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 Wednesday, April 25 2007.
Al LaPrade was kind enough to translate to English a bunch of Japanese only TurboGrafx-16 endings, those of which you can see on today's update. Some of the endings are: Kaizou Choujin Schbibinman, the prequel to what we know in English as Shockman. Xevious Fardraut Densetsu, sequel to the MSX2 Fardraut Saga. Makai Prince Dorabo Chan, the obscure prequel to the Super NES Twisted Tales of Spike MacFang. Ninjawarriors, a couple of Puzzle games by ASchultz and a few more.
Posted by: Rey

Section: TurboGrafx-16 Endings
Contributors: Al LaPrade, ASchultz, NPI.

 Wednesday, April 18 2007.
Very nice Genesis update today with endings for Sparkster (Hard difficulty with Gold Sparkster), the very colorful Pac-Man 2, TMNT: Tournament Fighters and the recently translated Twinkle Tale. Check the Genesis endings page for more games.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Sega Genesis Endings
Contributors: RyuWatase, Ace Whatever, Tupou, Aisu Breeze, Saturn Urameshi, Enba Blaze, MonkeyIslandGirl.

 Saturday, April 14, 2007.
Even more Game Gear and NES Endings. Alien Syndrome, Panzer Dragoon Mini, Ufouria, Wing of Madoola and more. Be back tomorrow with another update.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Sega Game Gear Endings, NES Endings
Contributor: Andrew Rae, Sogetsu.

 Friday, April 6, 2007.
With the newfound love the Wii's Virtual Console has been giving to the ol' Turbo Grafx, I decided to bring you 70 endings for games like the Wonder Boy couple Bikkuriman World and Dragon's Curse, Detana Twin Bee, Die Hard, Double Dungeons, Juuouki (Altered Beast), Neutopia 2, Rabio Lepus, Silent Debuggers and Veigues Tactical Gladiator in case you never get to beat them. Thanks to NPI and James Wragg for most of the endings.
Also, completely translated from Japanese by Al LaPrade we have the endings for Toilet Kids and Son Son 2.
More to come in the future.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Turbo Grafx-16 Endings
Contributor: NPI, James Wragg, Al LaPrade, Andrew Rae, Texx.

 Thursday, April 5, 2007.
Sogetsu sent us the Hinotori and J-E-S-U-S endings for the NES and 5 Atari 800 endings for your enjoyment. Tomorrow I'll come with a huge update that will please the masses even further.
Oh yeah, and today we also broke the 4000 ending mark.
Posted by: Rey

Section: NES Endings, Atari 800 Endings
Contributor: Sogetsu.

 Wednesday, April 4, 2007.
New Amiga CD and Game Gear endings thanks to NPI and Andrew Rae. Just a few this time, but tomorrow I'll bring more.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Amiga CD Endings, Sega Game Gear Endings
Contributor: NPI, Andrew Rae.

 Tuesday, April 3, 2007.
Another day another update. Amiga AGA today thanks to again to NPI. The endings for Ishar 2, Ishar 3 and Second Samurai come highly recommended, so don't miss them.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Amiga AGA Endings
Contributor: NPI.

 Monday, April 2, 2007.
NPI sent me a bunch of Amiga CD32 endings, which you can see here today. Tomorrow there will be more, I promise.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Amiga CD32 Endings
Contributor: NPI.

 Friday, March 23, 2007.
A couple of Sega Master System endings courtesy of Sayang.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Sega Master System Endings
Contributor: Sayang.

 Wednesday, March 7, 2007.
After 5 years of undeserving malware pop-up filled rape courtesy of faceless money hungry server administrators, VGM finally comes up with enough money to make the move to a modern server. A server that lets you do mundane activities such as posting polls and using search features.
But enough adjectives!
Today we bring you two new translated endings thanks to Al LaPrade, the Megaman & Bass: Challenger From The Future for the WonderSwan and Megaman EXE for the WonderSwan Color.
More to come in the future.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Wonderswan Endings, Wonderswan Color Endings
Contributor: Al LaPrade.

 Friday, March 02, 2007.
Hello friends, it's been a while. Well, I have to tell you that this has been a long time coming... I have finally moved VGM to its own server. I know I got a TON of complaints about the pop ups and adware that was installed onto peoples' computers and for that I am sorry. The old server admin required me to run their advertisements, of which I had no control. But that's all over now. There will (hopefully) be a lot of new and interesting things coming VGM's way in the future.

In the meantime Register on the new forums.

And for the old admin, I leave you with this message:

Posted by: Mek

 Friday, January 26, 2007.
Five, count them, five new endings sections today. Only a few endings for each, but they will grow over time.
First we have the Commodore CDTV failure with the Turrican 2 ending thanks to NPI. Then we have FM Towns Marty with endings for The Newzealand Story and Splatterhouse also thanks to NPI.
The Sharp X68000, which got a lot of Konami love with Akumajo Dracula (known in some circles as Castlevania Chronicles), Gradius and the amazing Nemesis 90 Kai, which is a port of the MSX Nemesis 2 but on heavy steroids. The latter was translated by Al LaPrade, so thanks to him for making it possible for others to understand its ending.
And finally we bring you WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color sections with the translated endings for the EXCELLENT WonderSwan Makaimura (Ghosts'n Goblins), Golden Axe and Final Fantasy 1 & 2. All translations done by Al LaPrade. More to come in the future.
If you don't know half of the consoles I mentioned, don't worry, most humans are unaware of them too since four of them stayed in Japan and died a slow death despite the love Square and Konami gave them.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Commodore CDTV Endings, FM Towns Marty Endings, Sharp X68000 Endings, WonderSwan Endings, WonderSwan Color Endings
Contributor: NPI, Al LaPrade.

 Monday, January 22, 2007.
The Super NES endings return after 15 months without updates, but 100 or so endings should make up for that lost time.

First we look at some of the most notable endings in this update such as:
BS Legend of Zelda: The Ancient Stone Tablets which is sort of the "second quest" of Zelda A Link To The Past released for Super Famicom BS-X system in Japan.
Famicom Detective Club 2, a GREAT text adventure game filled with mystery, intrigue and murder. You can't pass that one up.
Do-Re-Mi Fantasy: Milon's Quest, nice platformer featuring Milon from the frustrating-but-likeable NES and Game Boy Milon Quest games.
Violinist of Hameln, a great and funny Action/Adventure game from Enix.
Super Robot Taisen 3, the popular Strategy/RPG game featuring robots from lots of Animes.
Super Aleste, known in the USA as Space Megaforce, which has the story and ending completely cut. Thanks to Al LaPrade for translating the ending and making it possible for others to understand it.
Ignition Factor, a great Action firefighter game from Jaleco. Very recommended.
Tin Star, a really funny lightgun shooter starring a tin sheriff.
Treasure Hunter G, one of Square Soft's lost gems.
Weaponlord, underrated fighter with a lot of ending variations. The game designer himself, James Goddard, actually emailed to let me know about another ending no one knew about... which he eventually realized it never got into the game due to time constraints.
Pop'n TwinBee and Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures, great Konami games, one is a shooter and the other is a Rocket Knight Adventures clone.

Continuing on we have endings for the really difficult RPG group. You people should send me a bunch of small, unmarked bills thanking me for actually finishing some of these games and live to show you about it. Look at them here:
Brandish, Might And Magic 2, Obitus, Spellcraft and Ultima: Runes of Virtue 2.
And finally, in their own little space, I give you the cream of the crap: the Raya health games that not only had terrible gameplay but laughable endings. Look at your own risk:
Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon, Captain Novolin, Bronkie The Bronchiasaurus.

That's it for now, check our Forums for all sorts of crazyness and thanks to all the contributors for their endings, the BS Zelda Homepage, James "DJames" Goddard, Al Laprade, Hardcore Gaming 101, GSCentral which finally re-opened y un saludo a la gente de PlayPoint de Plaza y HonMaru.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Super NES Endings
Contributors: Mike Myers, Rafcor, SkyeWelse, Monkeyislandgirl, RyuWatase, SuperG, Ace Whatever, Jin, Al LaPrade, Danny.

 Tuesday, December 12, 2006.
You have got to check out this site, Unseen 64; You will find screenshots for tons of games in their beta stages, most of them which never came out.
Did you know there was a Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana game in development for the Famicom Disk System called "The Emergence of Excalibur"?
How about a Zelda 2 remake for the Super Famicom?
Or how about about Final Fantasy 4 for the NES?
Also, check out that fugly Sega Genesis Ristar beta called Feel.
A very different Super Mario World game that looks more like Mario 3.
Also Mario's Wacky Worlds for the CD-I (eww).
Too Human, the Playstation version, afterwards in delelopment for the Gamecube and now the Xbox. Third time the charm?
And finally, an UNRECOGNIZABLE Zelda: Ocarina of Time when it was first shown in 1995.
There's a lot more content on the site, even videos of these beta games in motion, so don't miss it.

News shock of the day: RPG powerhouse Dragon Quest 9 has been announced for... not for the PS3, not for the Wii, but for the... Nintendo DS! I tell ya, one of these days a piece of news is going to give me a heart attack.
Posted by: Rey

 Monday, December 11, 2006.
Topic: Samurai Shodown 5 endings, 3 years in the making.
3 years ago Samurai Shodown 5 came out and SNK pissed all over us by cutting out the story and endings from the American version of the game. Since then, several people have tried to help bring the endings to the English language; Lunar Archivist sent me the English fonts (which I lost years ago), DJ Tigresa carelessly managed to do a few endings in English using Saiki's incomplete story translation FAQ and I, for a long time, tried to look for someone to translate the characters Saiki didn't finish.
2 and a half years later, the uncut American Xbox version of the game gets released and after asking on several forums for months and months if someone was willing to get me a script of the endings, Oblivion came to the rescue.
For 5 months he played that exceptionally hard game getting the English script for all the characters and for 5 months I inserted that script in the Neo-Geo Japanese endings. All that work to finally bring you, in all its messy SNK engrish glory, the extremely beautiful Samurai Shodown 5 / Samurai Spirits Zero endings officially translated.

There are some big updates coming your way in the following weeks so keep checking back. Also, check out Oblivion's Vampire Savior site while you're at it.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Neo-Geo Endings
Contributor: Oblivion, NPI.

Added a lot of Saturn Screenshots for games like Burning Rangers, Nights, Clockwork Knight, Final Fight Revenge, Shining Force III, Sonic Jam and much more. Thanks to MJC.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Saturn Screenshots
Contributor: MJC.

 Wednesday, November 29, 2006.
Let's get it out of our systems: good video game articles at MTV... *feels a collective cringe*
Well now that I said it and before I'm institutionalized you should all read up the work one Stephen Totilo has been doing over there, he's actually making MTV a *GASP* credible place to read news, articles and interviews about video games.
He recently scored an interview with Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime (a.k.a. The Regginator) where he confirmed Nintendo is doing everything possible to bring the N64 Goldeneye to the Virtual Console and also confirmed that Reggie is trying to convince NOJ to bring Virtual Console Japanese only titles to America (stupid Nintendo, do they really need to be convinced?)
He has also written about game physics, World of Warcraft sweatshops, game endings and much more which you can read all about in his Blog.
By the looks of it he is quickly shaping up to be on par with two of my favorite video game writers:
1up's Jeremy Parish and Hardcore Gaming 101's Kurt Kalata.

I'm always in your mirror, Doppelganger out.
Posted by: Doppelganger

It's handheld mania day with the Game Boy Color Endings for Dragon Warrior I & II, Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble and Lufia 3. For the Game Boy we have Penta Dragon (really nice shooter/adventure) and Pop 'n Twin Bee endings. In addition, here are some Atari Lynx Endings for Blue Lightning, Checkered Flag and Gordo No106.
See ya tomorrow.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Endings, Game Boy Color Endings, Atari Lynx Endings
Contributor: Death-Adder, K-J N, Tupou.

 Tuesday, November 28, 2006.
Today you can enjoy the Esper Dream ending for the Famicom Disk System and Adventures of Lolo 2 & 3, Eggerland, Esper Dream 2, Mouryou Senki Madara and Spartan X 2 for the NES.
A couple of notes: Spartan X 2 is the completely different sequel to the game we know as Kung-Fu and with this update we also complete HAL's Eggerland/Lolo series of endings. Not counting the PC versions and the endless Eggerland Mystery for the MSX of course.
Thanks to SuperG, RyuWatase, Sogetsu, Teary Eyes for most of the endings.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Famicom Disk System Endings, NES Endings
Contributor: SuperG, RyuWatase, Sogetsu, Teary Eyes.

 Monday, November 27, 2006.
The flood continues today with Amiga AGA, CD and CD32 endings thanks to NPI, Cody and Hall of Light. There should be another Amiga update in the future with over 50 endings, so keep watching.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Amiga AGA Endings, Amiga CD Endings, Amiga CD32 Endings
Contributor: NPI, Cody Jarrett, Hall of Light.

 Sunday, November 26, 2006.
Flood of updates commences, today Atari 800 and Commodore-64 endings thanks to Sogetsu and K-J N.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Atari 800 Endings, Commodore-64 Endings
Contributor: Sogetsu, K-J N.

 Tuesday, November 21, 2006.
Enjoy 70 MSX & MSX2 endings thanks to *takes a deep breath*:
Vampier & Manuel from the OpenMSX team, Ernst Schuller, Rolins, Sonic_aka_T, wolf_, Biohazard01, ro, Rikusu, mars2000you, Randam & Samor from the MSX Resource Center forums, SkyeWelse from the interestingly named Xak, Ys, Zelda series shrine website XyZ and the great MSX maps from MSX Solutions & Cybergamba.

Now, let's see some of the more interesting endings that have been added, shall we?
On the MSX front we have a nice shooter from HAL and Sony called Gall Force, from the same universe as the Zanac, Aleste and Guardic series we have Golvellius, Telenet's Valis: The Fantasm Soldier in her humble beginnings, from Konami we have Penguin Adventure starring the lovable Pentarou, Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 and the complete Knightmare saga.
For the MSX2 things are more interesting with the endings for all 3 Aleste games, Falcom's Dragon Slayer 4 & Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes, Microcabin's port of Final Fantasy, also from Microcabin we have the great Fray In Magical Adventure, Xak, Xak 2 Rising of The Red Moon & Xak The Tower of Gazzel series of Adventure/RPG games, the MSX2 remake of Golvellius incorrectly known as Golvellius 2, Capcom's Higemaru Makaijima further expanding the Ghosts' n Goblins spin-offs universe, Konami's great action/shooter Hino Tori & adventure game King Kong 2 which almost feels like a Survival Kids prequel, all 3 Ys games by Falcom, Compile's Zanac EX and Namco's Xevious: Fardraut Saga.
Thanks to Al LaPrade & MustafaG for translating a LOT the Japanese endings to English. We hope you appreciate with this update the effort and time it goes into finding fonts and manually inserting all the translated text into the images.

Well, that's all for now and allow me to say that if you have fond memories of the NES, Turbografx and Master System and you haven't heard or played the MSX before, I suggest you google your way into doing so. The MSX is like playing a NES on steroids and has a lot of great 8-bit games that scream nostalgia of an era now lost.
Just try out games like the original non-NES versions of Metal Gear 1 & 2, the Aleste series, Xak and Fray series, Golvellius, Hino Tori, King Kong 2, Gradius series, Salamander, SD Snatcher and hundreds of more games found exclusively on the MSX.

There are still quite a few MSX endings I would like to add, so if you can easily beat Adventures of Randar 1, 2 & 3, Rune Master 3, Ash Guine 1 & 3, Hydlide 2 & 3, Dragon Slayer 4 (MSX1 version), Sorcerian, Xanadu, Romancia and any other game, please let me know.
Until next time.
Posted by: Rey

Section: MSX Endings, MSX2 Endings.
Contributor: Vampier, SkyeWelse, Rolins, MustafaG, Al LaPrade, Manuel, Ernst Schuller.

 Saturday, November 11, 2006.
Wa wa wee wa, today we come with a couple of new sections: MSX2+ and Amiga CD thanks to NPI and... me? This update is just a tiny part of a series of bigger updates coming to VGM real soon.
Posted by: Rey

Section: MSX2+ Endings, Amiga CD Endings
Contributor: NPI.

 Tuesday, October 10, 2006.
More MSX endings today thanks to Rolins from the MSX Resource Center forums. You might also notice there is an MSX and MSX2 endings section now, I decided to separate them going by the fact that both are different systems, albeit with similar specs just like the Genesis/Sega CD and Game Boy/Game Boy Color. Also MSX2 games are not compatible with the MSX1.
Posted by: Rey

Section: MSX Endings
Contributor: Rolins.

 Sunday, October 8, 2006.
Added the Snatcher ending to the MSX2 Endings section.
Posted by: Rey

Section: MSX2 Endings
Contributor: Master Ace.

 Thursday, September 28, 2006.
Thanks to the awesome RZX Archive, NPI was able to submit a ton of ZX Spectrum endings, which you can enjoy right now. A lot more to come in the future.
Posted by: Rey

Section: ZX Spectrum Endings
Contributor: NPI, Mike Myers, RZX Archive.

 Thursday, September 21, 2006.
The Crossed Swords 2 ending was added to the Neo-Geo CD endings section thanks to NPI.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Neo-Geo CD Endings
Contributor: NPI.

 Wednesday, September 20, 2006.
Not being one to disappoint the fans, I'm back! And I'll focus on what people want: game endings. Today's update is brought to you by NPI and by Cody Jarrett, one of the editors from the huge Amiga database Hall of Light. Check it out if you are an Amiga gamer.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Amiga Endings, Amiga AGA Endings
Contributor: NPI, Cody Jarrett, Hall of Light.

 Sunday, September 10, 2006.
I didn't want it to come to this, but today is the day I say good bye to VGM (insert dramatic music.)
It has been a great journey, from my small contributions over at Gamepics, to becoming a staff member after the creation of the VGMuseum, to practically being the only one still updating.

This site is plagued by many problems: popups, popunders, no cgi, no php, no search function, etc. All which are not really the fault of the staff members, the site or the webmaster. It's the ancient free-hosting server we are in that is at fault.
We at VGM dream of having our full fledged php database with automatic updates that make everything a lot easier and faster. Dreams of having each game's pages filled with information, trivia, reviews, sprites, etc. is something we wanted to do for over 4 years now, but doing that in simple html is a daunting task we dared to start but never finish. The simple act of posting an update is a process that takes well over 30 minutes if you don't plan yourself right. Sadly other sites with a similar concept have already done what we only get to dream of, and they even make some money in the process.

But I'm willing to accept the fact that we'll probably never get the money to pay over $US400 a month for a server capable of holding the massive amount of gigs of bandwidth and space this site uses. I also accept the fact that we'll probably have to keep using old fashioned html to update.
What I'm not accepting anymore, after over 3 years waiting, is the main page redesign that never comes. It's a very artistic design that contrasts the cookie-cutter "professional" designs found on most websites these days. The main page needs that facelift to breathe new life into poor old VGM and maybe even get dormant staff members motivated to update again.
It probably is the best attire this website will ever have and if there's ever a web design contest somewhere, I'm pretty sure it would win without much trouble.

This whole post is obviously directed at the webmaster (Mek) to get his act together, and despite us *COUGH*arguing*COUGH* all the time he knows I love him (in a non faggot way), I love VGM and I only want the best for it, but I sure as hell won't be the only one caring about it any longer.

I am officially on strike until the main page takes off that old suit and puts on the Armani Mek made for it.
Posted by: Rey

 Wednesday, September 6, 2006.
Thanks to NPI, we proudly bring you a VGM exclusive:
Neo-Geo CD Endings.
Only two endings so far, Iron Clad and Oshidashi Zentrix. Don't expect that section to grow that much though considering the Neo-Geo CD really only had 8 exclusive games, the other ones were just Neo Geo ports with a few bonuses included. More games will be added as soon as I find out if the ports have different endings.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Neo-Geo CD Endings
Contributor: NPI.

 Tuesday, August 29, 2006.
The VGMuseum is 7 years old today and to celebrate it, we bring you a NES Endings update thanks to ASchultz and SuperG. Some of the newest additions to the NES section are: Parodius, Splatter House Graffiti, Babel No Tou and the translated-from-Japanese version of Karnov, which has an actual ending, unlike the USA version.
Posted by: Rey

Section: NES Endings
Contributor: ASchultz, SuperG.

 Sunday, August 27, 2006.
A nice Master System endings update today thanks to Sayang. Some of the games included are Battle Out Run, Sagaia, The Simpsons, Spider-Man and some more. If you want to contribute some endings, please read the Ending FAQ.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Sega Master System Endings
Contributor: Sayang.

 Wednesday, August 23, 2006.
You can now find the Great Super Nintendo Soundtracks thing I did over at 1up.com last year on VGM's music section. I plan to add more in the future too.
Posted by: Rey

 Saturday, August 19, 2006.
The biggest ending update in existence explodes with over 300 Arcade endings!
Huge special thanks to NPI who sent a lot of great endings such as the Square & Namco collaboration Ehrgeiz, Konami's not-so-great sequel Gradius 4, IGS' beautiful Martial Masters (secret character Saojin included) & Knights of Valour, Capcom's excellent 3D fighting combo of Tech Romancer, Rival Schools, Star Gladiator & Plasma Sword series, the colorful and unknown EA fighting game Rabbit, from Atlus we have Power Instinct 2 & Gogetsuji Legends, Raizing/Eighting's Terra Diver & Brave Blade, Visco's beautiful shooters Vasara & Vasara 2, and the always great Radiant Silvergun, plus many more submitted by him.

It doesn't end there, from RyuWatase we get Power Instinct and Mobile Suit Gundam: Final Shooting. From Mike Myers we have a sport combo of Evolution Soccer, Run & Gun and the Hat Trick Hero series. From Ninjasrok, Richard DD, Magnus Andersson, Vaz and Tupou we have Golden Axe: The Duel, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, SegaSonic the Hedgehog, Crazy Climber 2 and Macross 2 & Macross Plus respectively, all in English.

Other endings found on this update are Raizing/Eighting's Armed Police Batrider, Battle Bakraid and Sorcer Striker series of shooters, Ghox's elusive good ending, Capcom's manga inspired endings for Progear, Konami's Parodius, Sexy Parodius, Monster Maulers and the beautiful fighting game Dragoon Might, Psikyo's Battle K-Road, Fallen Angels, Strikers 1945 with boobies! ooops, I mean with good kind of boobies! & Strikers 1945 II, Sega's After Burner sequels G-Loc & Strike Force, IGS' stylish Killing Blade, Atlus/Cave's DonPachi series, Data East's Night Slashers, Technos' Shadow Force, the complete Raiden Fighters series, Irem's Lethal Thunder & Metal Black, Namco's Tower of Druaga & Return of Ishtar, Banpresto's Dragon Ball Z & Dragon Ball Z 2, Taito's Ray Force & Ray Storm, Punch-Out's spin-off little brother Arm Wrestling, Jaleco's awesome Tetris Plus 1 & Part 2, Limenko's Legend of Heroes, plus a whole lot more.

But how can this update be complete without the oddballs? How about the racing/shooter hybrid Kingdom Granprix? Or the disco dancing inspired shooter Fever SOS? But don't worry, those are the sane ones. Try the whack-a-mole beat'em up (wtf?) First Funky Fighters, or how about Trio The Punch? Dismembered limbs as level bosses? Check. Fat guys that look like Karnov? Check. The last boss, a helpless butterfly? Check. It's so bad you'll end up liking it.
And we finish with the worst game ever made: Street Fighter The Movie.

Well then, there you have it. All the games, to the best of my knowledge, are 100% complete with the different endings and possible variations they might have.
As always, check the What's new page to see what was added or just go in directly to the Arcade section and submerge yourself into the endings.
Multiple thanks to ShimaPong, Meteoslasher, Seabass, Ed, Pugsy, Vaz, KC and the Hardcore Gaming 101 people for their help.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Arcade Endings
Contributors: NPI, Notion, Ed, Vaz, Mike Myers, eXAXXiON, RyuWatase, Cutman, Ninjasrok, Tupou, Magnus Andersson, Vincent, Richard DD, Vesther.

Rey is silly.
Posted by: Mek

 Sunday, July 30, 2006.
How about some Sega ads courtesy of Sayang? Head over to their sections and check them out.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Sega Game Gear Ads, Sega Master System Ads, Sega Genesis Ads
Contributor: Sayang.

 Saturday, July 29, 2006.
The Xbox scans section has been updated, check the What's New to see what was added.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Xbox Scans
Contributors: Cutman.

 Friday, July 28, 2006.
Master System endings are the offering today, but only a small one thanks to Melanogaster. If you want to contribute endings, please read the Ending FAQ first.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Sega Master System Endings
Contributors: Melanogaster.

 Sunday, July 16, 2006.
I remember seeing a site with the Japanese Samurai Shodown 5 / Samurai Shodown Zero ending screenshots a few years ago. I think some of the endings had English text inserted into them too. Anyone remember seeing such page? Email me if you have any info.
Posted by: Rey

 Saturday, July 15, 2006.
I did some cleaning on the Links section and added new links too, check it out.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Links

 Friday, July 14, 2006.
Today we bring you new Turbo Duo and Amiga endings. As always, check the What's New page to see what has been added.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Turbo Duo Endings, Amiga Endings
Contributors: NPI.

 Sunday, July 9, 2006.
Finally, the third and final batch of Amiga endings has arrived, 133 endings contributed by Amiga expert NPI.
This update makes the Amiga endings section the biggest archive on the net with a collection of over 500 Amiga endings.
If you wish to contribute game endings, for any system, don't forget to read the Ending FAQ.

We received from The Flying Omelette the other day a Golden Ridley Award, which stands for "Excellence in written and visual material pertaining to classic forms of gaming." Many thanks to her for the award, although we don't really do the whole award celebration thingie. In return, however, we recommend the viewers to pay a visit to the site, you will find Reviews, excellent game Shrines, video game oddities, glitches and my favorite part of it all - The Video Game Cameos & References Database found in The Museum section of the site.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Amiga Endings
Contributors: NPI, Hall of Light.

 Monday, June 26, 2006.
I made a huge and necessary update to the FAQ, I revised the Reviews FAQ and made a new Endings FAQ. Now you can read how to submit endings, scans or reviews. If you have a question not covered there, let me know.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

 Sunday, June 25, 2006.
Added a few Master System Endings.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Master System Endings
Contributors: Sayang, Melanogaster.

 Saturday, June 24, 2006.
From Beginning to End
A look at VGM's origins and the various designs it has endured.

- August 20 1999
Web page is born as Game Pics
- January 14 2000
Game Scans opens up as a separate website.
- January 26 2000
Game Pics and Game Scans merge into the Video Game Museum and updated to a new Version later.
-August 25 2001
The Video Game Museum gets a Third design.

You can also find more history in the Staff page link above, along with the staff members that have come and gone.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

 Friday, June 23, 2006.
I'm back with the goods. The NES Reviews section has been updated with new reviews, submitted by Dingo. I'll be back in a few days with an update that will make up for all the missing months.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: NES Reviews
Contributor: Dingo.

 Friday, April 14, 2006.
Tis' a sad day for me. The time has come for me to say goodbye to you all as I ride off into the sunset for the very last time tommorow and I will cease to function. It's been nice knowing all you, I want to thank Oli, Mek3D, and especially Reynaldo for letting me be a part of their family and here's hoping my successor will do be a good member of the family. For those of you I met personally and told about this site, see ya'll again at E3 2006. For the others, you'll most likely here from me again offline in a game-related matter. To whom ever succedes me, I'll upload stuff still on my PC that the contributors gave me but I never got around to them.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

 Thursday, April 6, 2006.
"I want these m'fing snakes off the m'fing plane!"
Hey! It's retro day today with four new ending sections added, you will find Amstrad CPC Endings, Atari 800 Endings, Atari ST Endings and ZX Spectrum Endings featured here from now on. Huge thanks to The RZX Archive and their recordings.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Amstrad CPC Endings, Atari 800 Endings, Atari ST Endings, ZX Spectrum Endings
Contributor: Sogetsu.

 Thursday, March 30, 2006.
Updated the Sega Game Gear section with the Shining Force Gaiden: The Final Conflict ending. If you want to contribute Game Gear endings please look at the list of Game Gear endings I'm missing and email your contributions here.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Sega Game Gear Endings
Contributor: Alex, Tupou.

 Wednesday, March 29, 2006.
After a long absence I bring you new Commodore-64 endings, thanks and welcome back to K-J N.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Commodore-64 Endings
Contributor: K-J N.

 Tuesday, March 28, 2006.
Sega Master System update update update.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Sections: Sega Master System Endings
Contributor: Tupou.

 Monday, March 27, 2006.
Good morning people, try not to get too exited with the 74 Arcade endings update I bring you today.
Check out the endings for Strider 2, Galaga 88, Raiden, Operation Wolf, Sol Divide and a lot more. This update is cause for celebration too because we just broke the 3000 ending mark of original and official games and there are plenty more to come. Thanks a lot to the usual suspects that contributed most of the endings.
Did you know? Scramble, an old Konami Arcade game, is considered part of the Gradius series according to the Game Boy Advance Gradius Galaxies introduction.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Arcade Endings
Contributors: Billym, Jacquismo, RyuWatase, NPI, Notion, Sogetsu, Mike Myers, Tupou.

 Wednesday, March 22, 2006.
Well lookie what we have here, more Sega Master System endings thanks to our contributor Melanogaster. Want to contribute Game Gear, Master System, Genesis, Turbo-Grafx, Commodore-64 and Atari Lynx endings? Drop me a line.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Sections: Sega Master System Endings
Contributor: Melanogaster.

 Monday, March 20, 2006.
Let's start off the new week with 20 new Nes endings, thanks a lot to the contributors for the endings. Drop me a line if you want to contribute endings.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Nes Endings
Contributors: MonkeyIslandGirl, SuperG, Sogetsu, DJTigresa.

 Saturday, March 18, 2006.
Updated the Links section with a bunch of great video game related websites, make sure to take a look.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

 Friday, March 17, 2006.
New ending for the Sega Master System and Game Boy Endings section, check it out.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Sections: Sega Master System Endings, Game Boy Endings
Contributor: Melanogaster.

 Sunday, March 12, 2006.
The return of Arcade endings! It's been a while without arcade updates but check out endings for Darius Gaiden, Night Warriors: Darkstalker's Revenge, Rolling Thunder 2, Space Harrier and plenty more thanks to the contributors down below. Many more to come in the future, like 200 more.
Link of the day: Game Manual Archive
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Arcade Endings
Contributors: Billym, MC Pantera, Jacquismo, DJ Tigresa, RyuWatase, Boyakki, Master Ace, Densetsu, NPI, DExcel, Spikey, O Ilusionista, Mustafa.

 Tuesday, March 7, 2006.
Amiga Gamepics section updated with over 350 games! Huge thanks to NPI, the Amiga master.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Amiga Games
Contributors: NPI, Hall of Light.

 Monday, March 6, 2006.
Added another Amiga gamepics section, the Amiga CD32 with over 150 games, thanks to NPI.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Amiga CD32 Games
Contributor: Hall of Light.

 Sunday, March 5, 2006.
New Gamepics section, for the Amiga AGA system. More to come tomorrow.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Amiga AGA Games
Contributor: NPI, Hall of Light.

 Sunday, February 26, 2006.
Added 21 Saturn scans by [v_v]. Kthanx Bye.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Section: Saturn scans
Contributor: [v_v].

 Saturday, February 18, 2006.
Another huge Amiga update! 117 endings thanks to NPI.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Amiga Endings
Contributor: NPI.

 Thursday, February 16, 2006.
Gaming FM lives!! Get your VG music fix.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

 Tuesday, February 14, 2006.
Updated the Neo Geo Pocket Color section with the endings for Samurai Shodown 2, Gals Fighters, Faselei and more. If you wish to contribute more endings, let me know.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Neo Geo Pocket Color Endings
Contributors: Andrew Rae.

 Monday, February 13, 2006.
Huge Amiga update! Over 100 endings thanks to NPI, the Amiga master. This update brings our total Amiga endings to 224, you won't find a bigger collection of Amiga endings anywhere on the net. And there's lots more to come.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Amiga Endings
Contributors: NPI, Hall of Light.

 Friday, February 3, 2006.
Added the King of Fighters R1 ending to the Neo Geo Pocket ending section. Email me if you want to contribute Neo Geo Pocket or Neo Geo Pocket Color endings, there aren't that many games for them and contributions would be welcome.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Neo Geo Pocket Endings

 Thursday, February 2, 2006.
The biggest ending archive on the net just keeps getting better, today I updated the Neo Geo Pocket Color endings, thanks to K-J N and Andrew Rae.
I noticed a few places are starting to 'catch up' and adding ending archives to their sites. But we, aside from having the biggest archive on the net, can guarantee you one thing: that you will always get the best, most accurate and most complete image quality when viewing the endings, unlike other ending sites out there that have no quality control.
Only one ending site has my Quality Control Freak stamp (Yes, I just made that up), and that site is Game Revolution's endings in flash video form. A nice alternative if you don't like looking at still images.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Neo Geo Pocket Color Endings
Contributors: K-J N, Andrew Rae.

 Wednesday, February 1, 2006.
Some new endings today for the Game Gear, MSX, Amiga AGA and Amiga CD32 systems.
Visit Game Revolution's ending page to see quite a few game endings in video form. Their archive is pretty small, but I guess it will grow over time. Also head over to Joystiq.com for some nice video game related news and articles.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: MSX Endings, Game Gear Endings, Amiga AGA Endings, Amiga CD32 Endings
Contributors: RyuWatase, Teary Eyes, NPI, Hall of Light.

 Tuesday, January 31, 2006.
Here we go again, check out updates for the Famicom Disk System and Turbografx-16 ending sections. Enter Video Game Commercials.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Famicom Disk System Endings, Turbografx-16 Endings
Contributors: Ace Whatever, DJ Tigresa, Teary Eyes.

 Monday, January 30, 2006.
Today I updated the Amiga endings with a big number of submissions curtesy of the great Hall of Light Amiga website. Future updates will finally bring NPI's 200 ending submissions.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Amiga Endings
Contributors: Hall of Light, NPI.

 Sunday, January 29, 2006.
Updated the Game Boy Advance endings, more to come in a later time.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Game Boy Advance Endings

 Saturday, January 28, 2006.
I'm back! I added two new endings sections, Amiga AGA and Amiga CD32 respectively. Huge thanks to NPI, the Amiga master.
Posted by: Rey @ 1up.com

Section: Amiga AGA Endings, Amiga CD32 Endings
Contributors: Hall of Light, NPI.

 Monday, November 28, 2005.
This is sort of a minor update. I'm cleaning out my HD of the scans I got piece by piece and showing Reynaldo I still got love for VGM. :p Most of my broken links emails have been purged by AOL so email me again about those. In the meantime, catch my lastest FAQ on Shadow the Hedgehog for XBOX and DragonQuest 8 for PS2 later on.

History lesson: Speaking of Shadow, Jack Thomson is going to have a field day about this game with it getting an E10 rating.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Nintendo 64 Scans
Contributors: Mario974.

 Wednesday, October 12, 2005.
The Super NES ending section has been updated with the awesome Clock Tower ending.
Keeping up with the SNES theme, you might want to pay a visit to both of the Magnificent Super NES Soundtracks articles found Here for Part 1 and Here for Part 2 by yours truly.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Super NES endings
Contributors: Ace Whatever, Kain Xiorcal.

 Thursday, September 15, 2005.
Check out my article about "Music from Super NES games you probably never heard before" at my 1up.com page right Here.
Posted by: Rey

 Wednesday, September 7, 2005.
I have awakened. After a few months updating scans behind the scenes, I come to the surface to tell you some of what's been updated. Added 39 PS2 scans from IE-Forums but more is to come.

History lesson: Karnov (the hero in the NES game of same name) was a boss in Bad Dudes and the final boss in the Fighter's History series.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Playstation 2 Scans
Contributors: I-E Forums.

 Tuesday, August 30, 2005.
There have been a number of updates in the past few days, updates for the GBA, NES, Super NES and Gamecube Scans section. Also new Amiga CD and Amiga CDTV gamepics section. Thanks to NPI for the pics.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Amiga CD, Amiga CDTV
Contributors: Hall of Light, NPI.

 Sunday, August 28, 2005.
You think there's something new? Then by all means check the What's New page.

Here are some nice links you might want to check out:
- The Art of Game Endings
- Crucial Classics: Strider
- What's the problem with the PSP?
- Gaming Rhapsody
- The names behind the games
- The best Killer7 review you will EVER read
- Awesome Game Speedruns

Yes, pretty soon I will be back with the precious ending updates again.
Oh, by the way, August 20th was VGMuseum's 6th birthday and no one cared.
Posted by: Rey

 Wednesday, August 10, 2005.
Jack Thompson? Hot Coffee? Killer7?
Posted by: Rey

 Saturday, July 23, 2005.
I guess no one feels like updating anymore. At least I'm not updating because of computer problems, lost files, configurations not being saved, etc. You know, the standard stuff.
So through some trickery I managed to update just to let you all know about 1up.com, I'm pretty sure you've all heard about the EGM magazine, well 1up.com is their website. It has tons of clubs, blogs, images, collections, etc from gamers all over the world. It really makes you feel like you are in a place with real people and real gamers (Even though there are a lot of lame ones).
You can make your own 1up page with your images, your games, your blogs, your thoughs, etc. Here is my 1up page, visit it, post in it, join it, whatever you want.
Posted by: Rey

 Sunday, June 5, 2005.
Five more days to go and it'll be one year since I joined the VGM crew. Time to make an updates on scans I've been putting off. Added PS2 and Xbox from the following people Gamescanner, Shinigami, and PS3Talk.

History lesson: Amy Rose was called Princess Sally in the American Version of Sonic CD.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: PS2 Scans, Xbox Scans
Contributors: Gamescanner, PS3Talk, Shinigami

 Monday, May 16, 2005.
I'm back yo, I'm not out bro. Time to continue the show, I just got my MD in Chemistry 2 days ago so now I know ready and raring to go. Get ready for scans, pics, and so much mo. Ahem, well this update is a little small today. Got 5 PSX games from RealKyo. Yeah I know, I'm giving him too much props but its rare that we recieve lots of PSX gamepics ya feel me. Also got a little bonus, I just recently updated my pic in the staff page with two recent ones (I ditched the hat and 30lbs). I'll be back in Cali tonight, I'll be at E3 but will try to keep updating while I'm in Cali.

History lesson: Everybody knows this but hell with it, The original name of Mario from when he was in Donkey Kong was Jumpman.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: PSX Games
Contributors: RealKyo

 Friday, April 29, 2005.
Sorry that I stayed away longer than expected. Me and my sis are getting our Master's degrees soon in different fields so you can't blame me for being gone so long. Much love to our TX bud Ed for doing the same. Added 7 PSX games from RealKyo. I coulda put more games up but this is like a "checking in" update.

History lesson: Did you know that Dr. Eggman/Robotnik was once being considered for a Sega mascot? Same story goes for the hero from Ristar.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: PSX Games
Contributors: RealKyo

 Monday, April 18, 2005.
Bad news. Rey lost the files you all have sent to him and also all addresses. He can't make updates at the moment, so I'm writing this. Sadly you will have to send the endings again (to the same e-mail address). If they haven't been posted yet, they're lost. Sorry folks. :(
Posted by: Oli

 Sunday, April 10, 2005.
Greetings. Remember me? Added 7 Commodore ads from 1988 (before they turn to dust).
Posted by: Oli

Section: Commodore Ads

 Thursday, April 7, 2005.
I'll be going AFK for a week after this update and will be back the Monday after this one at the least. Added 30 Xbox scans from IE-forums. Check out what's new to see what they are. History lesson: The name Parodius derives from the words Gradius and Parody put together
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Xbox Scans
Contributors: IE-Forums

 Thursday, March 24, 2005.
RealKyo, you're on the air. 12 PSX games and 8 PSX game scans are updated now. Oh and Gamescanner, give me a ring a ding ding on email for an easier submission method I want to share that's similar to the way I-E Forums/Into the Game submit them to me. BTW, we broke the 1000 mark for PSX scans

History lesson: The alternate name for Life Force (unofficial sequel to Gradius) is Salamander.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Sony Playstation Scans, Sony Playstation Games
Contributors: Real Kyo

 Wednesday, March 16, 2005.
A mass update finally. Uploaded 50 scans courtesy of Zone. He still has more left but I only had time to work with 50 of them. Check the what's new section for the update. Oh and in case you haven't heard, Robert goes home a free man and Scott goes home to San Quentin a soon to be a dead man.

History lesson: Now here is something that Final Fantasy fans might want to know and it concers the origin of the name Final Fantasy and yet it spawned so many sequels. Here is how it went, Squaresoft the makers of the game where on the verge of going bankrupt and going the route Data East went not too long ago. Final Fantasy was given its name because Squaresoft meant for it to be its last game but in a fantasic miracle, Final Fantasy ended up getting Squaresoft out of the hole and for that, the name stuck throughout its sequel.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: N64 Scans, Master System Scans, Gameboy Scans, Genesis Scans SNES Scans, Dreamcast Scans
Contributors: Zone

 Monday, March 14, 2005.
*flies in with her cape* I'm back. I'm back in Cali for the week celebrating my Bday from 3 days ago and my sister's Bday from last week, I decided to bring my HD along this time and decided to do a small update while I'm free. In case you are wondering, we moved to Arizona back in December 2004 and been busy settling in our new house hence another reason for my slow updates. Today we start things off with 9 scans from Gamescanner that I can use. Check the what's new section. The next update will feature Zone, then Real Kyo.

History lesson: Ever play Wonder Boy 1 for Sega Master System and wonder (no pun intended) why it looks like a carbon copy of Adventure Island for NES? Well it is backwards. Wonder Boy came out first and Hudson Soft bought the game rights from Sega and now you have the Adventure Island games of today.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: N64 Scans, PS2 Scans, Xbox Scans
Contributors: Gamescanner

 Saturday, March 5, 2005.
No update, no HL and no QOTD today. Just a public announcement. I know everybody has been waiting for an update of their stuff and I just want to assure you that I haven't fogotten ya'll. Zone, Gamescanner, RealKyo, I-E forums, {v_v], and the other major (and minor ones) still waiting. Don't worry I'll get to ya'll soon. I have been real busy but still keeping ya'll stuff on the brain. No need to change the pic of the day considering this is a non-update. Bai Bai take care.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

 Wednesday, February 23, 2005.
I'm still in Japan, but decided to make an update anyway. Just added 6 games for PSX from cutman and newest contributor, RealKyo.

History lesson: I made 1942, the pic of the day because it reminds me of the day I wanted to shoot my TV after surviving 32 time consuming levels only to get that little piece of (FCC: Don't even think about it, Tigresa). OK, For that garbage of an ending, you see above in the PotD.

Quote of the Day: Aside from another underground album, I also have a series of vg books called "KTNP Records Presents Gameguides For" that I'll be making that will include: Megaman Games (each volume represents a series), SNK games, Neo Geo Games (mostly non-SNK), Capcom Games, Fighting Games.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: PSX Gamepics
Contributors: Cutman, RealKyo

 Tuesday, February 22, 2005.
You people had enough? Gimme some more! More Gamecube scans that is. As always, check the What's New to see what was added. Do a barrel roll!
Posted by: Rey

Section: Gamecube Scans

 Saturday, February 12, 2005.
Emotional update tonight after some sad news. I'll keep the POTD the same. This is my last update till my return from Japan.
Best Regards, DJ Tigresa.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Section: Playstation 2 Scans
Contributor: PS3Talk

 Tuesday, February 8, 2005.
More Gamecube scans! Check the What's New! Un forastero, agarrenlo!
Posted by: Rey

Section: Gamecube Scans

 Monday, February 7, 2005.
Updated the Super NES Reviews with one review from Jin-Iytoshi.
The Links section was also updated.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Super NES Reviews
Contributor: Jin-Iytoshi.

 Saturday, February 5, 2005.
Well, after 4 years and a half The Video Game Museum reaches 10,000,000 hits, 10 million is a lot and we owe it all to the visitors that come each day looking for a piece of Video Game history.
Detrás de tí imbécil!
Posted by: Rey

 Saturday, January 29, 2005.
Just fixed up some mistakes from an earlier update in the PS2 scans section and adjusted the contributors and stats section accordingly. No real upadate here so I'll keep the PoTD the same.

History Lesson: SNK's first game made was Ozma Wars

Quote of the Day: "Despite your claims, my hands are clean as a whistle (I'm innocent) considering it was way too early for me to be involved."
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: PS2 Scans

 Thursday, January 27, 2005.
Added a few Nintendo GameCube scans, check them out.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Gamecube Scans

 Tuesday, January 25, 2005.
Some new Game Boy Advance scans, check the What's New to see what was updated.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Advance Scans

 Monday, January 24, 2004.
Into the Game, never ceases to amaze me. One again, I've updated the PS2 with another mere handful of scans I have from them. Hmmmm, I guess I'll give {v_v} the spotlight next update. I've updated a load of his Saturn scans but I'll give his PS2 scan contrib a chance to shine

No vg lesson today.

Quote of the Day: Soy loca y no doy una mierda.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: PS2 Scans
Contributors: Into the Game

 Tuesday, January 18, 2004.
Quick update. 12 Playstation Scans from Tiamat X. In actuality, I updated more than just Tiamat X's scans on the PS2 scans page from Into the Game but since Tiamat X has 12 scans, I decided to get hers out the way now and wait a little before I announce ITG's PS2 scan update

History Lesson: 4 Megaman series tie into each other: Megaman, Megaman X, Megaman Zero, and Megaman Legends. When the games in each series to bridge them together comes out is beyond me.
Quote of the Day: Be on lookout for my upcoming Resident Evil 4 and Metal Gear Solid 3 FAQs.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: PS2 Scans
Contributors: Tiamat X

 Friday, January 7, 2005.
Well, we're back! A nasty server crash erased 25 days worth of updates just as the new year was kicking in. After spending various days tracking down the content we lost and the updates we did I finally got everything back online.
Thanks to the following people for helping me get it all back:
djgarf, YeahhellY, GeneralLeoFF, IxthusTiger, DjTigresa, NPI, {v_v}, Visslik and shadow1w2.
Please check below for older updates you might not have seen before the server crashed, some of the updates include: NES endings, Game Boy endings, Nintendo DS Scans, Playstation 2 Scans, Amiga Pics, Magazine Covers, Various Game Ads and much more. Keep your eyes open for more updates to come.
Posted by: Rey

 Thursday, January 6, 2005.
Added an assortment of Game Ads and Magazine Covers to the Game Ads page; with the new Game Boy Color and Nintendo 64 ads section, check it out.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Magazine Covers, Nintendo 64 Ads, Playstation Ads, Playstation 2 Ads, Dreamcast Ads, Game Boy Color Ads, Multi Console Ads, Misc Ads
Contributor: gfrankwick.

 Wednesday, January 5, 2005.
Added a bunch of Magazine Cover Scans, thanks to Visslik for those rare covers. Check the What's New to see what was added.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Magazine Covers
Contributor: Visslik.

 Sunday, January 2, 2005.
New section has opened, the Nintendo DS Scans with 19 images, thanks to GameScanner for the scans.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Nintendo DS Scans
Contributor: GameScanner.

 Friday, December 31, 2004.
A nice NES Japanese update to end the year 2004, enjoy.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Nes Endings
Contributors: Lukman, Teary Eyes, Trace, Sogetsu, Art, Yuuichi.

 Monday, December 27, 2004.
Thanks to Visslik we have a scan of the first Nintendo Power... well it wasn't even a magazine, it was known as Nintendo Fun Club news and it was a newsletter. It didn't have any sort of cover art either... but it's a nice piece of history to have and it's there for you to see.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Magazine Covers
Contributor: Visslik.

 Friday, December 24, 2004.
Bah humbug.... two Japanese endings for the Game Boy section, God Medicine and Another Bible.
At last Nintendo is releasing the 8th Fire Emblem as Fire Emblem 2 in the USA, let's hope they also release the 6th Fire Emblem....
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Endings
Contributor: Sogetsu, RyuWatase.

 Thursday, December 17, 2004.
49 Playstation 2 scans updated today. Now we getting somewhere.

History Lesson:
*Metal Gear Solid 3 Spoilers*
'Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3 turns out to be Big Boss'
*End spoilers*

Quote of the Day: Happy Birthday, Reynaldo
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: PS2 Scans
Contributors: Into the Game

 Thursday, December 16, 2004.
Super Amiga games update today. We got 187 new games for that section. Check it all out. The What's new page tells all that was added. Much love to Hall of Light and NPI for the pics.

History Lesson: Before Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega's two unofficial mascots were Alex Kidd and Wonderboy

Quote of the Day: None. Instead of a QOTD today, I'll give a DYK about me. If you have seen my contributor page at GameFAQs, you'll notice a swarm of FAQs. Along with my younger sister (and some help from my older brothers during the real early days), I've actually done 300+ guides in my lifetime dating back to 1988 at age 7 when I just did it for the schoolmates for a fee.While I'm still touching up most of the older ones, click on the link to access the ones that GameFAQs did decided to accept out of the ones I submitted and click here to view the list of the ones that are unavailable on GameFAQs as well as an almost complete list of FAQs I did. The ones with stars by them are the working links. My first 10 FAQs were (in order): Megaman 1, Mike Tyson Punchout, Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2 (Japan) for FDS, Legend of Zelda, Defender II, Vanguard (Atari 2600), Doki Doki Panic (FDS), Super Mario Bros 2 USA, and Metroid.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Amiga pics
Contributors: Hall of Light, NPI

 Wednesday, December 15, 2004.
More Saturn scans and a change of pace. Earlier I said I would do {v_v}'s Saturn Scan updates by letter but instead I decided to update with the letters that had the least number of scans. I did B and C still which are 76 total but the rest are H, I, J, K Q, X, and Z which leaves 100 scans total from {v_v}. The other 3 scans are from Into the Game for a total of 103 Saturn scans this update. Also, there is no need to wait for me to update the front page for now on Saturn Scans, you can check the Saturn scans page early to see what I added. After I added a certain number, I'll say so on the front and what's new pages.

History Lesson: If you beat Bowser in 8-4 in Super Mario Bros 2 Japan aka Lost Levels without using warp zones, you get to go to level 9. If you make it to level 9-4, you'll be in an underwater level where you may notice some walls/blocks on the floor look funny. These are actually shaped like Japanese Kanji characters. When all the Kanji characters are put together in the order you encountered them, they spell a japanese word which if put in Romanji spells "arigatou". That is Japanese for "Thank you"

Quote of the Day: I am Miss SNK. Worship me.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Saturn Scans
Contributors: {v_v}, Into the Game

 Tuesday, December 14, 2004.
Well I guess I'll just post this lonely ending for the Game Boy Advance endings section, I didn't want to wait for a bigger update to post this. Check the pic of the day for a clue.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Advance Endings

 Friday, December 10, 2004.
More Magazine Covers, this time for the Game Players, Ultra Game Players and Game Buyer magazines.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Magazine Covers

 Thursday, December 9, 2004.
Today we have something different, 336 Magazine Cover scans. You will find in this update Cover Scans for Nintendo Power, EGM2/Xpert Gamer, Next Generation, Game Fan, Game Pro and some others. I still haven't scanned my Electronic Gaming Monthly, Club Nintendo and Game Players magazines, those will come in a later update.
I welcome contributions, send cover scans of any magazine, code book, players guide, etc. that you might have lying around and I will post them.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Magazine Covers, Playstation Game Ads, Playstation 2 Game Ads, Dreamcast Game Ads
Contributor: AnakinVdr.

 Wednesday, December 8, 2004.
Quick update to the Famicom Disk System endings, thanks to DJ Tigresa for the endings. ilovesupernintendo.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Famicom Disk System Endings
Contributor: DJ Tigresa.

 Tuesday, December 7, 2004.
The MSX section gets updated with the SD Snatcher ending. "SD", for those that don't know, means Super Deformed; it's a very popular 'style' over there in Japan.
The other section getting updated is the Genesis section, this time a very small update with the X-Men 2 and Target Earth endings.
Target Earth is known in Japan as Assault Suits Leynos, which means that it's part of the Assault Suits series that later came out for the Super Famicom, they are known in Japan as Assault Suits Valken (Cybernator in the USA) and "Assault Suits Gideon" (A.K.A. Metal Warriors). There is also Front Mission: Gun Hazard that is basically made by the same team and it plays almost the same as the other ones, only that it's 10 times better. There were also sequels and remakes to those games released for the Saturn and Playstation 2.
That's your history lesson for today or something...
Posted by: Rey

Section: Sega Genesis Endings, MSX Endings
Contributors: Master Ace, Ace Whatever.

 Monday, December 6, 2004.
Saturn scans ahoy with 800+ more to go from one contributor who decided to put his/her best face forward literally. There are so many scans, I decided to divide them up by alphabetical order update wise. To be more specific, this update includes 26 game scans (1 # and 25 A). The next update will have B, C, and D. The S letter consists of 199 scans alone. Once those are all done, the same contributor left us will currently countless PS2 scans and that takes care of the nakedness that the PS2 scans section has. All we need now is for someone to take care of the Xbox scans page's indecent exposure.

History Lesson: None today. Sorry.

Quote of the Day: None today. Sorry.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Saturn Scans
Contributors: {v_v}

 Saturday, December 4, 2004.
Here it is, after almost two years with no updates the Genesis section gets some life in it again with 72 endings. Lots of good endings in this update, so you better enjoy it. Thanks to everyone that contributed.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Sega Genesis Endings
Contributors: RyuWatase, DJ Tigresa, Danny, Andrew Rae, Blindness, MC Pantera, Tristan, IMO, Death-Adder, Ace, Oli, Iron Knuckle, ToeJam, Steven Lee, Labedzki, RPG Master, Hillebrinkie, SIMple_dave, Ace Whatever, REIR0M, Moondog, Tech Neon, Master Ace, iamthejake2000.

 Thursday, December 2, 2004.
Today I bring you the ending for Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls. That includes both FF1 and FF2 endings and the extra ending added to this Game Boy Advance release.
Oh... and fear the Genesis ending update.... it's coming...
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Advance Endings

 Wednesday, December 1, 2004.
24 days to go before the most wonderful time of the year. So HO HO HOld on to your seats as we got a lot of good stuff in store this month especially some kick@$$ scans donated by some of my real life buddies from my music group TnPCrew and other artists from my music label KTNP records.

Another small update with 6 games: 3 SNES, 1 Sega CD, 1 Arcade, and 1 GBA. Thanks to Pick Cook and Loki555 and newcomers Danny and Matt Cross for the pics.

History Lesson: Here is an oldie but goodie. A lot of Konami games use a code known as up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,B,A,Start for the NES and variations on other games. Some games like Sonic Chaos for Game Gear have been known to make their own variations of the code.

Quote of the Day: "It's the first of the month. So cash your checks and get up."
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Sega CD Gamepics, SNES Gamepics, Arcade Gamepics, Gameboy Advance Gamepics
Contributors: Danny, Loki555, Matt Cross, Pick Cook

 Wednesday, November 24, 2004.
Once again this is another small update so I'll still be able to maintain my coherence before I finish with it. Updated are 5 Famicom Disk System Game pics by yours truly: Ao no Senritsu, Golf, Ice Climber, Moonball Magic, and Samurai Sword. It's like I fell in love with this system all over again. I still have this system over at my house for all these years and the games have not lost their touch.

History Lesson: Since I already submitted this ending for the FDS, I'll give a DYK about Bomberman. He eventually becomes know as Lode Runner in the game Lode Runner (duh).

Quote of the Day: "Question: Most asians worship it but others are known to smoke it. Correct Answer: What is buddha?. Just puff puff give."
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Famicom Disk System Gamepics
Contributors: DJ Tigresa

 Monday, November 22, 2004.
I know. I know. You are saying "Only 7 scans today? Are you feeling OK, Tigresa? You usually update by the masses." Truth is I'm not my cheerful, happy go lucky self today. So I'm just gonna keep this update short and sweet. Thanks to RyuWatase and Into the Game for the Xbox scans. Thanks to all for the compliments on the history lesson I gave last update and for requests of more of those. I'll be glad to do so (like a "Did you know?" type of thang). I'm not in the mood to do it this update but I'll close out with a random quote which I'll ocassionally do if I can't come up with a history lesson or feel like it. The RQs are either just a life lesson, self winquote, or something I usually say IRL or on the net.

Quote of the Day: "If your identity by itself causes violence or get you penalized, then the rules are a joke and don't mean shizzle even if you obey them so break 'em if you get the chance and give 'em what they asked for."
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Xbox scans
Contributors: RyuWatase, Into the Game

 Friday, November 19, 2004.
Very small update just in case Rey overwrites it and loss is minimal, meaning I won't be forced to kill Rey who is updating frequently.

Updated are the Famicom Disk System pics by me, myself, and I rule. These are pics for:
Doki Doki Panic, Green Beret, Smash Pin, and Super Mario Bros 2 (Japan)

History Lesson: Doki Doki Panic is what Super Mario Bros 2 in USA derived from, SMB 2 (Japan) was the true sequel to SMB but Nintendo figured it would be too hard for us Americans so they hacked DDP and released it as the SMB 2 we are familiar with, but it did release the original here as the Lost Levels on Super Mario All-Stars for SNES. Green Beret is Rush N' Attack without the Russians. Gameplay is the same.

Also added a whopping 114 Playstation One scans by Into the Game. Check out the What's new section for that.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Famicom Disk System Pics, Playstation One scans
Contributors: DJ Tigresa, Into the Game

 Thursday, November 18, 2004.
8th grade sucks and so do 8th graders ;)
Posted by: Rey

Just one ending, don't get your hopes up... yet...
And yes, a huge arcade update is coming soon.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Arcade Endings
Contributor: Billym.

 Wednesday, November 17, 2004.
To Oli:
Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well. Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well.
Posted by: Rey

"Why do they call it Ovaltine? The mug is round, the jar is round, they should call it ROUNDtime." That's gold Jerry, gold!
This time around we have a nice Game Gear update thanks to our friend RyuWatase. Say thank you and good night, that's it for me.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Sega Game Gear Endings
Contributor: RyuWatase.

 Tuesday, November 16, 2004.
I'm doug, I don't have to take this, I'm outta heeeere....
Master System endings for you guys from those guys down there.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Sega Master System Endings
Contributors: RyuWatase, e Matyas, Oli, Maxim, Labedzki, Paulo-Magno, meu2,Supreme1, Mr.Wilbury.

 Monday, November 15, 2004.
What?? ANOTHER update? There must be something wrong here. While the issue is resolved feast on these Turbografx-16 endings.
Please check out this awesome site called Hardcore gaming 101, the basic premise of that site is to find a home (or shrine) to all those great games that few people have played or know about.
Are you tired of finding all these Final Fantasy, Zelda, Castlevania, Mega Man, Mario, etc. shrines that have every info about those games and yet you can't find anything about some great old school game that has been around for 15 years?
Then Hardcore gaming 101 is what you are looking for. Everything from scans, artwork, trivia, to information about the games on each system they have been released for.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Turbografx-16 Endings
Contributors: Jammaniaclord, RyuWatase.

 Sunday, November 14, 2004.
Here's an ending update for you Famicom Disk System fans. Thanks to the contributors, because without them you wouldn't be seeing anything in the section.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Famicom Disk System Endings
Contributors: ApacheMan2k, RyuWatase, Teary Eyes.

 Saturday, November 13, 2004.
Nice GBA update with 40 endings for games like Advance Guardian Heroes, Astro Boy, Boktai 1 & 2 with all the endings, Kirby, Lunar Legend (you better have patience for this ending), Mega Man Battle Network 4, Mega Man Zero 3, Metal Slug Advance, Pokemon Red & Green and last but not least The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap ending. There are many more endings, so check it out.
Thanks to the contributors below that helped me get those Boktai 2 bad endings, the Lunar Legend ending and the extra pictures from the MMBN4 endings.
If you see that an ending is missing something, send it over and I'll give you credit for the contribution.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Advance Endings
Contributors: NPI, Sturmman, Volandum, Nigoli, Lord0bsidian.

 Friday, November 12, 2004.
From in the Zone to Into the Game we go as if you thought Zone's mass contribution from the last update was huge, we have an even bigger one from this cool store website called Into the Game.com, but I am only gonna update the Dreamcast scans section for now (52 scans alone) because it is 1.A.M. and I need some shut eye. Ya feel me? With that said, expect me to finish this update later on today or tomorrow. But enjoy the DC scans we got now. Goodnight. ZZZZZZZZZZZ!
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Section: Sega Dreamcast Scans
Contributors: Into the Game

 Tuesday, November 2, 2004.
WHEW! We are definitely in the zone today as we receive a $h!+load of scans from a Contributor name Zone with 164 scans but can only use 141 since we lack a scan page for Colecovision and Atari 7800. I ain't gonna bother killing myself telling you all the new stuff since I've already listed everything in the "What's new" so check the section yourself to see what we got.

Zone ain't done yet, I bet he got a $h!+load of more stuff on the way including Gameboy scans. Also, once I get in touch with Chalkdust of Into the Game, except a massive $h!+load of more scans including for PS2, GC and X-Box.

We also broke the 5,000 mark for total number of scans.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Section: Nes Scans, Snes Scans, Sega Game Gear Scans, PSX Scans, N64 Scans, Sega Saturn Scans, Gameboy Advance Scans, Sega Master System Scans, Atari 2600 Scans, Mega Drive Scans, Sega Dreamcast Scans
Contributors: Zone.

 Monday, November 1, 2004.
M-M-M-M-Miss me? I've been slacking on the job too long. HERK! Well I've been working myself to death as usual with tons of FAQs and helping other peeps with theirs but that doesn't mean I can't take time of for a little update for ya'll. Tee hee hee ^^. But hey, that's what forum burnout does to you, I am damn near completely burned out on forums even mine and all the majority of the time I would spend posting all over the net is now spent on work hence the "Miss me" applies to my posting habits though I might make some occassional visits here and there. But you'll hardly see much of me anywhere. Okies, enough jibba jabba. Here is what has been updated.

Added 2 Game Gear games (Itchy and Scratchy, Ren and Stimpy: Quest for the Shaven Yak), 1 Commodore 64 game (The Simpsons, Bart vs. the Space Mutants), 1 Arcade Game (Marvel vs Capcom), and 3 Xbox scans (Madden 2005 [Front], [Back], [Manual]).
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Section: Arcade Games, Game Gear Games, C64 Games, Neo Geo Games, X-box Scans
Contributors: Mike Myers, SubSane, RyuWatase.

 Sunday, October 24, 2004.
A couple of Sega CD endings this time around. More to come in the future... eventually.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Sega CD Endings
Contributors: Danny, Beastard.

 Thursday, October 21, 2004.
I come with some very very short updates for these sections.
After 2 long years, I finally got the good ending for the MSX Salamander. Thanks to GOGS at the Gradius Homeworld message boards for his help on how to get it. If you are a Gradius fan, check that site out. Also, thanks to Death-Adder for the Lynx ending and thanks to K-J N for the NGPC endings.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: MSX Endings, Atari Lynx Endings, Neo-Geo Pocket Color Endings
Contributors: K-J N, Death-Adder.

 Sunday, October 17, 2004.
Ok, only a few Turbo Duo endings left to complete the endings section, I hope to have them done by november and then I'll concentrate on the other sections. In this update you can find the endings for Exile, Cosmic Fantasy 2, Ys 3, Super Air Zonk and others.
Again, if an ending has the Mouse Text Feature is On on top, it means that you can hover the mouse cursor over the pics and a text box will appear with the contents of the speech that the ending had.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Turbo Duo Endings

 Wednesday, October 6, 2004.
Over 60 Commodore-64 endings for this update, thanks to the biggest C64 contributors, Oli and K-J N. Finally, after 2 years the endings are posted :P
Posted by: Rey

Section: Commodore-64 Endings
Contributors: K-J N, Oli, Mozai.

 Thursday, September 30, 2004.
The Virtual Boy endings section has been opened, with just one ending. More to come in the future.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Virtual Boy Endings

 Saturday, September 25, 2004.
Long Le, Email me.
There we go, 73 Super NES endings for your viewing pleasure. In this update you will find the endings for Chrono Trigger, Cybernator, Dragon Quest 6, Front Mission: Gun Hazard (great ending), Lufia, Street Fighter Alpha 2 and a LOT more.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Super NES Endings
Contributors: RyuWatase, q 3, Master Ace, Ace Whatever.

 Tuesday, September 21, 2004.
Here it is, the big Turbo Duo ending update. For those that don't know, the Turbo Duo is the CD add-on for the Turbografx-16. It's one of those systems that had a lot of good games but almost nobody bought it. Anyways, enjoy the endings for Beyond Shadowgate (Good sequel), Dragon Slayer, Valis, Ys and much more.
In case you don't know, most Turbo Duo games were full of speech in their endings; so if you see a page that says "Mouse Text Feature is On" all you got to do is hover the mouse cursor over a picture and a text box of the speech will appear (assuming that there is speech there, of course).
I still have more Turbo Duo endings to come, see you next time.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Turbo Duo Endings

 Monday, September 20, 2004.
I bring you the Samurai Shodown 5 Special Neo-Geo ending. Fans waiting for the translated story and endings that Samurai Shodown 5 had will be disappointed since this one is a 'dream match' thus, it has no story. It has some nice artwork in the end though.
There are some good updates coming in the future, such as a HUGE Super Nes update, a huge Amiga update, a huge Turbo Duo update (finally that section is getting some life). There is also a Genesis, Arcade, Commodore-64, Neo-Geo, etc update in the works.

Here are links to a few nice sites fellow VGMuseum visitors might like:
Timeline of Video Games - Complete detailed timeline of the history of video games.
Gaming FM - Internet radio, listen to music from your favorite classic or modern video games.
Lost Levels - Why did the NES Earthbound and Final Fantasy 2 never released? Go to the Lost Levels.
NDS Central - Good GBA and Nintendo DS news site.
The Mushroom Kingdom - The best and most complete Mario database on the net.
Who Are You? - Want to see the full Nintendo 'Who are you?' campaign ad collection? Click the link.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Neo-Geo Endings

 Sunday, September 5, 2004.
Made a small Turbo Duo update.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Turbo Duo Endings
Contributor: PCEFan Chris.

 Tuesday, August 31, 2004.
A very small Turbografx-16 ending update thanks to James Wragg. Come on people there are still a lot of games missing, so send those nice TG-16 endings and I'll post them.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Turbografx-16 Endings
Contributor: James Wragg.

 Saturday, August 28, 2004.
Finally after what seemed like an eternity, I finally got the Game Boy Advance The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords ending. So click on the link and enjoy.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Advance Endings

 Tuesday, August 24, 2004.
This is part one of various updates to come from me. The update is so massive, I had to split it up in parts. There are still lots more scans to come and some reviews given to us by ARAN12 and some TG-16 specs from Xaer0knight.

Added 48 total game scans. 26 for Gamecube, 1 for Game Gear, 13 for Playstation, 4 for Neo Geo Pocket, 2 for Playstation 2, and 2 for SNES. Thanks to my good ol sis for helping out with the scans. RyuWatase contributed a couple scans too which is a break from his endings.

Check the What's new link to see what was updated.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Sections: Playstation Scans, Playstation 2 Scans, Game Gear Scans, Gamecube Scans, Super Nes Scans, Neo Geo Pocket Scans
Contributor: DJ Tigresa, MC Pantera, RyuWatase.

 Friday, July 9, 2004.
No real update here. Just added some specs for the Playstaion 2 and Xbox contributed by ThePro and Uncle Scrotar. Specs contributions don't count towards the contributors section but I want to thank them for the info anyway.

Also for some reason my email address redirects you to my hotmail address but my adress won't reply back to people with AOL addresses. If anyone with an AOL address want to email me in need of a reply then email me at VXplosive@aol.com.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Section: PS2 specs, Xbox specs
Contributors: The Pro, Uncle Scrotar, DJ Tigresa.

 Friday, July 2, 2004.
Added 8 total scans. 3 for Gamecube, 1 for Gameboy, and 4 for SNES. All of whom are contributed by Xaer0knight. Check the What's new link to see what was updated.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Section: Game Boy Scans, Gamecube Scans, Super Nes Scans
Contributor: Xaer0Knight.

 Monday, June 28, 2004.
Hey gang, I started toying around with a chat applet for VGM, so if you'd like to hang out for a bit, then just click here: VGMuseum Chat.

P.S. Wow Bloody Drill does a LOT of damage!!!
Posted by: Mek

Section: VGMuseum Chat

 Wednesday, June 23, 2004.
Added even more manual cover scans today, over 60. As always, check the What's new link to see what was updated.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Color Scans, Nes Scans, Nintendo 64 Scans, Super Nes Scans
Contributor: Rey.

 Tuesday, June 22, 2004.
Added a few Game Boy manual cover cans, check them out.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Scans
Contributor: Rey.

 Monday, June 21, 2004.
Added a bunch of Gamecube scans, enjoy.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Gamecube Scans
Contributor: Rey.

 Sunday, June 20, 2004.
If you just discovered the Video Games Museum or if you are a long time visitor, chances are that you still haven't taken the time to fully explore what the VGMuseum has to offer, so today I will give you a tour through the different wings this particular internet museum has.

Before we start the real tour, lets check the main floor where you will find this site's main banner on top of the page, it randomly changes each time you enter or refresh the museum, go ahead, try it.
Now, right below the banner is the main menu where you will find various links, which include:
-Our own crazy Message Board.
-A list of all the people who have Contributed to this website.
-A FAQ that answers most of the questions regarding submissions.
-The What's New page where you will find everything that has been added to the museum since the day that it was born.
-And the Staff page where you will find a resumed history of this website and a list of the old and current staff members with their pictures. Want to see how the VGMuseum looked like in the previous years? Check the staff page.

Ok, we continue on the main floor of the museum. Right below the main menu is the , this is where you read all the news, the very same place where you are reading this right now.
You will also see the Pic of The Day on the right side of the Site News every time an update occurs.
Also, on each update you will also see a sprite rip right next to the date that will change each time you enter or refresh the museum, go ahead again, try it.
Now to finish the main floor, way on the bottom of the Site News you will find a link to the Old Updates that have occurred in the last 4 years. Now we go the real meat of this website.

The soul of this website lies on the different wings the museum has, so let's start:

-On the left side, starting on top you will see the which hasn't been changed in ages. Plus I don't know why it's 'of doom', maybe someone has a weird fetish with that word. Anyways, let's move on.
-Continuing down you will find the section which boasts over 12,000 games across 49 systems with over 40,000 game pictures in total.
-Next up is the section, in it you can find over 2000 game endings across 22 systems with over 200,000 screenshots in total! This section is one of the things that you will absolutely not find anywhere else on the web, at least not remotely near the size and quality we offer.
-The section is next with 58 reviews across 8 systems, all written by our site visitors. We are currently looking for staff members that want to write reviews, only basic HTML knowledge needed. Or you can just write the review and I'll post it.
-We continue with the section, here you can download wallpapers and WinAmp skins submitted by the users. If you know how to make WinAmp video game skins or if you like to do video game related wallpapers, send them to me and I will post them.
-To end the left side of the museum we have the section, in here you will find links to other websites that traded links with us, web rings and the emails of the current staff:
[ Mek ] the scary Webmaster. (Currently unavailable)
[ Rey ] mainly in charge of the Game Endings section.
[ Oli ] long time staff member and oily general updater. (Fix your email)
[ DJ Tigresa ] new general updater.

Now we migrate onto the right side of the museum, move along Betty:

-First on this side we have the section, what you will find here is the technical specifications, pictures and related links for each system that we feature. We currently have 47 systems featured.
-Moving down we reach the third huge section in this museum, the page. We currently have almost 5000 games across 37 systems with a total of almost 9000 scans.
-Then we have the section, listing 81 tracks across 6 systems. This section will be removed in the future. Blame the 'legality' of hosting mp3 files in commercial servers.
-The is another section that most people hardly ever notice yet it's a GREAT part of this site. Remember looking through that old magazine when you were a kid and seeing those ridiculous (and some cool) game ads? Well this is the section for you, we currently have over 400 game ads across 20 systems. I am in the planning stages of adding magazine covers scans to this section too, stay tuned.
-Next is the section, we currently have video game related art from Inspector Vector and Mek. If you like to make video game related art with Photoshop or if you like to make banners, buttons, etc. related to video games, send them over to me and I will post them. Send in a good amount and I'll make a new section just for you.
-And last but not least is the section. This section should be one of the biggest, yet it is not. You can send more than just character rips here, you can send in overworld maps, level maps, stage rips, sprite sheets, whatever you want that is ripped from the game. If you have submissions, send them to me and I will post them. If you have a rips website and you want more hits, contribute rips and as a contributor name I will link your website on every sprite posted.

Well that's it for this tour, I hope you liked it and I hope that now that you are more familiar with each section you will get off your butts and contribute stuff for those sections that are lacking material.

Enjoy the Video Game Museum
Posted by: Rey

 Saturday, June 19, 2004.
The Super Nes review section was updated, thanks to Jin-Iytoshi for it. Want to write reviews for any system? Send them over to me and I will post them. You've written reviews for other sites *Cough*GameFAQs*Cough* and want them here too? Send them over and I will post them.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Super Nes Reviews
Contributor: Jin-Iytoshi.

 Thursday, June 17, 2004.
Added 7 Amiga games to Gamepics. Thanks to NPI for helping with the html.
Posted by: Oli

Just in case, the new staff member DJ Tigresa is on a roll updating scans lately, so if you want to contribute scans send them to her or to Oli and they will upload them and post them.
Anyways, this update is about Neo-Geo Endings, thanks to all who contributed and to all which I haven't posted their endings yet. Enjoy.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Neo-Geo Endings, Amiga
Contributors: Mike Myers, NPI, Vito, Notion, ApacheMan2k, RyuWatase, James Wragg.

 Wednesday, June 16, 2004.
Hiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!! ^v^
Back with another game scan update.

Added 26 Gamecube scans and 22 Playstation 2 game scans. Thanks to Tiamat X for the scans ^^ii.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Section: Gamecube Scans, Playstation 2 Scans
Contributor: Tiamat X.

 Tuesday, June 15, 2004.
Here is the Knuckles Chaotix ending for the Sega 32X, thanks to Danny for the ending.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Sega 32X Endings
Contributor: Danny.

 Monday, June 14, 2004.
Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated the Super Nes ending section. This update brings you 28 endings. I still have more contributed Super Nes endings to post in the future, so if you don't see your endings posted don't worry because I still have them. Though some of them are too difficult to do quickly *Cough*Radical Dreamers*Cough*
Posted by: Rey

Section: Super Nes Endings
Contributors: RyuWatase, Dan, Draconis, ApacheMan2k, Tupou, JoeHigash, Luiz Fernando, Mr.Hibiki.

 Sunday, June 13, 2004.
Hey you, out there on the cold, getting lonely, getting old... can you feel me?
Today I come with a Game Boy Advance ending update, a short one that is. Check the F-Zero: GP Legend ending, very nice indeed for an F-Zero game.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Advance Endings

 Friday, June 11, 2004.
Welcome the new staff member, DJ Tigresa. There are still two more members to come which will hopefully get the VGMuseum back on regular updates. In the months to come, after they get the hang of the site, you can start sending them your game pics and game scans and game ads, and they should be posted in a few weeks depending how quickly they wish to update.
I updated the Turbografx-16 Endings section, enjoy it.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Turbografx-16 Endings
Contributor: Smorpheus.

 Thursday, June 10, 2004.
One month and no updates? Unacceptable #-_-
Hello this is your favorite gaming queen DJ Tigresa (check me out at GameFAQs), I am now part of the VGMuseum staff. My job is the generally updating all pages except for the endings page which Rey has to himself **stoogeslaps Rey**

Without further ado, it's time to get busy in this mother (oh wait, kids visit this site too). To start things off I have updated the GBA Scans section with 16 Japanese scans front and yes, we now have back scans. All sent by Uncle 5555. There is still more scans of his to update, might not be as fast since the names are in Japanese and lucky I played some of them already. Take care as the New Age has begun and faster updates are to come.

Playtime is over and now it's time to get down, dirty and serious.
Posted by: DJ Tigresa

Section: Game Boy Advance Scans
Contributor: Uncle5555.

 Saturday, May 8, 2004.
Added a HUGE Amiga ending update. Thanks to NPI for the 75+ endings he sent. We now have the biggest Amiga ending archive on the net, enjoy them. More endings to come in the future.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Amiga Endings
Contributor: NPI.

 Tuesday, April 20, 2004.
Not an ending update per se, but I updated the Game Boy Advance section with 21 new banners, just refresh the page to see a new random banner each time. Hope you like them.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Advance Endings

 Thursday, March 18, 2004.
Thanks to an anonymous source I have managed to slip a small Game Boy Advance update, check it out. It has to do with Chaos and I'm still seeing red and green.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Advance Endings

 Wednesday, March 3, 2004.
The Arcade endings section has just been updated with 139 new endings!! Lots of variety this time around with tons of endings for old games and even older games. Thanks to all who contributed, particulary NPI, Notion and RyuWatase. Those 3 seem to never grow tired.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Arcade Endings
Contributors: NPI, Notion, RyuWatase, Billym, Boyakki, ODog502, Ace, Shemp, DJTigresa, MCPantera, JR, Mike Myers, Mr.Wilbury.

 Tuesday, February 24, 2004.
Lots of new Nes endings today, follow the link and check them out. And with this update the VGMuseum just broke the 2000 endings mark, more than any website on the web. If you decide to use the ending pictures in a webpage or in forums (like I know most of you do), please give credit to where it's due and don't claim the endings as yours, the contributors and I put a lot of work in the endings only to have people claiming them as theirs. Thanks to all of you who have contributed over the years and thanks to all of you who visit each day looking for a piece of gaming history.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Nes Endings
Contributors: Andrew Rae, Sogetsu, Mike, Rob, Louis.

 Friday, February 6, 2004.
Finally, the Metroid Zero Mission ending is complete. The last two remaining endings are posted. A big thanks to Wildrows for his help.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Advance Endings

 Thursday, February 5, 2004.
Just a quick update to the Nes and Game Boy Advance sections, one with the Metroid ending and the other with the Metroid: Zero Mission ending. Thanks to konk3r for his help and a big big thanks to eggie for his help too. I am still missing two screenshots, if anyone knows how to obtain them, let me know.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Nes Endings, Game Boy Advance Endings

 Friday, January 30, 2004.
Ok... I know it's a year late... but it was very hard to do the 40 RANDOM King of Fighters 2002 ending animations presented when you beat the game. Just refresh the page to get a new ending animation each time. Better late than never I guess.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Neo Geo Endings

 Friday, January 23, 2004.
Say, how about a nice weekend update?
You want the full King of Fighters 2003 endings? Well with a BIG thanks to that anonymous source (you know who you are) The VGMuseum brings you all the possible team endings found in this game, You won't find these endings anywhere on the net... at least not anytime soon. Enjoy them and if you know of any other team combinations that might get you a special ending, let me know about it.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Neo Geo Endings

 Thursday, January 22, 2004.
Neo-Geo gamepics section updated. Thanks to an anonymous source.
Posted by: Oli

Sections: Neo Geo

 Wednesday, January 21, 2004.
A small Game Boy Advance update, thanks a LOT to Albert Garcia from the D.R. for helping me with this &%^#&* game.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Game Boy Advance Endings
Contributors: Albert Garcia.

 Wednesday, January 14, 2004.
New Game Gear endings thanks to big time contributors RyuWatase and Danny, check them out.
Here's something nice, read this editorial about Game Endings. It's great, I don't know about all of you but what that person described in that article is something I felt about videogames since the first time I beat my first game (which was Guerrilla War, easiest game ever).
Missing Arcade endings list is updated also.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Sega Game Gear Endings
Contributors: RyuWatase, Danny.

 Friday, January 9, 2004.
Here's a nice Sega CD update, a lot of thanks to Danny who probably spent many bad hours making these Sonic CD and Shining Force CD endings. Oh and check out that funny Earthworm Jim: Special Edition ending, hehe.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Sega CD Endings
Contributors: Danny.

 Wednesday, January 7, 2004.
New Sega 32X endings... enjoy... or not.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Sega 32X Endings
Contributors: Danny.

 Saturday, January 3, 2004.
Finally!! 24 hours just doing the ending and 7 hours doing the html! It's finally done! Enjoy the Snatcher ending for the Sega CD. Great game it is, I even included the full ending dialogue, just hover the mouse over the screenshot to read it. Thanks to BAMMFrazer and Mek for their help.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Sega CD Endings

 Wednesday, December 31, 2003.
Added 6 3DO games to Gamepics. One of them is the famous Dragon's Lair. Special greetings to Rey who learnt how to put in comments in html texts. :P
Keep on rockin'! ;(
Happy New Year, Folks!
Posted by: Oli

Section: 3DO
Contributor: ConsoleAccessories.com.

 Monday, December 29, 2003.
What do you say when you get 71 Arcade endings in this update? You say: "Thanks Santa Rey!" Thanks to everyone who contributed. Keep sending more endings, there are hundreds of arcade games and only 300 endings? Let's make it grow, come on! Just be sure to send pictures of the last boss and the FULL ending(From the last boss dying to the game over screen), check the Missing endings/FAQ pages for more info. Now, enjoy them.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Arcade Endings
Contributors: Billym, Notion, NPI, Cutman, Skippy911, RyuWatase, Chanacol, Boyakki, ApacheMan2k, TonyB, Jacquismo, Mr.Wilbury, Fragnarok, Xyz, DJTigresa, DownSouth420, Chris.

 Sunday, December 28, 2003.
Here is a nice Turbografx-16 endings update. There are a good number of TG-16 games worthy of playing, if you feel like contributing endings please send over some of those. By the way, the Missing Arcade endings list is updated.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Turbografx-16 Endings
Contributors: Billym, Mukimuki, James Wragg.

 Saturday, December 27, 2003.
It's been a long time without new sections, well today I bring you 3 new sections, Famicom Disk System, Amiga and Sega 32X. Thanks to all who contributed and send over endings for those sections if you have some. I still have more Famicom Disk System endings to post, but I will leave them for later.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Amiga Endings, Famicom Disk System Endings, Sega 32X Endings
Contributors: SuperG, MrPerfectn, Oli, SamusAran, CoF, Opi.

 Friday, December 26, 2003.
Final Fantasy 7 and Mega Man X5 endings for the Playstation section.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Playstation Endings

 Thursday, December 25, 2003.
A nice Genesis update with 35 endings, thanks to all who contributed (and the ones that I still have to post). More endings to come later.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Genesis Endings
Contributors: Danny, RyuWatase, ChaosTheorem, Luiz Fernando, R00n5t3r, Death-Adder, DarkChojin, Mike, Nicholas.

 Wednesday, December 24, 2003.
This is your online Christmas present, the Metal Slug 5 ending, thanks to fataku yet again for the contribution.
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Neo Geo Endings
Contributor: fataku.

 Tuesday, December 23, 2003.
Welcome home Ted Brogan.
Posted by: Mack North

Whoa, thought I'd check this place out. Put up 35 arcade games from my bro Ed. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go blow a couple grand in Vegas.
Posted by: Ted Brogan

Sections: Arcade Gamepics
Contributor: Ed.

 Monday, December 22, 2003.
Ok, here is the best Game Boy Advance endings update you will ever see, 39 in all, the ammount of endings for GOOD games in this update twists my mind. Aside from some very bad games *cough*Dragon Ball Z*cough*, this update brings you endings for: Batman, Justice League, Iron Man, Superman, Crash Bandicoot 2, Mission Impossible, Mortal Kombat, Digimon, Dora The Explorer, Double Dragon Advance, Power Rangers, Spongebob Squarepants, Star Wars: Flight of The Falcon, Terminator 3, Yu Yu Hakusho and many others. There are some others that are not as good as the ones mentioned... but not as bad as DBZ, those are: Banjo-Kazooie, Lufia: Ruins of Lore, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Max Payne, Mega Man Zero 2, Onimusha Tactics, Sword of Mana, Super Mario Advance 4, among others. ??
Posted by: Rey

Sections: Game Boy Advance Endings
Contributors: Raptor Green.

 Sunday, December 21, 2003.
This is a VGM exclusive! Here are screenshots for the Neo Geo game Samurai Shodown Zero, thanks to Fataku for the exclusive pics. "...Merry Christmas for everyone!"
Posted by: Oli

Sections: Neo Geo
Contributors: Fataku.

 Tuesday, December 17, 2003.
A short update it is, don't worry people, I have all your Arcade, Genesis, Neo Geo, SMS, C64, TG16, etc, etc endings in my computer.... like 200 to post already.... Anyways, on this update I have the endings to SNK vs. Capcom and Samurai Shodown 5. I got to tell you, what SNK/Playmore did to the USA version of Samurai Shodown 5 is inexcusable! They cut all the story, intermissions, dialogues and even the endings from the game! The Japanese version has beautiful intermissions, dialogues and endings and they were all cut because SNK/Playmore was too lazy to translate the game. So, enjoy your American version of the Samurai Shodown 5 ending...... unless people send enough hate mail to make them release a revised version with everything included in english.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Neo Geo Endings

 Sunday, December 14, 2003.
If you are a fan of videogame music (and who isn't?) check this site out, GamingFM , it has live vg music streams 24/7. You want to hear classic 8-bit and 16-bit tunes without waiting for the Final Fantasy XXXVIII tracks to end? That's no problem, just select the 'Classic' section and listen to classic music. You can select from 'Complete VGMusic', 'Modern VGMusic', 'Classic VGMusic' and 'PC VGMusic'. Don't forget to read Klashe's December 7th editorial on that same site, titled 'Evolution of a Dream: The Story Behind Spike VGA'. It's about that idiotic Video Game Awards show Spike TV did. If you don't wet your pants laughing you probably are one of those losers that worked there.
Posted by: Rey

 Thursday, December 11, 2003.
OK. Here some scans again. Added 48 SNES scans. 33 scans from D&P Haber and 15 scans from Jörn.
Posted by: Oli

Section: SNES Scans
Contributors: D&P Haber, Jörn.

 Friday, December 5, 2003.
Added 15 Game Ads. What's New.
Posted by: Oli

Sections: Multi-Console Ads, Genesis Ads, NES Ads, SNES Ads, Sega CD Ads.

 Wednesday, December 3, 2003.
I got my internet connection back. Yay! You can mail to my old address again. How about some screenshots? People sent me tons of game scans but almost no game pics. If you have any questions about how to make those, e-mail me or catch me on AIM/ICQ. Look at the bottom of the page for the number.
Added 79 Spectrum games to Gamepics.
Posted by: Oli

Section: ZX Spectrum

 Monday, November 10, 2003.
228 years. Semper Fi.
Posted by: Mek

 Tuesday, October 7, 2003.
Updated the Links section again with an awesome Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre site, it has tons of information on ALL the characters across the whole series. Thanks to Destin for running such a great site.
Posted by: Rey

I like VGM, I heard its webmaster was a lazy ass though. Anyway, my main man Jeremy at OMGJeremy.com is holding a Halloween costume contest. If you're the right-brained type and you want to get your paws on a Gamecube and other nifty prizes, go here: OMGJeremy Halloween Contest.

PS. Blackeye Software just got redesign for the 37th time.
PPS. Join our forums, now.
Posted by: Mek

 Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Updated the Links section with a great site called GSCentral, maybe you've heard of it. That site hoards probably the best code hackers out there, so if you ever have a request , don't hesitate to join their forums and ask for codes :)
Posted by: Rey

 Sunday, September 7, 2003.
I have to quit my internet connection and I don't know when I will be able to get it back. So, it's useless to send me mails at the moment. So long.
Posted by: Oli

Well, I start my classes tomorrow. So... here is your Final Fantasy Tactics Advance ending, now THAT was a great and hard game. I still have millions of Genesis, Super NES, Arcade and PSX endings to post, but worry not, they will be posted eventually.
Posted by: Rey

Section: Game Boy Advance Endings

 Friday, September 5, 2003.
I would bet that you people never enter the Staff section. You can always find certain goodies there.
And check out our Forums too, lots of crazy stuff there. Feel free to flame the lamers.
Posted by: Rey

 Monday, September 1, 2003.
Added 7 Sega 32X games to Gamepics.
Posted by: Oli

Section: Sega 32X