Mr. P and I (SPK!) have been working tirelessly on A Metroidvania Website since its conception. But there are a number of things we cannot contribute even if we tried; for instance, reviews from you, best-to-worst lists from you there, game ideas from you in the back, and screenshots and game info from that guy in the corner with the detached earlobes.

Still unsure what you have to offer? Why not look over the following wishlist? Mr. P and I (SPK!!!) appreciate it very much? (Darn it, you naughty question marks, cut it out. There. =] )

E-mail me your submissions when you find something that suits your fancy. You may just end up on the Contributors page!

- Reviews - So long as a review is adequately sized and analyzes the game in question, you can run free! We'll accept deeply-detailed reviews just as well as humorous and creatively-inclined ones - just so long as they're of one of the games listed in the Games section. That's quite a lot of games, and we value yous guys' opinions on every one of them!

- Features - The caved-in ceiling (which we're right now in the process of repairing) is really the limit as to what you can submit as a feature. If the ambiguity is too crippling, or if you simply want to get the ol' brain working on your own ideas, the following is a sub-list of specific things you are free to send in (keep in mind that just because something isn't listed here, that doesn't mean it isn't also applicable!):

Best-to-Worst Lists: Listing the entire Metroid or Castlevania series in order of preference is one thing you can do. Also: a best-to-worst of Metroidvanias on a particular system, by a particular developer and/or publisher, or with any kind of theme in common - or just all the ones you've played in general.
Wishlists and/or Game Ideas: If you have an idea for a Metroidvania game or several and desire that it get made, I can't promise if will - but we'll gladly host your piece on it right here. And who knows? Maybe someone in development of some sort years down the road will dig through our store of ideas and be inspired by something.
Comparisons: You might follow the history of a set of games, noting its evolution. Perhaps two separate games are just spiritual sistahs, and you want to point out how much they have in common. Maybe one game or more had an impact on another or more. The possibilities are interconnected!
Personal Anecdote: If you have a memory you'd like to share on one or more Metroidvanias, that's all well and welcome. Anything related to Metroidvanias, be it your general history with the genre, memories of the climate surrounding a release, the story of how you met your soul mate shopping for one - search your mind. for your mind is the key.
Creative Works: Don't think you can make Metroidvania-based creative works? Well, be creative! You'd be surprised.

- Screenshots: There are lots of Metroidvanias in the site list, and we're hosting pages for as many as we can. In order to showcase their gameplay, we'll need screenshots. If anyone out there wants to submit original, quality screens that you captured yourself, the appreciation will be endless.

- Maps: Know your Metroidvanias inside-and-out - so much that you could even construct game maps for them? Digital maps or scans of physical ones, we'll take 'em all so long as they're yours. If you want to be cute about it, you can even title the message you send as follows: "<game title here>? We have a map for that."

- Site Graphics: Have a site-related logo, banner, or button you'd like to send in? We sure do love our A Metroidvania Website graphical creations. You could create an artistic and stylish logo for this place, do one of a bunch of Metroidvania-related character sprites standing around the site name, or create one in celebration of a Metroidvania-based special date or event.

- ...and, of course, any suggestions on games to be included in our meek, humble, kindly, gentle list are greatly appreciated!