music is impressive. You will think that you are listening to a SNES game, the quality is that good. The SFX are of high quality as well.


A simple platform game with elements of hack'em up - Aladdin can use a sword against his enemies. Of course when you cut them you won't see any blood but they'll disappear with a puff! He can also throw apples. The control system is responsive. There are about 10 levels total, including Agrabah Market, the Sultan's Palace, the Cave of Wonders, the Desert, the Palace's Dungeons and Jaffar's Palace. In some levels there are bosses. At the end you fight Jaffar. The game is a bit easy, but there are some tricky parts.

All in all, this game is one of the best licensed games on the Genesis, and a very good plaform in its own right. I recommend it not only to the ones that loved the film but to the rest as well. And when this is said by someone who doesn't like the film, believe me...For the best Disney game, however, try Mickey Mania or Lion King.

A well known and easy to remember cheat. To skip levels pause the game and press A B B A A B B A.

FUN :85