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Fatal Fury - King Of Fighters
TM 1991 SNK Corporation
© 1992 Takara Co., Ltd.
Review by Kitsune Sniper

The groundbreaking Neo-Geo arcade hit gets a makeover, or rather, a makeunder... After I heard of this game back in '92, I was very happy to see one of my favorite arcade games get ported to the SNES. The result really dissapointed me... and the rest of the world agreed.

Well, where do I begin? Ah yes. The game is 12 Megabit in size. That's a decent amount of space for a game, but I still do not understand why was most of the game's memory wasted. Graphically, the game looks decent enough. All the characters are very decently drawn, but some of the original animation (which was already choppy) got cut even more. And when the characters move or perform a special attack, they look... odd. I can't explain it, but compared to how they should look, they look strange. The character portraits got redrawn, and they don't even look like the characters themselves! The few story scenes, where Geese said stuff about the fighters got almost completely cut out, leaving only a portrait of Geese himself. All the backgrounds are there, and most of the details of the arcade original were left in (Geese's level was especially well preserved). But in most of these stages, there were a lot of spectators cheering on the fighters. They're gone now. Where did they go? Who knows.

The control itself is very bad, and almost non-responsive at times. The special moves are very difficult to pull off, and some of the joystick/button combinations have changed completely: the designers used the Fatal Fury 2 moves! Oh, and some of them are extremely hard to pull off, like Terry's Crack Shot, which 1 out of 10 times will work (and that, if you're lucky). The collision detection of the game is very poor, allowing for jumping attacks to hit more than once; some of the enemy characters take advantage of this.

And where did the multi-plane fighting go? It's gone, too. Odd, since that was the major selling point of the arcade game.

Some of the sounds are good: when your three characters get hit, throw a punch or do a special move, they sound almost like their arcade counterparts. And that's it. The rest of the voices have dissapared, or replaced with sound effects or grunts. Also, the music really stinks. Though they did a very good effort, since the songs do sound a bit like the arcade's music, some of the music really got crippled. The biggest examples are Richard Meyer's level, where the chanting in the background completely dissapeared; and Michael Max's stage, where the guitars got replaced with trumpets.

Also, the Bonus Stage got replaced with a level where you have to hit tires. Tires? Why? Did they think that the original Bonus Stage was too hard for us?

This game is a very far cry from the original game. Don't bother renting it. Don't bother playing it. Stay awaaaaaay for your life's sake! Well. Maybe not for your life's sake. It sucks, so unless you want to suffer greatly, stay away.