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Ranma Chonai Gekitosen (Ranma ½ Part 1)
Review by David "Kitsune Sniper" Silva García

      Here's an idea: take a long running manga and anime series, choose some of the main characters, and make a fighting game out of it. The result? Ranma 1/2. Not to be confused with the american release [which was Japan's Part 2], Ranma 1/2 stands apart for providing a good while of fun, but with horrid controls.

      The game has 8 fighters: Ranma Saotome [in male and female forms], Genma Saotome, Kodachi Kunou, Tatewaki Kunou, Kouchou [The Principal], Shampoo, and Ryouga Hibiki, who serves as the final boss.

Graphics: 8
      For a game of it's time, the characters are very well drawn, with some exceptions being the faces of Kuno, Ryouga and Kodachi. The backgrounds are OK; they aren't too imaginative, but they set the mood.

Gameplay: 5
      I'd give the gameplay a 2, but the characters help raise the game's appeal a lot [I can finally beat up the Principal!]. Another thing that takes away the replay value is that you can only use Ranma in the 1 player mode. However, you can switch between the male and female forms before a fight. The rest of the characters are available only on the 2 Player mode.

Music: 7
      The music is modeled after the Anime, and fits the game well. Most of the music is pretty good [I especially like Kouchou's Hawaiian tune, and Ranma's frantic song], but some pieces, like Shampoo's and Kodachi's tunes really annoy you after a while.

Sound: 6
      The yells and sounds are OK, but I'd expect more from a SNES game. I'm not sure if these are the real voices from the show, since I've only seen it in spanish.

Overall: 7
      It's great to be able to play as many of the Ranma 1/2 characters here, but still, I'd reccomend this title only as a rental.

      The game was released in America. Think I'm kidding? I'm not. The same game was released under the name "Street Combat" by Irem Corporation! The gameplay remains the same, however all things related to Ranma 1/2 were removed [of course]. The characters and the music were completely changed. However, if you play both, you'll find strange things...