Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness is centered around the quest of Cornell, and he travels through almost all of the areas from Castlevania 64, so his quest will be covered on this page. For Reinhardt and Carrie's entire missions, see Castlevania 64's stage layout--it's important to note, though, that while some of the stages are newly designed, the objectives for them remain the same. Their bosses will be listed separately if theirs differ from Cornell's on a given stage. In Henry's mission, he can freely travel through six of these areas to save children: Forest of Silence, Castle Wall, The Villa, Underground Mine, Underground Tunnel and the Outer Wall; he can potentially battle the bosses from the latter three areas. The extra areas that Carrie, Reinhardt or Henry can travel through will be listed below all of this.

Stage 1: Haunted Ship
The Ferryman takes you to this destination. Once on the ship, you have to destroy some fishmen to make a platform emerge that helps you reach the other end of the deck. From there, you must climb the masts to reach the cabin key. Once you get the key, you can go inside the ship, facing two rooms of fishmen and skeletons. In the second room, a crack in the ship will make the water rise; you'll have to climb the boxes and planks to get out of the ship. Once outside, you'll climb on the now-sunken-ship's ruins in order to reach a stone bridge. The camera will then switch to fixed position as the boss emerges from the sea.
Lesser Enemies: Fishman, Ghost and Skeleton
Boss: Water Dragon
Music Track: Foggy Lake
Second Track: The Ocean

Stage 2: Forest of Silence
This forest proves to be not-so-silent when the boss emerges early on for a little test battle before diving into the sea and swimming away. The object afterwards is to run past the never-ending stream of skeletons, exploding skeletons, goblins and werewolves to find switches spread throughout the land that open up gates and make platforms rise. When you've found all of the right combinations, after enduring many daring platform jumps, you'll find the boss again, and he'll be angry from his earlier whipping. After its defeat, a drawbridge will then drop, inviting you into the ancient Castlevania.
Lesser Enemies: Goblin, Skeleton, Exploding Skeleton, Bone-Throwing Skeleton, Bat, Fishman, Zombie, Werewolf and Weretiger
Boss: Giant Ape Skeleton
Music Track: Forest of Silence

Stage 3: Castle Wall
When you enter the castle, two gate doors are blocking the way; Ortega will appear to taunt you from inside. You'll have to enter the right tower, at a certain time of day, to go upward, drop down to the stage's second level, and find a winch lever that you can then use in the left tower's lever-less switch to open the main gate. But it's not that easy, as a boss that guards that activation gears will try to prevent you from plugging in the winch lever. Defeat the boss, activate the switches in both towers, and you're on your way. If you do this in the wrong order, one part of the caged door may go up while the other stays put; you may have to climb the individual towers again to get it right.
Lesser Enemies: Bone Pillar, Medusa Head, Skeleton and Exploding Skeleton
Boss: Guardian Skeledragons
Music Track: The Watchtower

Stage 4: The Villa
Outside, a series of Cerebroses block the Villa gate, each set stronger than the last. A ghost-inhabited courtyard follows. Entering the mansion, you'll face a minor vampire and then fight a vampirized Master Oldrey; defeat him, talk to Mary, and collect a series of keys (see here) to reach the maze. In the maze, you'll find Henry. To save Henry, you'll have to lead him out of the garden maze, avoiding a chainsaw-armed Frankenstein and some Cerebroses. After leading him out, Mary gives you a key that opens up a copper door within the garden maze. Go back to the courtyard, hit tombstone switches in the right order, and get Crest B atop the fountain using a rose brooch; Crest A is in the maze.
Lesser Enemies: Cerebros, Flame Cerebros, Hell Cerebros, Skeleton, Ghost, Skull Head, Stain-Glass Knight, Motorcycle Skeleton, Snake, Mudman, Hound, Bone Pillar and Frankenstein gardener
Boss: Gilles De Rais
Reinhardt-Carrie Boss: Frankenstein
Gardener (Hard Mode)
Female Vampire and
Vampire Oldrey
Villa Track: Silent Madness
Hedge Maze Track: Maze Garden

Stage 5: Outer Wall
This stage is actually the top of the tallest castle wall, where you'll have to climb across roof-like structures, moving platforms, narrow walkways and support arches. Most of the stage follows this pattern, with a few instances where you'll have to go inside the wall to find elevators that lead to higher foundations; these inside rooms require dodging giant Indiana Jones-like boulders and spinning bladed gears. Once high atop the castle, a roof-splitting gear trap will be your final challenge. All that'll be left is to glide down a series of sloping roofs without falling to your death. From here, an elevated lift will take you to the top of another castle tower for the battle with the boss.
Lesser Enemies: Skeleton
Boss: Harpy
Music Track: Unseen Entry

Stage 6: Tower of Art
To start, you'll need two keys to open two doors in the main hall. The keys are in similar corridors to the left and right, where many moon and sun cards will have to be utilized in combination. The challenges here are avoiding steam blasts while riding tracked platforms and running up rail tracks while dodging mine carts. When you get both keys, two vampires will attack you in the main area. In the next room, you'll battle some knights before climbing atop a gallery and walking a tightrope while avoiding swinging chandeliers. The final room has a narrow railway that you'll have to cross while eluding with a flaming mine cart; you'll have to negotiate the platforms lining the room to escape.
Lesser Enemies: Knight and Vampire
Boss: None
Music Track: Sinking Old Sanctuary

Stage 7: Tower of Ruins
The quirk of this stage is that its early rooms all look the same. Using man-made maps etched into the ground, you'll have to find switches that raise the three gates that block your progress. You must creep around the sides of each room to avoid the collapsing floors and protruding spikes. In the next area, it's more switch-activating, as you'll have to find two such switches within a room featuring collapsing and moving platforms. Blind jumps will have to be made. Finally, you'll be challenged by a puzzle involving zodiac signs: You must jump to the correctly-labeled pillars that appear in each set of two--this in order to make another labeled pair rise up. Pick the wrong one, and it's over.
Lesser Enemies: Knight, Snake, Goblin, Zombie and Crawling Zombie
Boss: None
Music Track: Thorny Grave

Stage 8: Tower of Science
Mostly, you'll ride conveyor belts around and around the tower center while trying to dodge laser blasts and machine-produced spiked boxes that will be spit out from the openings. Your reflexes and jumping ability will be tested here. Atop the tower, many turrets and mechanical cannons guard the area, hindering your goal of finding your way through doors labeled with Roman numerals. The last such door requires the control room key, which is in a large room heavily guarded by ceiling-installed laser turrets. More reflex and jumping action will lead you to it. After escaping the madness from the ventilation system, the source of the tower's power will have to be destroyed.
Lesser Enemies: Goblin and Turret
Boss: Security Crystal
Music Track: Specimen

Stage 9: Duel Tower
This chaotic and poison-water-filled stage has towers and sunken platforms laying all around. You'll have to jump around the corridors and narrow paths to make it to battle fields where you'll face four bosses--each one is tougher than the last. The jumps get more dangerous as you get further in, as rotating blades and crumbling platforms must be negotiated. When you reach the final battle area, a cage will lower, and Ortega will appear to taunt Cornell once more. The forces of evil have been hard at work creating the ultimate were-beast, and this will be the tower's final challenge. A deceptively difficult jump will be required to escape this area.
Lesser Enemies: Fishman and Medusa Head
Boss: (1) Were-Tiger, (2) Were-Cougar,
(3) Were-Bull, (4) Warewolf
Reinhardt Boss: (1) Were-Tiger, (2) Were-Cougar, (3) Were-Bull, (4) Were-Leopard
Music Track: Encounters

Stage 10: Tower of Execution
Like the stage before, regular and sunken platforms are scattered throughout the lava. Working your way around and up the narrow passages, you'll deal with swinging hatchets, quick-stabbing guillotines traps, crumbling caged floors, and some fishmen. Later on, steel grates are your only means of travel, but steam and lava-spawned flames rise through them, and they can lead to a quick demise. Also, there are traps where giant iron balls fall from the ceiling at timed intervals and hit the lava, splashing and splattering it everywhere; timing it perfectly, you must work around the circle-shaped grates before the next one falls. The final stretch of rooms is a combination of all the just-mentioned traps.
Lesser Enemies: Bone Pillar, Medusa Head and Blood Skeleton
Boss: None
Music Track: Deadly Ambition

Stage 11: Tower of Sorcery
This mystical area seems to be part of a chapel. Running along thin, icy platforms, you'll initially have to fend off some ice monsters. The whole stage is basically a series of difficult jumps onto the icy platforms, and these are made difficult by the electricity-spewing and laser-firing crystals that are stationed on platforms above--placed where timing is crucial, of course. So while it's important to pace yourself and remain calm, as to not slip and fall, you'll also have to know when to turn up the speed so that you don't get caught on a platform that's about to disappear. Because of the transparent nature of the ice, it's difficult to judge distances, and you may take a flying leap to your death.
Lesser Enemies: Ice Monster, Crystal Shard and Ghost
Boss: None
Music Track: Mystic Tower

Stage 12: Clock Tower
You'll start in the clock room and take a platform upward to immediately face Ortega. Once you finish him off, you can go back down and access the clock tower. The tower is basically four large areas of moving gears and cogs, each containing locked doors. Of course, the keys to each door are hidden within the same rooms. In the latter area, you must manipulate the large hands of the clock by working around a steam room, across pendulums, and down a wooden slide to find the switch that activates it. Once the lever is pulled, the time of the clock will change to 3:45, creating a 180-degree angle; you can now go outside and walk across the hands to get to the castle keep.
Lesser Enemies: Bone Pillar, Knight, Bat, Goblin and Medusa Head
Boss: Ortega
Reinhardt Boss:
Carrie Boss: Actrise
Music Track: Toothed Wheel

Stage 13: Castle Keep
This stage is just a long stairway leading up, conjoined by two large rooms. In the first room, you'll run into Renon, who comes to take his leave. If you spent too much money, though, you'll have to fight him in his true form; otherwise, just move on after he's done talking about an impending global war. The second room holds no such confrontation (only reserved for Reinhardt and Carrie's missions). At the very top, the throne room, is the first of the final battles. Dracula will greet you and the battle will begin. After defeating him, you'll be transported to an isolated realm where you'll face Dracula's true form.
Lesser Enemies: None
Potential Boss: Renon
(1) Dracula, (2) Ultimate Dracula
Potential Reinhardt-Carrie Boss: (1)
Charles Vincent
Reinhardt-Carrie Boss:
(1) Dracula's
(2) Dracula, (3) Drago
Music Track: Stairway to the Clouds
Escape Theme: Castle Escape

Other Areas

As I mentioned: Once you defeat the game with Cornell and Henry, opening up Reinhardt and Carrie as playable characters, the game basically becomes Castlevania 64; however, the layout for most of those stages changes, and bosses not seen in Castlevania 64 appear. And one stage is added onto their missions: The Haunted ship, which'll be the opening stage of their missions. Below are those areas that Cornell didn't cross.

Underground Mine
This stage, 5A regularly, is only for Reinhardt. After passing some rock-crushing blades, you'll fight your way through bat-filled caves that entail many split paths, most of which contain platform-lined chasms. After jumping from platform to platform over some poisonous water, spider women will submerge and be a problem for the rest of the stage. When you reach red horizontal lift, ride it until it slows down; get on the platform and wait for the next lift to come along. More split paths will follow, and you may need to use some moon or sun cards to proceed through some of the doors, especially the one which holds the boss.
Lesser Enemies: Bat, Spider Woman, Medusa Head, Bone Pillar, Ghost and Skull Head
Boss: Spider Woman Queen and Unperched
Music Track: Invisible Sorrow

Underground Tunnel
This is for Carrie--her stage 5B. This underground waterway, filled with poisonous water, has many narrow paths that you'll have to run across while battling the poison-spewing lizard men. Jog along the first narrow passage and jump over a gap to hit a switch that stops the first waterfall. Go up some stairs and over a bridge, continuing along the path. When you come to an area with very narrow walkways, jump to the isolated platforms then jump over to the next switch. Backtrack a little bit and cross a now-accessible bridge; avoid falling spike traps and fishmen and hit this last switch. The door to the boss will be open.
Lesser Enemies: Lizard Man, Medusa Head and Bone Pillar
Boss: Medusa
Music Track: Sinking Feeling

Castle Center
This multilevel area, stage 6 for both, has a subtask: Find magical nitro and mandragora and put them together to blow open two rickety walls. The catch is this: When carrying nitro, you can't jump or get hit even once, so carrying it from the top to the bottom floor is a task--a mutated Lizard Man, who resides on the top floor, will give you the key to the Mandragora room. The rickety wall on the top floor needs to be passed to get to the angel statues in the attic which hold the castle under a magical spell. After blowing up the bottom wall, you can open the way to the next stage, fighting two bosses first. Depending on the character you're using, the second boss will be different.
Lesser Enemies: Motorcycle Skeleton, Vampire, Bloodborn, Bat, Knight, Lizard Man, Cerebros, Bone Pillar and Stain-Glass Knight, Ghost and Medusa Head
Boss: (1) Demon Bull, (2) Rosa or Carrie's
Music Track: Dungeon

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