The alignment of stages in this game is almost 100% identical to that in the first NES Castlevania, but they do differ somewhat, which warrants them being mentioned here. Use these descriptions with the maps on page 2 to find your way through with ease.

Stage 1: Main Hall

You'll start outside the castle and enter into the main hall. If you can avoid the zombies, and if you stay on the low path, you'll find a key hidden in part of an elevated platform housing two staircases. Area two has the unpassable wall with fishmen below; however, an extra area not appearing in Castlevania is located atop--nothing of importance rests there, though. Go down and look for a key on the third screen of the watery area, the bottom-right-most brickset. Go up the stairs and through the door. Area three is not unlike the first area; the key here can be found in the tallest wall supporting three or more staircases. Go down the first staircase you find afterwards and go through the door to face the boss.


Lesser Enemies: Zombie, Bat, Leopard, Fishman and Slime
Boss: Phantom Bat
Music Track: Vampire Killer

Stage 2: Torture Lab

Go left upon starting and take the rightmost staircase on the image shown right. Travel along the top path while avoiding knights, bats and Medusa Heads until you come to a door. Drop down one screen and break some bricks to get a key; find the door again and escape. The next area is home to Medusa Heads and more knights. Get to the screen guarded by two knights; the key is in the topmost wall, where the knight leaves little room to move. Head left, ride the platforms and exit the door. In area three, the key is on the very first screen. Break the bricks that you were walking on while fighting off the skull heads. With the key in hand, finding your way through the rest of this area shouldn't be all that hard.


Lesser Enemies: Knight, Bat, Medusa Head, Skull Head, Bone Pillar and Slime
Boss: Medusa
Music Track: Stalker

Stage 3: Castle Ruins

Hunchbacks, ravens and skeletons will attack you early on as you make your way upward. When you come to the screen with the door, go left and drop down. If you work your way around--going through the end of one screen, ending up back where you started, as in Mario Bros.--you'll get to a wall with a key in its top part. In area two, it's straightforward, with Medusa Heads and bone pillars blocking the path; the key will be in a hovering brickset, so don't speed along too quickly. Area three is like the first area, but the key is located early on in the stage. Skeletons, hunchbacks, bone pillars and others will only present an obstacle on this mostly-linear path.


Lesser Enemies: Skull Head, Hunchback, Skeleton, Raven, Bone Pillar, Medusa Head and Slime
Boss: The Mummies
Music Track: Wicked Child

Stage 4: The Catacombs

The beginning of the stage is all water, with fishmen and bats all around. It's all straight from here, as you'll have to ride platforms and duck under low cave ceilings. When you come to the end of the path, you'll find a key. You'll emerge into the courtyard where eagles drop hunchbacks. The key is hidden way atop the huge set of bricks. Go straight until you enter the basement through a door. In this third area, you'll have to move around by ducking near the dark semiscircular openings in the background while hitting a button. Go left as soon as you enter and use the first opening; when you emerge, go left again and use the first opening. From here, go one screen right and use that opening. The key and the door are both there, guarded by one skeledragon.


Lesser Enemies: Bat, Fishman, Eagle, Hunchback, Skeledragon and Slime
Boss: Frankenstein and Igor
Music Track: Walking on the Edge

Stage 5: The Dungeon

The quick blood skeletons will be the major obstacle early on. Get to the top of the image show right and go up the stairway. Go one screen left when you go up to find the key. The door isn't hard to find from here. The next area is the torture room and alchemy lab. Find a pit guarded by an axe knight and fall down it. The key is hidden in a out-of-place brickset atop a staircase. Go left and the door won't be far off. In the third area, a gallery with pictures of Drac, go all the way up and left until you get to the door guarded by a lone axe knight. Drop down the pit here to land atop a platform with two gaps on either side. Jump down the left gap to reach the key. Go all the way back up to the door to face Death.


Lesser Enemies: Hunchback, Skeleton, Red Skeleton, Axe Knight, Bone Pillar, Medusa Head and Slime
Boss: The Grim Reaper
Music Track: Heart of Fire

Stage 6: Castle Keep

The first area, with several phantom bats, has a high road and a low road. The low road isn't necessary, since the key can be found by simply walking straight; however, a fake key is located on the low road to sucker you in to death. In the next area, the key is hidden on the first screen--but don't get it yet. Find a pit guarded by an axe knight and drop down. Kill a skeleton and break as much of the wall as you can. Go back and fall in that same pit again, get the key on the first screen, and head up through the clock tower to find the door. The final area is the Keep, centered around two staircases guarded by two hunchbacks; go up the leftmost stairway to get the key, go down, up the other staircase and to the door. Dracula awaits.


Lesser Enemies: Phantom Bat, Skeleton, Eagle, Hunchback and Slime
Boss: (1) Dracula, (2) Possessed Picture
Regular Stage Track: Out of Time
Castle Keep Track: Nothing to Lose

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