Maria Renard

Before giving him those holy glasses, Maria will tangle with Alucard in another one of those famed "test battles" of which he can't get enough. The battle is different depending upon which version you're playing. For the Saturn version: In the early going, Maria will showcase her flying kicks, with which she can rebound off the walls; normal ground kicks; and three fireballs released in succession. Otherwise, she'll toss at an airborne Alucard three arcing daggers, and she'll push back a crouching Alucard with her roll and tumble. When the going gets tough, she'll use a spell to surround herself with four orbs, which protect her from attacks and damage Alucard on contact according to color (electrocution, stone, black hole, and ice). Maria can at this time continue with her normal attacks, but she'll add in two devastating: She'll pour out in either direction heavy flames, or she'll use a holy attack that sends out damaging beams in all directions. In the Dracula X Chronicles version, she largely abandons the physical game and looks to her animal friends for assistance--she attacks at close range with her more recognizable doves while mainly relying on her cat and dragon helpers (sometimes released in threes), at times in tandem, while less frequently unleashing the shield-based bird and turtle powers. Too, when in trouble, she can enhance the ferocity of the animals' attacks by augmenting their powers with an item-crash.

Games In: Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight (Sega Saturn) & Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (The Dracula X Chronicles version)

Similar Enemies: Richter & Julius Belmont
Forms List: Not available
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