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Super C
Reviewed by Cory

      When it finally seemed like the world was at peace, “Red Falcon” reared its ugly head once more in the follow up sequel to Konami’s Contra. The aptly named Super C put you in charge as Bill Rizer, once again, to stop the alien forces from taking over the world. Set a year after the original Contra, and also released a year afterwards, Super C includes new enemies, redesigned weapons, and also a greater challenge.

      When you first play Super C, everything seems to be the same as in Contra (it even has eight levels). However, you soon come to realize that this is a different game with many new aspects to it. Some weapons have been updated, and the enemies have been redesigned to look more like aliens and provide a change from the original Contra. Also, the “behind-the-player” levels are gone, now replaced with top view levels which really offer a new challenge and a greater difficulty to this game.

      Like the original, the game play is solid and requires little time to become used to the controls. In playing Super C, I really feel like the developers tried to stay true to the original in adding yet another great sound track and stunning graphics. Also, the challenge from the first Contra is prevalent in this game. You once again have three lives (the Konami code was not featured in this game), and the design of the levels and new bosses really make this a difficult game.


      Cooperative game play also comes back so you and a friend can experience Super C just as you did Contra. However, like in Contra, you can leave your friends behind; so be sure to let who you are playing with keep up.

      Just like Contra, Super C offers a great game which doesn’t require a lot of time to be put into it. If you enjoyed Contra and want another fun challenge, Super C is the game for you. Not only is it the sequel to the smash hit Contra, but it is also an amazing game on its on which provides great replay value, and quality entertainment.

      My Score: 9/10