After four months of updating A Metroidvania Website, I come before you a changed man. The things that once seemed so important are now trivial; the things that once hurt immensely now phase me not. I am, for all intents and purposes, reformed.

But man, do these developers imagine some crazy power-ups to give you something more to expand upon without changing anything fundamental! Even with all the lessons of life behind me, I play a game like Here, There, And Everywhere for the Sega Gizmo or The Garden of Forking Paths for the PlayStation Lookitup, and I STILL find ways, however contrived, in which to better myself. I think at times I get so caught up in the non-linear exploration aspect of the genre that I forget how the journey is as much internal as it is external. Bartender, Missile Tank me!

This past third-of-a-year has seen the initial site construction reach its completion. Let's go over what we did!

(1) The Games; section is up, friends and countrymen! There's every Metroidvania I could think of, in the following categories: Metroid, Castlevania, Console, Handheld, PC/Online (with Flash Games as a subsection), Overworld-Divided, and 3D Games (still trying to get a better grip on what constitutes a 3D Metroidvania, so this section will see a-changin'); these are listed by order of release. Feel free to jump right to the desired section via the Quick Links menu at the top!

(2) As you might find by looking over the different sections, we've started adding pages for the games in question. Here, have an example. And have another;. Right now, we're finished for the time being with Metroid and Castlevania; Console has a ways to go while Handheld is coming along chipper; I haven't gotten to PC/Online and Flash Games yet; Overworld-Divided's seen pages for the games I've personally played and can vouch for; and 3D Games is best left alone while I hash out what it takes to fit into this genre in three dimensions, save for certifiable examples like the Metroid Prime trilogy and Batman Arkham Asylum.

(3) The Reviews section is, similarly, "up". We have 17 reviews and counting, and welcome contributions! Take an example! Just take it!

(4) The Features; section is, well, not down. You will currently be able to find: (a) Metroidvanias We'd Like to See, in which I plow through several ideas of mine for Metroidvania releases. With 14 game ideas at the moment, there's bound to be at least one you'd like to see as well! (b) My Sonic the Hedgehog Metroidvania, describing my basic concept for a Metroid-styled Sonic the Hedgehog and the varying gameplay of the characters to be included. (c) Lastly, What Makes A Metroidvania? This is my (hopefully accessible) explanation of what, exactly, is required of a game to be a good game. Er, to be a Metroidvania. Pardon my Freudian slip. As always, feel free to send me your own feature ideas!

(5) The Contributors section is set in motion, currently featuring the site's co-creators - myself (SPK!) and Mr. P. I've handled things on the content-generation front, while P-Dawg has handled the presentation and coding. Check out the A Metroidvania Website Wishlist for ways that you - and I do mean YOU - can add to the website. Even if you don't think you have something to contribute, just check out the Wishlist - you might find some project there that's right up your alley.

(6) The Links section is created. Use it to find the most fantastic Metroidvania and video game-related sites the web over!

(7) Finally, I dictated a sequence of unrelated cognitive intrusions to my blue pet parakeet and called it a Home update.

Before Elvis leaves the building, make sure to give Mr. P an uproarious round of applause! All of the sprite ripping and coding on this site were by his hand. She's a beauty, ain't she? I mean it quite literally when I say it comes from his side of the family. You may all similarly thank jaytoast the jovial for his work on the site banner and the section menu buttons with which one might navigate this joint!

I'll get back to the self-improvement business. In the meantime, go do a YouTube or something of Woody Woodpecker's trademark laugh and the opening to the song Amber by 311. And have your mind BLOWN.

Champion of the Power-Up Disabled

Want to know the value of Pi to the 237th digit? The origin of the statement "The Horror! The Horror!"? How about who (or what) is really behind world events and the ebb and flow of history?

Too bad - this website is about Metroidvanias, those little things featuring non-linear sidescrolling, attainment of power-ups to get stronger and gain access to previously blocked off areas, and backtracking. And, on occasion, shawarma. In the following months, I aim to add: the complete Games list (from this list of mine); pages for notable games with general information; Reviews of the titles I've played thus far; some articles/Features relating to the genre; a list of the Contributors thus far; Links to related or just plain cool websites; and finally, Home page overviews of these changes.

What can you do to help the website along on its journey through 2D open world space? You can certainly contribute: I'll gladly host user reviews, Metroidvania-related writings, screenshots, and maybe some other content. But definitely NOT funny cat pictures. Well, maybe a few. But only if they're wearing a Varia suit and holding a whip.


Squalid Pumpkin/Pumpkinate
Or "SPK"