Castlevania 64, though a 3D adventure, goes strictly with stage-by-stage action, despite the seemingly nonlinear nature of most of those twelve stages. For either character, this will be a nine-stage ordeal, and, depending on the character you use, the path you take to Dracula through those nine stages will be different.

Stage 1: Forest of Silence
This forest proves to be not-so-silent when, early on, lightning immediately begins knocking trees down. When you locate a deceased villager, the dead will begin coming alive. You'll soon face a short trial against the stage's giant boss before it flees. The objective here is to run past and fend off the never-ending stream of skeletons, exploding skeletons and were-beasts to find switches that open up gates spread throughout the land. Your platform-jumping and cliff-hanging skills will be put to the test here. When you get through the final gate, you'll have to once again deal with boss and, this time, its motorcycle-riding friends before you can gain access to the castle.
Lesser Enemies: Skeleton, Exploding Skeleton, Bat, Bone-Throwing Skeleton, Weretiger and Werewolf
Boss: Giant Ape Skeleton
Music Track: None

Stage 2: Castle Wall
When you enter the castle, two large gates are blocking the way. You'll have to enter the right tower and travel up and around a lengthy, unsteady spiraling staircase, filled with moving platforms and guillotines devices, to reach the top and battle a boss that guards the lever that raises the initial gate. You'll drop down from there, pick up the key in the now-open central area, and use it to go up the other tower, it filled with spiked rotating platforms and more guillotines. When you reach the the top, your character will automatically activate a switch and raise the other blocking gate. After a short skirmish with "Dracula," you can drop down and proceed on.
Lesser Enemies: Bone Pillar, Medusa Head, Bat, Skeleton and Exploding Skeleton
Boss: Guardian Skeledragons
Music Track: The Watchtower

Stage 3: The Villa
Once in the courtyard, three sets of successively powerful Cerebroses block the Villa gates. Ghosts, skeletons and skull heads clutter the rest of the entrance. Once inside, it's a series of events: You'll have to locate Charlie Vincent who in turn will tell you how find Rosa. You'll then find different keys, open locked doors, and make your way into the Villa garden--the hedge maze--where Malus is waiting to be rescued. To save him, you'll have to follow him to the garden's exit while fending off the now-alive stone hounds and a chainsaw-armed Frankenstein Gardener. You'll find a copper key near the exit, which you can then use in the garden to open a certain door that leads to the Villa's basement.
Lesser Enemies: Cerebros, Flame Cerebros, Hell Cerebros, Skeleton, Ghost, Skull Head, Vampire, Stain-Glass Knight, Bat, Motorcycle Skeleton, Hound and Frankenstein Gardener
Boss: (1) Vampire, (2) Female Vampire
Villa Track: Silent Madness
Hedge Maze Track: Maze Garden

Stage 4: Underground Mine
This stage is only for Reinhardt. After passing some rock-crushing blades, you'll descend down a lift to discover the frightening reality that the sea has become a beacon for what the future could hold--a slow, poisonous death. Spider women will emerge from its depths for a surprise attack and become an instigating presence for the rest of the way. The rest of the stage requires that you fight your way through bat-filled passageways, all with multiple split paths and dangerous platform jumps over interconnecting ponds. Midway through, you must ride a transport lift system to arrive on the stage's second half. More of the same madness ensues until you find the correct path to the exit.
Lesser Enemies: Bat, Spider Woman, Medusa Head, Bone Pillar, Ghost and Skull Head
Boss: None
Music Track: Invisible Sorrow

Stage 4b: Underground Tunnel
If you play as Carrie, you'll wind up here after entering the open casket in the Villa's basement. This underground waterway's supply also feels the effect of Dracula's rebirth, and it's deadly to touch. Your only means for travel are the narrow walkways carved around the stone walls. The different-powered fishmen will launch a surprise attack early on and become a constant threat for the rest of the stage. The object here is standard fare: Most passageways are blocked by waterfalls caused by drainage into this area; you must find the switches that close these valves by braving fall-away bridges, taking leaps of faiths, and tightrope-walking over really narrow passageways.
Lesser Enemies: Lizard Man, Medusa Head and Bone Pillar
Boss: None
Music Track: Sinking Feeling

Stage 5: Castle Center
This multilevel stage has a sub-task: Find magical nitro and mandragora and put them together to blow open two rickety walls. The catch is this: When carrying nitro, you can't jump, attack, or take any hits, so carrying it from the top to the bottom floor is a task. A mutated lizard man, who resides on the top floor, will give you the key to the Mandragora room on the bottom floor. The rickety wall on the top floor must be blown up first to get to reach and align the angel statues to remove Dracula's seal. After blowing up the bottom wall, you can open the way to the next stage--after fighting two bosses first. Depending on the character you're using, the second boss will be different.
Lesser Enemies: Motorcycle Skeleton, Vampire, Bloodborn, Bat, Lizard Man, Knight, Cerebros, Bone Pillar, Stain-Glass Knight, Medusa Head and Ghost
Reinhardt's Boss: (1) Demon Bull, (2) Rosa
Carrie's Boss: (1) Demon Bull, (2) Carrie's
Music Track: Dungeon

Stage 6: Duel Tower
The lift that exits the castle center leads here for Reinhardt. And this rather square stage features many tall pillars; the focus: Four caged towers in each corner of the room. The objective is to defeat the four different were-beasts that await a challenge atop each tower; the defeat of the were-beast will open up new platforms that you can manipulate to reach the next battlefield. To get from one such tower to the next requires difficult jumps and slides around, under and over sinking stone platforms, rotating spiked battering rams, collapsing ceilings and narrow ledges. After defeating the final boss, the tower's exit will become accessible.
Lesser Enemies: Fishman and Medusa Head
Boss: (1) Were-Leopard, (2) Werewolf,
(3) Were-Bull, (4) Were-Tiger
Music Track: Encounters

Stage 6b: Tower of Science
Carrie winds up here after taking the secret path in the Villa's basement. The objective is to make your way up and around the tower's large center structure using the production system's conveyor belts; obstacles here include dissolving lasers, reverse mechanisms, and spiked crates that will be released from the structure's openings. The highest point of the tower is the lab and its security system. Turrets (similar to laser eyes in Zelda: A Link to the Past) guard the ground while cannons that are hooked to the ceiling guard the air. You'll have to work around this ambush, entering the smaller rooms that branch out from this one to find keys to open the locked doors.
Lesser Enemies: Turret
Boss: None
Music Track: Specimen

Stage 7: Tower of Execution
This is another Reinhardt-only stage. This stage's objective, like the tower of science, revolves around climbing up the the middle structure--each corner housing guillotines that rise and fall without warning. To work your way upward, you'll have to utilize the platforms that branch out from the center structure while fending off bone pillars, blood skeletons, and swinging scythes; you must also make difficult jumps over series of emerging-vanishing platforms to reach higher ground. Medusa heads will often show up in these areas. An execution key, found in a sarcophagus, can open a locked gate at the midpoint.
Lesser Enemies: Bone Pillar, Medusa Head and Blood Skeleton
Boss: None
Music Track: Deadly Ambition

Stage 7b: Tower of Sorcery
This mystical area is only for Carrie--she gets here from the tower of science. To escape this tower of worship, you must climb high up using the icy pathways, crystal platforms and disappearing-reapearing cones. Some platforms can be forced to realign by striking switches of a similar color, which is a necessary if you wish to continue to trek upward. The danger in this area is that the transparent nature of the stage will force you to take wild leaps, and, in these instances, you'll misjudge some jumps and plunge to your death. Also burdening: Crystal foes, such as the ice monsters and laser conductors, pop up unexpectedly and force you to slip, slide and make mistakes.
Lesser Enemies: Ice Monster, Crystal Shard and Ghost
Boss: None
Music Track: Mystic Tower

Stage 8: Clock Tower
It's linear from here on. You'll start in the clock room (which will look familiar to anyone who has seen the marble gallery in Symphony) and emerge onto a tower top for a battle with the boss; after that battle, you must descend back down into the the clock room and then enter into the clock tower. The tower itself is basically three large chambers filled with moving gears, cogs and spokes--these will be your means for climbing and navigating the large chambers; the three chambers, conveniently, also contain the keys necessary to open the rooms' exit shafts. You must be careful, as it's very easy to fall from high places. The only other danger here is infrequent bone pillars.
Lesser Enemies: Bone Pillar, Bat and Medusa Head
Reinhardt's Boss: The Grim Reaper
Carrie's Boss:
Music Track: Toothed Wheel

Stage 9: Castle Keep - Desert Realm
The final clock tower room leads here. From here, it's just three staircases that lead to the keep, and they're conjoined by two large rooms. These rooms are reserved for potential bosses. Renon will greet you in the first such room. If you spent too much money, you'll have to fight his demon form. If you took too long to finish the game (sun/moon cards count), you'll fight Charlie Vincent in the second room. The first of the final battles awaits you in the keep. (If you fought Charlie, there's only one boss fight.) When you beat the impostor, you'll have hurry down the collapsing structures and jump to an elevator on the left, which leads to the final two battles: The tower top and the desert realm.
Lesser Enemies: None
Potential Bosses: (1) Renon, (2) Charles

Boss: (1) Dracula's Servant, (2) Dracula,
(3) Drago
Music Track: Stairway to the Clouds
Escape Theme: Castle Escape

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