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Art Of Fighting 2 / Ryuuko No Ken 2 Reviewed by Kitsune Sniper

The followup to 1992's smash hit, Art Of Fighting 2 tweaks the controls so that anyone can play it, but is that enough to hold your attention?

One year after Ryo and Robert rescued Yuri from the clutches of Mr. Karate, and unmasked him, revealing that he was Takuma Sakazaki, father of Ryo and Yuri, a tournament is held to see who is the strongest in South Town. After the defeat of Mr. Big, many of his former employees retired from crime, and they're all living their lives normally. Everyone except Todoh Ryuhaku is back, and there are four new characters this time around: Eiji Kisaragi, a ninja; Temjin, the Mongolian sumo wrestler; Takuma Sakazaki, the former Mr. Karate; and Yuri Sakazaki, who has passed, in just one year, from damsel in distress to a Kyokugen Karate black belt!

Story: 7
Who organizes it? Who knows, the game only says that this is a tournament. My guess is that Robert's family is doing it. And if you're good enough, you'll read about the event that triggers the Fatal Fury series, and just how are these two series connected.
And the endings: I'd never seen SNK make so much fun of a game's characters! An example: After Lee wins the tournament, he starts to study how to cure one of the world's worst sicknesses. Cancer? Aids? Diabetes? No, hemorrhoids!

Graphics: 8
Everything is colorful and full of details. The backgrounds and the characters themselves are exceptionally drawn. The screen zooms out when the characters move apart, and the scaling has improved, and does not look as blocky as in part one.

Gameplay: 7
The game's controls have improved over the original, and you can pull off most special moves easily. But the game has "Super Desperation Moves," some of which are extremely hard to pull off, like King's super, which I have not been able to execute in 6 years!

Also, having 11 characters to play with is a blessing, since they are all different between each other, and require different styles of play to master them.

Music/Sound: 8
Oh...my...god. This game has some of the best music in the Neo-Geo's history! Every single tune is exceptional, from Lee's song, which is laced with traditional instruments, to Geese Howard's classic song, remixed to perfection. And the voices are crisp, you can understand everything. But strangely, the Japanese and the American versions have different voice actors. King, Robert and John have different sayings between versions.

Overall: 8
The game's great graphics can pull a broad audience. And the versus mode is actually quite fun. But I wouldn't expect it to make a lot of money, or hold the attention of most people.

Here are some additional game screens: