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Sailor Moon R
© 1993 Bandai
Review by Jin-Iytoshi

Basically, Sailor Moon R (made by Angel, published by Bandai) is the sequel to Sailor Moon (also made by Angel and published by Bandai), and is about the arrival of Sailor Chibi Moon (a.k.a. Rini). But with the arrival of Chibi Moon, evil springs up to try to take over the world once again, and to eliminate the Sailor Scouts once and for all. So, Moon and all of her friends go out once again to conquer evil.

The game is pretty simple to play. It's more like Final Fight (made by Capcom), only with the Sailor Scouts. You can pick any of the five Sailor Scouts (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus) to play as. You have your punching, your jumping, and your special powers. Sounds easy, right? Not as easy as you think.
The enemies in the stages have powers as well, and some of them are hard to beat. Then, there are your bosses. Sad to say, the bosses are SUPER CHEAP. When you attack them, they don't neccessarily take all of the damage. Also, in the middle of your combo, they attack you and lay you out.
By the time you get up, they come back with another combo to lay you out again and drain your life bar. This makes it extremely hard to counter attack, and you lose a lot of lives in the process. By the way, there are only 4 stages in the game. That makes is a little too short, at least for me. All of the fighting/adventure games I've played had at least 10 stages.

One special feature is that you also get to play as Rini. She has a major advantage over the enimies, due to her size. Most people can't hit her unless they aim low. The downside of this is that Rini isn't as strong as the other Scouts as of yet, so it takes longer to defeat the major bosses.
The graphics are pretty good for a Super NES game (especially compared to the first Sailor Moon). You can actually tell that time was spent in creating the background. However, some of the characters look kind of retarted, as if they were drawn in a rush. Some of them have a 3D look, whereas the others have the same 2D look as before. And since when does Sailor Jupiter start crying when she loses? I've never seen that in the anime.
There is also a 2 player mode. You and a friend can play together, or fight against each other. I would highly recommend NOT wasting time with the versus mode, however. It's a piece of crap.

Basically, Sailor Moon R is a good game. However, it could have used some improvement. Overall, I give it a 7 out of 10.
Here's the lowdown on the game itself (on a scale of 1 to 10):

Graphics: 8
Controls: 9
Fun Factor:7
Sound: 2 (the music really sucks, play one of your CD's instead)