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Changing Faces

One of the abilities Vlad Tepes acquired during his unholy transformation into the immortal vampire Count Dracula was the power to change his shape--to alter his appearance to any form his dark heart could conjure up. That is, in addition to his noted ability to transform into mist, a bat or a wolf, Dracula could morph into an array of unique, sinister creatures in a last-ditch attempt to sink his Belmont rival. His transforming would only commence once he had been depleted in battle; he'd use his remaining unbridled power to contact his "master" (presumably Satan) and summon from the underworld the blessing needed to unleash these far-more-terrifying forms. Successors to his throne (the victorious Dark Lord candidates) and his Gaiden / Lords of Shadow counterparts certainly display a similar transformation ability and will be recognized all the same.

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First Form