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General Information
Date Released: 1998
Heroes: Alucard, Richter Belmont and Maria Renard
Stage Number: 30 Castle Sections
Size: 402MB
Original System(s)
Sega Saturn
Alternate Names/Systems

Manual Story Description

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While the members of the Dracula X team were preoccupied with other projects, it was up to the Konami division KCEN (Konami Computer Entertainment of Nagoya) to live up to the company's promise to port Akumajou Dracula X: Gekka no Yasoukyoku over to the Sega Saturn. While at its root the same experience, KCEN provided to the free-roaming adventure-RPG some exclusive material in terms of enemies, weapons and playability.

As it was: You play the role of Alucard and must fight your way through the evil-infested Castlevania and its inverted cousin to save the spell-induced Richter Belmont and discover the source of the castles' appearances. You'll travel through thirty castle sections (including four exclusive), therein, and encounter minor enemies and bosses alike, a variety of traps, some puzzles, and finally the game's ultimate evil. You'll enhance the RPG-powered Alucard by gaining levels; by collecting a large amount of weapons, armor and item types (with exclusive entries here, too); by learning and using spells; and by collecting relics that afford increased accessibility, the subservient familiars, and other unique abilities.

Also exclusive to the Saturn version is the ability to play as both Richter Belmont and Maria Renard from the outset. Richter is what you'd expect if you've unlocked him in the Playstation version; the only difference here is that he dons an alternate outfit. Maria is overall similar to Richter in terms of mechanics, but, moreover, she's akin to a blend of Alucard and Maxim Kischine from Harmony of Dissonance. Both characters have immediate accessibility due to their loose mechanics, but neither has a relevant story to his or her quest other than the quick one-screen endings received for defeating Shaft in the inverted castle. Additionally, both characters have exclusive themes that play in the Castle Entrance and during boss fights.

Japanese/European Differences

This is the Japanese version, a game with no North American counterpart due to what was becoming the Saturn's slow demise in the west. So it's only fair to list the differences between this and the American version of Symphony of the Night: (1) You can play as Richter Belmont from game's start and immediately access the game's name-entry codes. (2) You can play as Maria Renard, who didn't appear in Symphony as a playable character. (3) Richter and Maria have their own intros and endings. (4) Alucard's intro makes reference to "Ralph C. Belmondo" rather than his western-named counterpart, Trevor Belmont. The rest of the intro is worded slightly different than the Playstation intro. (5) There are two new areas not seen in Symphony--the Cursed Prison and the Underground Garden. Each has its own overarching theme. (There are actually four new sections if you count the upside-down versions.) (6) The Abandoned Mine is now called "Abandoned Pit to the Catacomb." The Underground Cavern is "Ground Water Vein." And Olrox's Quarters is "Olrox's Room." (7) There are sixteen exclusive lesser enemies. (8) There are two extra bosses, one of which is located in a new section; the other is Maria. (9) Some enemies' death animations differ slightly, like the marionettes that are now pulled back to Hell. (10) Richter and Maria have exclusive themes that play as they run through the Castle Entrance. (11) The characters are more animated during conversations, like the Master Librarian who hides his face at the thought of helping an outsider. (12) There are more equippable weapons to be found. (13) The placement of relics is different. (14) Like the Japanese Playstation version, it has those two extra familiars: The "Sprite Familiar" and the "Tengu Goblin." (15) Some of the longer rooms have been broken up into two for purposes of loading times. And (16) some rooms are missing from the game altogether, like those in the Reverse Cavern that lead to the Force of Echo.

Soundtrack and Credits

Opening and Ending Themes: 1 - Prayer | 2 - Metamorphosis 1 | 3 - Prologue | 4 - Moonlight Nocturne | 5 - Metamorphosis | 6 - I Am the Wind
Area Themes: 1 - Dracula's Castle | 2 - Dance of Gold | 3 - Marble Gallery | 4 - Tower of Myst | 5 - Wood Carving Partita | 6 - Door of Holy Spirits | 7 - Requiem for the Gods | 8 - Crystal Teardrops | 9 - Abandoned Pit | 10 - Rainbow Cemetery | 11 - Silence | 12 - Lost Painting | 13 - Dance of Pales | 14 - Curse Zone | 15 - Wandering Ghosts | 16 - The Tragic Prince | 17 - The Door to the Abyss | 18 - Heavenly Doorway | 19 - Final Toccata | 20 - Chacone C.moll | 21 - Vampire Killer (Remix 1) | 22 - Bloody Tears | 23 - Vampire (Killer Remix 2) | 24 - Beginning
Battle Themes: 1 - Dance of Illusions | 2 - Festival of Servants | 3 - Death Ballad | 4 - Enchanted Banquet | 5 - Blood Relations | 6 - Guardian | 7 - Black Banquet
Miscellaneous Themes: 1 - Metamorphosis 2 | 2 - Master Librarian | 3 - Land of Benediction
Hidden Tracks: 1 - Beginning (Remix)

Music Files: MP3
Soundtrack Release: Regular Soundtrack, Remixed Soundtrack, Dracula X Remixes, MIDI Power Pro 6, Dracula MIDI Collection and Castlevania Best Music Collections Box
Game Credits: Available

Other Characters

Lesser Enemies: Ape Skeleton, Archer, Armor Lord, Axe Knight, Azaghal, Balloon Pod, Bat, Bitterfly, Black Crow, Black Panther, Blade, Blade Master, Blade Soldier, Blood Skeleton, Bloody Zombie, Blue Raven, Blue Venus Weed, Bomb Knight, Bone Archer, Bone Ark, Bone Halberd, Bone Musket, Bone Pillar, Bone Scimitar, Cave Troll, Cloaked Knight, Copper Armor, Corner Guard, Corpseweed, Ctulhu, Dark Octopus, Dhuron, Diplocephalus, Discus Lord, Dodo Bird, Dragon Rider, Ectoplasm, Fire Demon, Fire Warg, Fish Head, Flail Guard, Flea Armor, Flea Man, Flea Rider, Flying Zombie, Mad Frog, Frozen Half, Frozen Shade, Gardener, Gargoyle, Ghost, Ghost Dancer, Gorgon, Grave Keeper, Gremlin, Guardian, Gurkha, Hammer Knight, Harpy, Hellfire Beast, Hunting Girl, Hititorisou, Ifreet, Imp, Jack O' Bones, Jinnunja, Killer Fish, Large Slime, Lion, Lossoth, Magic Tome, Malachi, Marionette, Medusa Head, Yellow Medusa Head, Fishman, Mudman, Nova Skeleton, Orobourous, Ouija Table, Owl, Owl Knight, Paranthropus, Phantom Skull, Plate Lord, Red Gargoyle, Rock Knight, Salem Witch, Salome, Scarecrow, Schmoo, Scylla Wyrm, Skelerang, Skeleton, Skeleton Beast, Skeleton Breeder, Skeleton Guardian, Skull Lord, Slime, Slinger, Sniper of Goth, Spear Guard, Specter, Spectral Sword, Spellbook, Spittle Bone, Stone Rose, Stone Skull, Sword Lord, Thornweed, Tin Man, Toad, Tombstone, Valhalla Knight, Vandal Sword, Venus Weed, Warg, Warg Rider, Water Leaper, Wereskeleton, White Dragon, Wight, Will-o'-Wisp, Winged Guard, Wraith, Yorick and Zombie
Bosses: Slogra, Gaibon, Doppelganger10, Lesser Demon, Karasuman, Scylla, Hippogryph, Maria Renard, Richter Belmont, Skeleton Leader, Olrox, Olrox 2, Lypuston, Minotaurusu, Cerberos, Granfalloon, Beezelbub, Shaft, The Creature, Darkwing Bat, Doppelganger40, Medusa, Akmodan II, Fake Trevor, Fake Grant, Fake Sypha, The Grim Reaper, Grim Reaper 2 and Galamoth
Dracula Forms: For "Final Stage": Dracula and Dracula's Ghost; For Alucard: Dracula
Supporting Cast: Maria Renard, Death, the Ferryman, the Master Librarian and Shaft

Character Lists

Lesser Enemies | Bosses | Dracula Forms | Supporting Cast

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Main Arsenal

Hero Image
Full Name: Alucard (real name: Adrian Farenheights Tepes)
Main Weapon: Fists
Weapon Power-Up: Click here for Alucard's comprehensive list
Alternate Weapons: Click here for Alucard's comprehensive list
Sub-Weapon Power-Up: None
Special Abilities: Can turn into a bat, wolf and mist; he can also double-jump, super jump, back-dash, jump kick and use spells
Armor: Click here for Alucard's comprehensive list
Limitations: Alucard is very different than you'll remember from his Dracula's Curse stint: He's faster, stronger, more agile and utterly controllable. His rather weak fists act as his main offense, and his normal defense is only standard. Though, he'll collect hundreds of swords, clubs, throwing weapons, armor/gear utilities, etc. that will help to increase all of his attributes exponentially. Both his health and magical power are measured by respective meters, and both can be increased in potency by the gaining of levels and through the location of power-ups. He'll also collect relics that will allow him to change form, from a bat, to a wolf, to a mist cloud; some that afford him special moves, like the double jump; some that conjure familiars; and others that offer unique abilities, such as the power to walk within water. If that's not enough: He can learn several deadly spells and those with the propensity to heal. Finally, Alucard can use nine sub-weapons (six typical and three unique) to supplement his sizable arsenal.

Hero Image
Full Name: Richter Belmont
Main Weapon: Vampire Killer Whip
Weapon Power-Up: Flame Whip
Alternate Weapons: None
Sub-Weapon Power-Up: Can item-crash all mystic weapons
Special Abilities: Can backflip, slide kick (with a combo), run, dash and super jump; he can also brandish the whip
Armor: None
Limitations: On the surface, Richter is very much similar to his Dracula X counterparts, but he's much more equipped than you'd think. He's still bound to whipping in two directions, but he has two alternate methods: He can call forth a long-lasting flame power if no sub-weapon is equipped, and he can now brandish the whip as Simon could in Super Castlevania IV. While he retains the defensive backflip, he can now pull off all of the moves you see listed under "Special Abilities." These slide, dash and super jump techniques are necessary to Richter because in addition to acting as offensive moves, they supply him accessibility where the game wasn't made with a traditional hero in mind; only by mastering these moves can he complete his mission. Richter has available all of the same nine sub-weapons, three of which (bibuti, aguen and rebound stone) are new to him; unlike Alucard, Richter can amplify the effect of each sub-weapon by utilizing the all-powerful item-crash ability. Richter is indeed powerful, and hardly any boss short of Galamoth is a real match for him.

Hero Image
Full Name: Maria Renard
Main Weapon: Energy Ball
Weapon Power-Up: None
Alternate Weapons: Sweeping, jumping and side kicks
Sub-Weapon Power-Up: None
Special Abilities: Can back-dash, triple jump, roll and tumble, super jump, super dash kick, throw a flame punch and conjure animal friends
Armor: None
Limitations: Maria has certain advantages and disadvantages that can make her a pleasure to play only when offense isn't required. Maria suffers in combat because her energy ball and kicks are weak, even when used for maximum effect; even though the energy ball can be charged, it takes time and then precision to hit the attack. Her special offensive moves require button combinations and thus also suffer. In terms of movement, she's equal to Richter in speed and in normal jumping. Whereas Richter has a sliding move, Maria has the roll and tumble (carried over from her Rondo days) for increased speed. She borrows moves from the other two, as well, like the super jump, the jump kick and the back-dash. Beyond that, it's all positive in her favor: (1) She can triple jump, which makes her a platforming master--something Richter and Alucard aren't at their most basic. (2) She can use summoning spells for some overwhelming attacks. (3) She's tougher than Richter because she's more durable against tough enemies. And (4) Maria uses most sub-weapons in bunches for a more effective onslaught; also, she can carry more hearts than Richter, which makes the sub-weapon use even more potent even though her usage consumption is greater.

Weapon Name
Weapon Image
Without a weapon equipped, Alucard will rely on short jabs
Vampire Killer
Steel-enhanced family-created whip
Flame Whip
Richter and his whip become enflamed and thus more powerful
Energy Ball
Maria fires out an energy ball in one of three power levels

Magical Items
Item Name
Found In
Candle, Structure
Powers Mystic Weapons
Big Heart
Candle, Structure
Powers Mystic Weapons
Candle, Structure
Money Bag
Candle, Structure
Life Vial
Boss, Candle, Secret Room
Increases Life Maximum
Heart Container
Candle, Secret Room
Increases Heart Maximum

Weapon Name
Heart Consumption
(A) 1- (R) 1- (M) 4
Holy Water
(A) 3 - (R) 1 - (M) 1
(A) 100 - (R) 1 - (M) 1
Alucard only uses crash
(A) 4 - (R) 1 - (M) 4
(A) 20 - (R) 10 - (M) 10
Holy Book
(A) 5 - (R) 5 - (M) 5
Rebound Stone
(A) 2 - (R) 1 - (M) 1
(A) 5 - (R) 10 - (M) 10
Hold Button for Effect
(A) 3 - (R) 1 - (M) 2

Screenshots & Media

"Extra Area" Screenshots

Quick-Reference Links
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