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Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes

Distributed by T*HQ, Inc., © 1991 T*HQ (Toy Headquarters)
Developed by Imagineering, Inc.
TM & © 1991 Fox Children's Network, Inc.
TM & © 1976, 1991 Four Square Productions, Inc.
Theme song by John De Bello.
Review by Kitsune Sniper

Dum du dada dum du dada dum du dadda daaaa da, dum du dada dum du dada dum du dadda daaaa da, Ataaaaaaaaaaack of the Killer Tomatooooooooes! Dum du dada dum du dada dum du dadda daaaa da, Ataaaaaaaaaaack of the Killer Tomatooooooooes!

(Kitsune keeps singing the song for 5 minutes before he notices he's being seen)

Eep! Uh, sorry, I got carried away with the cheesiness of the cartoon ^_^ Back in 1991, Fox Kids Network broadcast a short-lived show called Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes (dum du dada dum du dada dum du dadda daaaa da!), based on the cheesy b-movie series of the same name, which starred John Astin and George Clooney (yes, he was in part two, Return Of The Killer Tomatoes) in part 2 [I've never seen parts one or three :(]. The series flopped. It was good (well, I liked it ¬_¬), and it starred John Astin as Professor Gangrene.

Tom Brokaw, eat your heart out!

This game is based on that series. Professor Gangrene has created the Doomsday Tomato, a huge tomato missile that he intends to use to destroy...(?) San Zucchini. He sends six of his loyal tomatoes (Zoltan, Beefsteak, Mummato, Fang, Ketchuck, and Tomacho) to stop you, Chad Finletter, from stopping his evil plans.

Ok... so the game's cheesier than the entire cheese reservoir of France... at least they tried to add a story. You run around in this poor excuse for a platformer, stomping tomatoes in their many forms: bats, rats, snakes, blobs, and the Phantomato of the Opera (... whatever...).

Aaaah! My fans are trying to lynch me!

The control is very bad. Think of the Super Mario Bros. control, and you've got the engine used here. Unforunately, when you stomp on one of the boss tomatoes, you bounce off him uncontrollably; most of the time, if the boss is invincible, you'll get hurt and land on the boss again, and again until you die!

The music is not very good. True, the theme song is pretty well done, but the rest of the music, to put it simply, sucks. And the sounds... they wouldn't be bad, if it wasn't for the fact that Chad makes a dragging sound everytime he takes a step... after a while, it'll get on your nerves.

The level design is actually pretty good. In the first level, the streets of San Zucchini, you just go to the right; but after that, the entire game turns into a maze: The sewers are, in part, linear, but after a while, you have to navigate the maze that the sewers are. Before you advance in Gangrene's mansion, you have to figure out a way to get to the ceiling, and after, you have to navigate the mansion's air conditioning system. The following stages are huge mazes; luckily, there's lots of energy bags around.

The graphics use black too much. They're well made, and have nice touches (like the shadowing of the sprites when you move out of a street lamp's reach) but some images really look weird (take a look at Gangrene on one of the pictures in the review; he's that green blob that seems to have a white banana on top of him). The final level is a true marathon; but the ending... my god... I thought I was robbed when I beat Ghostbusters... this is much worse!

Pretty soon, Whitley. Pretty soon...

OK. Try the game out 'cause it's cheesy. Or if you liked the movies. Otherwise, stay away for your sake. Well... it's a decent job, considering that only three people worked on it!