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The Adventures of Batman & Robin

© 1995 Sega Enterprises
Review by Raziel

Produced 1995 by Sega, this game is of course based on the popular TV show. It has some merits, but its several flaws keep this game apart from being as entertaining as it should be.

The graphics are the good aspect of the game. The sprites are small but nice with fluid animation. The backgrounds are just beautiful. They are very colourful, though, and very un-Batman-esque but overall they are pleasant to the eye.


The sound is, dreadful. Literally. The SFX are OK and do their job, but the music..someone turn off the volume please. Instead of using the superb music of the TV show, they put in the game some tecnho music that simply does not fit with Batman. It's like using Death Metal for Super Mario World! At least in Streets of Rage 2 the techno music was good and action-packed. But here the tracks are very fluffy and boring. It's recommended to turn off the sound and put your favorite AC/DC or Iron Maiden (or Robbie Williams if you prefer for that matter!) record while playing...


The game is simply a replica of Contra with Batman and Robin as the main characters. In my opinion that's too simplistic for a Batman game. Where are the gadgets? The grappling hook? The control at least is responsive. Batman and Robin simply can jump or throw batarangs at their enemies. A nice variation is the shooting, a-la R-Type level. There is, of course, a two player mode but it doesn't help the game a lot. There are 4 levels total, divided in many stages each. At the end of each level the dynamic duo will face a classic villain, the Joker, Two-Face in his copter, Mad Hatter and Mr. Freeze. The choice of the villains is also not the best possible, and limited as well. Where is Catwoman, The Penguin, Scarecrow, The Riddler? The game is also unbelievably difficult.

Overall this is another disappointment for Batman fans. Its graphics are some of the best on a licensed Genesis game, but the dreadful sound and the flawed gameplay let you down. If you are a Batman fan try it but there are much better games out there featuring the hero, like the SNES game wih he same name. Contra fans who are fed up might enjoy it. The rest of you just ignore it.

The game's very hard, but there's a cheat. At any time, pause the game and press B, A, Down, B, A, Down, Left, Up, C (BAD BAD LUC) to skip the current level.

FUN :60