The Scariest Enemy in Castlevania

By Stoneheart - 1/31/13

For me, my scariest enemy is Fish Head! I don't know why, but perhaps I have been afraid of fish since I was a child.

The first time I saw the Fish Heads is the first time I played Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (mobile version). I was extremely frightened when I saw a fish head for the first time. After I beat that game once, I tried to dodge the areas including Fish Heads (if the game was beat at least once), or have a look the bestiary of the games on the net to find out what areas that have Fish Heads.

The second frightening experience is when I was playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (It is said to be the best game of the series, but when I beat it, I found that Aria of Sorrow is the best, much better than SOTN). When I was in Underground Caverns, I unintentionally jumped into the water. Suddenly, the Fish Heads appeared. Then I pressed START button immediately and have a breath (although it was afternoon, not night, even the first time). It was not until some weeks later that I could continue playing that game, because the past experience was too frightening.

The third time is Order of Ecclesia. I was forced to cross the Fish Heads (in Kalidus Channel). I was playing it in midnight! I watched a walkthrough on YouTube to check their positions and to calm myself. After watching it, I felt a bit better. When I continued the game, I crossed the Channel for a while, and then suddenly I met the Fish Heads. Then I pressed START buttion immediately. Unfortunately, I accidentally chose to display the enemy data on the top screen! So I quickly closed the game immediately, even if the progress would be lost. After that night, I continued playing with ease until I got to Somnus Reef, with only some of them covering a treasure chest. However, I was calm enough to face them and get the treasure. After that, I had no fear of the Fish Heads in that game until I beat it once.

In Circle of the Moon, the Underground Waterway is the place with Fish Heads that I must cross. I tried to dodge the Fish Heads by all means. I nearly saw no Fish Heads all the time, or perhaps I didn't notice that they were Fish Heads. Finally, I got out of the Underground Waterway safely without seeing any of them. However, when I have a look for the bestiary of this game on the net, I saw that the Fish Head enemy was still scary (although less scary than Symphony of the Night or some other games), so I quickly scrolled to another screen page immediately.

The Fish Head with the least scary appearance is in Aria of Sorrow. It consisted of a Bone Pillar and some parts of a fish. Although I was a bit scared, I could play it at ease and easily achieved 100% map exploration (for both Aria of Sorrow and Harmony of Dissonance, on Castlevania Double Pack). I think Aria of Sorrow is the best of the series, and it is even far better than Symphony of the Night).

It was lucky for me to play the second installments for the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS, Harmony of Dissonance and Portrait of Ruin, because these 2 have no Fish Heads.

Please, Konami, stop adding Fish Heads into your Castlevania games, or I won't be able to play them!

Does anyone agree with me that the Fish Head is the scariest enemy in Castlevania series?
Can someone list some more Castlevania games with Fish Heads? I don't want to face them!!!