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Kirby Star Stacker
Reviewed by Opi

      You like puzzle games ? Then you'll LOVE this game - period ! Go, buy it on the second market - Nuff said ! No ? You want an explaination and some reasons to do that ? OK ! Here we go :)

      Safe and collect as many stars as you can, before ... ? What ? ... the game is ended of course :) You can release the stars by creating packs whit two or more of the same type of so called "friends" on both sides of the pack ! This could be done horizontal and vertical. Every other second 2 new guys (or stars or blocks) appears at the top and start falling down onto your stack. The trick is to create chain-reactions to be rewarded with bonus stars, which let the chain reaction go on and raise your score. In higher levels you first have to release the stars from a brown box (which makes the thing alot more challenging) Sadly I can't give you a two player report - but this should be very funny too (maybe the best part of the game).

      Kirby's Star Stacker is a dangerous game - honestly ! It's one of those rare pearls - which let you forget all your previous intentions. OK mom, I'll start learning really soon, ONLY ONE game - hehehe Forget it - it's like a drug intoxication, you'll act like a dope junkie -Nintendo should have been forced to add a warning sign on the game box - Beware ! HIGHLY ADDICITING ! Now some facts to the game play - you can choose between 4 main variants : 1. Round clear - solve all stages up to Super Hard an be rewarded with the 50 Insane stages ! 2. VS - an option I couldn't use, I didn't found a partner with a GB and the game - 3. Challenge - this mode is similar to the endless Tetris game - collect as many stars as you can, before your stack reached the top - and finally 4. Time Attack : collect as many stars as you can in 3 minutes (my personal record is 145).

      Typical for a Nnintendo game are the many rewards - the battery (highscores)- and the absolutely styled game play - which keeps the motivation high ! Typical for a Kirby game are the cute characters and the sound effects ! This my favorite Game Boy game - it never gets boring - I'm sure you will love it too !!!