Another World

System: Super Famicom Continent: Europe
Developer: Delphine Software Publisher: Interplay
Size: 8 Megabits Save Feature: Password
Retail Price: ? Release Date: 1992
Number of Players: 1 Genre: 2D Action/Adventure
Also On: Genesis Followed By: Heart Of The Alien

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    High-quality port of the groundbreaking PC game. You play as Lester, a scientist working late in the lab one night when an experiment goes awry and he is zapped to another world. There, he must befriend a native alien and solve puzzles in an attempt to get back home. Praised for its original game engine (see below), which provided fluid, realistic movement, as well as for its gameplay that, while very difficult at points, presented a unique challenge. Reminiscent of Prince of Persia, another PC title famous for its fluid animation and realistic gameplay. Known as Out Of This World in the US, Another World in Europe and Australia, and Outerworld in Japan.

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