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Congo Bongo
Reviewed by PeKENyo

      I don't know how many you remember this classic-- let alone how many of you played this rare game back in the 80's arcade scene. "Congo Bongo" was an early attempt at simulating a 3D environment but was still nothing more than a 2D game. If the game had any edge, the 3D aspect was it. This "Zaxxon" type view produced enchanting jungle environments full of multiple traps and deadly enemies.

      Let's take the first level for example. The unnamed red nosed adventurer of this game, who we will call Rudolph, scales the sides of a mountain while dodging coconuts from an angry ape above, a cliffside that collapses unexpectedly, and other monkeys that try to cling onto him. What's even more amazing about this game is the point of no return attitude to it. Once Rudolph leaves his safe boundary at the beginning of a level, he has to keep on moving. For a 2-D game, "Congo Bongo" provides great adventure without all of the blood seen in most modern day games.

      The game is made up of 4 levels-- four butt-whipping tough-as-hell levels, namely due to the point of no return attitude. From dodging the horns on rhinos to running away from venom filled snakes, this game will give even the most experienced Quake III Arena player a run for his money.

      There isn't much storyline behind this adventure except that poor Rudolph was sleeping in his tent when a mean ol' ape (an orange Donkey Kong) takes a torch and sets fire to the tent. Well, what springs from here is that Rudolph is pissed and wants revenge on the ape, so he chases after him-- and that's it. As I said before, there isn't much to say here except when you compare it to other games that absolutely no storyline, like Pac-man and Jungle Hunt.

      Overall, "Congo Bongo" is a great game-- not a life altering experience-- but something fun enough as it is.