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Reviewed by Josh

      This game is based off the movie not the cartoon..you know the one with Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger. Anyway, I think this is probably one of the only games based off a movie that turned out good. I mean come on, look at Total Recall and Lethal Weapon...those games are pretty much unplayable, but I remember playing this game for hours on end when I was a kid. This game is great!

      As for the game play itself, I must say that it's great. I remember when I was younger how cool I thought it was that you could cling to the walls and then jump off of them. (Like in Ninja Gaiden) I even remember running into trees and trying to jump off them just like Batman does in the game. I did it all the time. I never really perfected it though. Oh well.

      When you kill bad guys, you get the little power ups that are oh so common in this side scrolling/fighting genre, and I do admit that the developers didn't use very much imagination, but they also get the job done. You can get hearts that give you some power back, and also little squares with corresponding shapes in them that give you ammo for your non-punch type of things you have going on. These include a boomerang (No, not a batarang), a gun, and a triple splitting boomerang sort of looking that that's really not a boomerang, but oh well. Each one of them takes away a certain amount of damage from the enemies with the triple splitter thing taking away that most, and the boomerang taking away the least. The boomerang really sucks...it takes away less than your punches do, so it's pretty much worthless.

      This game isn't too difficult, but I do remember one boss that was one son of a bitch. Haha, I can't exactly remember what is was right now, but I beat it when I was in sixth grade, so I couldn't have been too tough. Right?

      To sum it up, this is a super fun game. I know many of you think that this game sucks, but I like it. Maybe it's because it reminds me of being a kid, but who knows. Pick it up if you see it for a decent price, and also make sure to practice your tree jumping skills!