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Super Fire Pro Wrestling X
Review by The Watcher, screenshots by Rey

Super Fire Pro Premium X is a wrestling game released for the SNES in Japan. This game is by far the best 2D wrestling game to date.

Graphics & Sound
For a SNES cart this game has good graphics and sound. Each character is detailed well, and each are animated well. The ringside graphics are decent, and the ingame music fits each battle.

Now this is where Super Fire Pro Premium shines. You can select from an initial roster of 150+ unique wrestlers or create up to 80 of your own with "Create a Wrestler" mode. There are 500+ moves / techniques that your wrestler can use. There are several battle modes to choose from such as:

  • World Championship Mode
  • Tag Team Championship Mode
  • Battle Royal
  • One Night Dream Match
  • League Battle
  • 5 on 5 Elimination Mode

    Also Super Fire Pro Premium allows up to 4 player simultanious play.

    Replay Value
    This game has some of the highest replay value in a wrestling game. The "Create a Wrestler" mode is the most detailed the Watcher has seen. Create a character down to the closest detail. Select from a large selection of Heads, torsos, legs, uniforms, shoes, and more. Change your Wrestlers height, muscle tone, width, and color / style of uniform. You can also choose from 7 different wrestling stances, 8 different wrestling skills, and even select from different character entrances. Everything is detailed...You can even choose your own referee. For even more replay value beat the championship modes. Beating each mode unlocks 50 more secret characters as well as unlocks hidden techniques for your characters to use.

    This is a superb game for wrestling fans and non fans alike. The Dark Watcher recommends this game highly. It is a quite rare import, but can be played via emulation. Try it and judge for yourself!