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Pokemon Yellow
Reviewed by PeKENyo, screenshots by Rey.

      I'm writing this for my little brother Anthony (a true Pokemon fan!!!) Pokemon Yellow is a fun game even for those players who have played and finished Pokemon Red & Blue. Although there are too many differences from this game to Red & Blue, what differs is that for one Pikachu follows you around as he is Ashes first Pokemon-- because of this aspect, Pokemon Yellow is also called the "Television Version."

      Other changes include being able to fight against Jessie & James from Team Rocket and a few Pokemon have changed their locations -- some are more common than others, and other Pokemon just cannot be found in this game. This shift in accessibility to various fighting animals helps out another feature found in all three games, the trading of Pokemon from one player to another over a game-link cable. The ability to trade is not the only unique aspect about using the game-link cable.

      Players can also hook up to each other's Gameboy to do what they call in Bali -- chicken cockfighting. Players can throw their Pokemon into virtual arenas and duke it out. This adds endless hours of game play as there seems to be endless combinations of which six Pokemon one can line up. What makes battle even more interesting is that battles are one by one's knowledge of what their Pokemon can do and not. For example, what attacks of Pikachu are effective against water type Pokemon? Okay, so that's an easy one. But then, one can collect items and apply it to their Pokemon and one must know which Pokemon to use in different cases in order to win.

      Of course, the one down side to Pokemon is that a level 50 Pikachu will always beat a level 20 Pikachu. The only problem with Pokemon is that in order to have a fair fight, one has to have Pokemon on virtually the same level as the enemies Pokemon. Therefore, even if one knows their Pokemon better than the enemy, the enemy will still win if his Pokemon are stronger -- strength will always beat knowledge in such cases.

      Besides this, the game is great as it offers endless battles between players, an overhead world (like that of the original Zelda series) for players to explore, hard bosses like Brock and Giovani-- and most of all, the ever elusive MEW.

HINT: The only way to obtain Mew is to compete at a Nintendo sponsored Game Boy tournament!

      Overall, Pokemon Yellow's main purpose is to increase the trading aspect that is already happening between Pokemon Red & Blue. Pokemon Yellow is a fun game and should entertain any RPG fan for countless hours.