The Master of Evil

If you've read the About the Author page, you may remember that I mentioned something about a "card series" that partly inspired me to bring this site to life. It's no secret by now that I'm fascinated with all of the monsters from Castlevania, its many sequels, and mythology in general. Back then, I had no medium to exploit and was thus limited in expressing these ideas, so I would draw the Castlevania enemies, some straight out instruction booklets and Nintendo Power, onto little notepad papers and give them descriptions, powers, etc.; this went on for several years. And since I liked to pair off Dracula, Frankenstein and the rest, I would include non-Castlevania enemies into the mix. How so? Well, I made it all work by creating a story that I devised around the whole "series" (one which'll one day be published by our company, Beyond Limitations, when I bring it up to date):

The Summarized Story: The story is about a supreme being in the universe called Kain. Before the beginning of time, Kain was an angel who took on what we would call "the first sign of deviant nature." He masterminded the Holy Wars by coaxing the weak-minded Lucifer and other such angels into a rebellion; he paid the ultimate price upon defeat--God banished him into an isolated realm where he would suffer for eternity. Ultimately, millions of years later, Kain found a proverbial crack in the system and escaped. There was one problem: He was not able to enter into a physical plane of existence and hence could only rely on his power of possession; that is, as an angel spirit, he could enter bodies as a host and use them to enter into planets, orbits, solar systems, and such. But he was limited in that his powers were only as great as the body he had entered into. So he had a plan.

He created his own habitat and morphed it into a battlefield. He then used host bodies to travel around every parallel universe he could find, and he invited every evil essence onto his habitat for a huge battle that would be waged between them. How would he get them to come over? He earned their trust by helping them defeat their mortal enemies, and he guaranteed them that he'd use his power to transform the winner into an equal ultimate evil. It was an offer that none of them could turn down. Of course, Kain had no intention of lending any kind of power to the winner; instead, he'd judge, by watching over the battle, which of these evil essences was supreme, and he'd possess their body to enter into his target territory--mainly Earth. The rest would be history were he to be successful.

And that's where the cards would come into play. I'd use them to play a game with friends where we paired up "evils" to have a tag-team tournament, each battle decided by their categorical numbers. When one team was left, they'd fight each other for the crown. The winner would be crowned "The Master of Evil" for that year, since they'd ultimately be the specimen possessed by Kain. As I said: It wasn't limited to Castlevania; I had evils in the mix from video games, horror movies, monster movies, slasher movies and mythology. Here's an example of one of these cards:

Yes, I know--I had terrible handwriting and an inability to center things. I was young. From looking at the stats, though, you can see where the impetus for this site came from and why I love to use tables. I separated each character into three classes: Dead, Undead or Cyborg. And I ranked them in six categories on a scale of 0-9999, with the mean (average) as an overall score for a tiebreaker during a tournament "comparison" battle. For six years, this was one of my favorite hobbies, and I managed over 700 entries into the The Master of Evil Card Series. Below are some of those entries.

I held this "Master of Evil" tournament for only five straight years, sadly, as the series was getting too big, and I especially hated always having to put them back in order from 1-700+ when I was done. Despite the concept, I never gave Kain a true form. So I revised the story: I made it so that Kain gave to the first five tournament winners the supreme power he had promised, to prove himself to them. At the end of the fifth tournament, he showed his true colors, and he used his transfused powers to amalgamate the five winners--Dracula (Castlevania), Dracula Ghost II (Dracula's Curse), Sigma (Mega Man X), Super Mother Brain (Super Metroid) and the Cyborg (Superman)--and possess that merged form.

It allowed me to continue to tell the story via the card series: When Kain fused together the five M.O.E. Tournament winners, he failed to think about the repercussions of combining physical specimens from different planes of existence. He soon learned the cost of his mistake.

The Amalgam

When Kain combined the supreme evils into one body, he unknowingly combined scores of universes together. Already-evil beings became even more evil by the splicing effect it had. This happened because, externally, around 1994, I was running out of monsters to draw, so this allowed me to continue the series through the "amalgam" idea. I paired together several evils and thought about how they'd look if I were to combine their traits; I even created a whole new world to which would be home to these fused-together evils. Below are some of those ideas, with the descriptions I had given them back then.

Doomsday (Superman) + Spider Mastermind (Doom) =
An evil apparatus with no known weaknesses. It's believed to be invincible. Its combination of speed, firepower and strength will prove this.

Nasty Grant (Dracula's Curse) + Air Man (Mega Man 2) =
Cyclone Grant can fly (using jet power), climb quickly, jump high and cause hurricanes and fire storms. Even touching his exterior can lead to instant death via radiation.

Freddy Kruger (A Nightmare On Elm Street) + Violen (Mega Man X2) =
This robotic nightmare has a healing factor that allows it to repair itself instantly. It can also open its latch to expel a giant clawed hand.

Ganon (Zelda: A Link to the Past) + Kraid (Super Metroid) =
This genetic disaster is a wizard capable of growing weapons of mass destruction within its frame and expelling them one after another.

M. Bison (Street Fighter 2) + Rubicant (Final Fantasy 2) =
This is the acclaimed cult leader of the rouge group FireLoo. He combines his powerful fire with martial arts for a lethal attack.

Super Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) + Rock Monster (Mega Man) =
This is a one-eyed robotic kung fu master. His spiked helmet and his ability to break apart and reform make him a powerful fighter.

The Kraken (Clash of the Titans) + Baron of Hell (Doom) =
This evil baron roams the sea endlessly, looking for sea-travelers to incur his wrath upon. Its most deadly power is its ability to breath green fireballs.

Krang (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) + Super Metroid (Super Metroid) =
This ever-intelligent creature looks to expand its knowledge and power by clinging onto living entities and draining away and harvesting their life force and brain power.

Skeletor (He-Man) + Space Pirate (Super Metroid) =
A terrorizing, space-traveling creature that is pure evil incarnate. It can use a powerful staff to make itself a virtual war-ready starship.

Michael Myers (Halloween) + Carnage (Spider Man) =
It's a psychopathic symbiot. He can use his host symbiot to shape himself into a bevy of knives and other stabbing weapons. His favorite hobby is to hunt down victims and murder them.

Dracula (Castlevania) + Cyberdemon (Doom) =
This supreme evil is second only to the true Master of Evil in power. It's half vampire, half unfeeling machine. It's been known to take down whole armies, using its missile launcher, and turn them into his own army of vampire slaves.

Zod (Superman 2) + Gutsdozer
(Mega Man 2) =
An experimented-upon man was grown into a machine, and he's not happy about it. Superdozer is a moving military base, and it excels in battle both on the ground and in the air.

Malebolgia (Spawn) + Mother Brain (Metroid) =
There's nothing worse than a devil with a brain. This supreme evil has helped mastermind some of the greatest plans and schemes of all time: Wars, diseases, storms, and all that good stuff.

The Warlock Lord (Shadowgate) + Dr. Wily (Mega Man) =
Dark Mind is always experimenting and creating evil robots. Unfortunately, he can use magic to give his creations almost unlimited powers.

Minotaurusu (Castlevania: Dracula X) + Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat) =
Minoscar is half man, half bull, and it masters in the martial arts. It has the ability to turn either of its hands into weapons of any kind.

Valvalis (Final Fantasy 2) + Crocomire (Super Metroid) =
Firestorm is a monster whose very essence is the lava it inhabits. It can turn itself into an intense heat-bringing tornado that can level whole worlds.

Frankenstein (Castlevania) + Cyber Shredder (Turtles Tournament Fighter) =
A man who was a master martial artist in his former life. A mad doctor took his brain and transplanted it into a body sewn together using parts of other master martial artists. He created the ultimate undead fighter.

Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th) + The Emperor (Star Wars) =
This is the former leader of an outer space crime syndicate. After being ousted from power politically, he spent the next ten years earning a reputation as a universal serial killer.

Alucard (Dracula's Curse) + Wyvern (Shadowgate) =
This is said to be the long lost son of Cyberdrac, bred when the supreme evil seduced a female dragon. Nogard is said to be a fire-breathing vampire.

Break Man (Mega Man 3) + Medusa (Super Castlevania IV) =
This sentinel man was repaired using robotics after its devastating injuries. Snake Breaker can fire pellet projectiles that can turn living things into stone. Also, it can manufacture smaller robotic snakes and discharge them out from its helmet holes.

Venom (Spider Man) + Cane
(Robocop 2) =
This is a powerful cyborg constructed using a solution called "liquid alloy symbiot." With that power, it finds itself equipped with a never-ending supply of ammunition. It can also change shape into tanks and other mechanical war machines.

Diablo (Primal Rage) + Dust Man (Mega Man 4) =
This dinosaur was given a computer chip for a brain. So besides being an overwhelming adversary, it can also become smarter. It can even fire scrap metal from its implanted arm cannon.

The Behemoth (Shadowgate) + Flame Mammoth (Mega Man X) =
This ancient creature nests near the Earth's center. Since its mobility is nonexistent, it can only pop up from the depths and use its snout to breathe heavy flames. It's been called "the strongest creature that has ever lived."

Phantoon (Super Metroid) + Phantom Bat (Castlevania) =
This is the ghost of a legendary space creature who was deformed during a nuclear war. It can use its tentacles to latch onto planet surfaces and use all of its natural resources to fuel its never-ending attack.

The Devil (from Hell) + Liquid Metal Terminator (Terminator 2:
Judgment Day
) =
You must be evil when your deeds have earned you the nickname "the devil." This demon hellspawn can shape itself into monsters nearly one thousand times its own size.

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