Written works can be submitted here, these including but not being limited to: best-to-worst or favorites lists featuring Metroidvania games and other non-review judgments; wishlists for future Metroidvanias that you'd like to see, be they short descriptions of many entries or a more in-depth proposal for a future game; different types of works analyzing, comparing, or featuring Metroidvania characters; humorous or creative works with the Metroidvania genre as an important theme; Metroidvania memes, too, are welcome; official documents signing me into your will; and quite possibly other kinds of writings and even Metroidvania-specific images.

Just keep in mind that these works must be yours, unless you have permission of the original poster to share them. If a submission is online elsewhere, I'll still host it here so long as it doesn't violate the rules of the other website.

E-mail me your submissions and help yourself to some salt water taffy as I examine your bags.

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Squalid Pumpkin
Squalid Pumpkin
Squalid Pumpkin
Squalid Pumpkin