Every now and again a person comes along who makes such an impact on our little source for all things Metroidvania that he or she must be recognized. But before this can happen said person must undergo hazing, commit to hard work, endure trials and tribulation, learn a sense of humility, and at some point make a blood pact. If anyone out there wants in, you know what? We'd love to have you.

See the A Metroidvania Website Wishlist for things you can submit to our establishment. Simply e-mail me your submissions, and if our patron deity - Flip the Frog - is pleased with their abundance, he'll command the elements to carve a dedicated statue out of marble.

The following contributors are still waiting on their statues...

Name: SPK (also known as: Squalid Pumpkin, Pumpkinate or "PK", Walter Henfield)
Other Websites: His Listal Profile

What has HE done, anyway? SPK is the main content generator for A Metroidvania Website. He's been working with an accomplice (see below) to manipulate danged-near everyone into enjoying an honest-to-goodness quality site experience. It just so happens he's responsible for: all those bland and inoffensive site updates (with an emphasis on "bla" and "off"); compiling and frequently updating the site's list of Metroidvania games; hunting/gathering information for the respective games' pages; some game analyses ranging from the no-nonsense and detail-oriented (as credited to SPK) to the humorous and creativity-attempting (as credited to a real person's name, Walter Henfield); a bunch of different kinds of miscellaneous writings including game ideas/wishlists and other Metroidvania-related articles; the crediting of any frequent and/or prolific submitter of content (say you want in and a whole new world will be open to you!); and the cataloging of websites of interest to Metroidvaniacs, video game enthusiasts, and very occasionally just likers of stuff and things.

Name: Mr. P; I'll always know you as "my friend"]
Other Websites: Mr. P's Castlevania Realm; Mr. P's Mega Man Realm

How's a Mr. P get on here, pray tell? SPK has been sending stuff to be used in the Castlevania Realm for what, say, zucchini years now? Way back when, Mr. P agreed to add his first bit of content for a small fee of one contribution to his website based on the Castlevania series. The math on this deal proved too confusing and they eventually decided to ratify a groundbreaking "So long as the characters on my keyboard aren't worn away so that I can't see them, it's cool," constitution. Somewhere along the line SPK decided he needed a website to put all the Metroidvania that was gushing out his ears, so Mr. P pulled out a bucket for him. While SPK creates the text and the content for A Metroidvania Website, Mr. P does the coding and formatting. All this while reciting Sappho in the myriad voices of Jerry Nelson.