Santa Lilio Sangre ~Akai Yuri~ Ayami Kojima Art Works

Famed series artist Ayami Kojima--who created illustrations for such titles as Symphony of the Night, Castlevania Chronicles, and the GBA and PS2 titles--in 2010 released an art book titled Santa Lilio Sangre ~Akai Yuri~ (translation: Scarlet Lily) Ayami Kojima Art Works, which features all manner of artwork related to her career but not limited to Castlevania. Those related to the series include sketches for popular characters from the aforementioned titles. These select pieces, as seen below, were scanned and sent in by an Anonymous Sender. The book covers, full spread shot, and wraparound band were supplied by JPCVFAN. Kojima's personal website, which features additional information, can be found here.

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Front Cover
Back Cover

Artwork #1 - Trevor
Artwork #2 - Hector
Artwork #3 - Dracula
Artwork #4 - Alucard
Artwork #5 - Trevor
Artwork #6
Artwork #7 - Simon?
Artwork #8 - Isaac?
Artwork #9 - Joachim
Artwork #10 - Maria
Artwork #11 - Richter
Artwork #12 - Alucard
Artwork #13 - Alucard
Artwork #14 - Full Spread
Artwork #15 - Wraparound Band