Custom-Made Sprites


2D Custom Sprites

Here's your chance to show off your skill in sprite-building and sprite manipulation. If you've ever created your own 2D versions of the Belmont heroes and villains or have invented new characters or scenarios based upon them, send them in and they'll be showcased here. The e-mail address can be found on the page before.

Sprite-Set Name
Inspired By
Jamil Jam the Man's Recolors
Random series titles
Jamil Jam the Man
Blue Trevor
Dracula's Curse
Dracula9's Custom Sprites
Symphony of the Night
Sr. Lan Belmont's Sprites
All games
Sr. Lan Belmont
Evil Sprites
Harmony of Dissonance
Belmont X
Connor's Custom Sprites
Random series titles
Connor Coburn
Mega Matt's Custom Sprites
Symphony and the N64 titles
Mega Matt
The Hall of Vampires
The ever-present Main Halls
Dark Wing's Custom Sprites
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Dark Wing
MarcKal's Custom Sprites
All games
Reinhardt Schneider Sprites
Castlevania 64
Way 2 Funny
Alupaer's Sprite Edits
All games
Vampire Exterminator Pixelite
The Dracula X games
The V.E.P.
Heroes and Villains
Dracula and the Heroes
The Blood of Vlad


Many games, especially those based on wrestling, now have create-a-character modes where you can craft your own heroes. Not surprisingly, people always create what they know, and, for fans of this series, that tends to be Castlevania heroes like the famed Belmonts and Alucard. This subsection is reserved for your Castlevania-inspired created characters from non-Castlevania titles.

Character Created
Game Created In
Simon Belmont
Neverwinter Nights
Phillip the Great