Check out these cool sites! They'll blow your everlovin' mind! This statement is my guarantee! It has the Nintendo Seal of Quality! Uh... Nevermind. But I've enjoyed visiting these sites time and time again, and likely like-minded individuals will like them, too! Like, totally.

Video Game Websites

Mr. P's Castlevania Realm - Mr. P's put together a dang impressive resource for all things Castlevania. There's way too much content to encapsulate in two and a half words, but I can say bringing it into existence was a Belmontean feat, and there's something there for you, you, and quite probably YOU! (I guess the effect is lost when you can't see my pointing at you... Got Skype?) A huge personal favorite of mine is the humorous dialogue-based series analysis The Mr. P Castlevania Awards, which I enjoyed probably a lot more than my Puritan third non-relation would have liked. While a one-man show for the most part, he welcomes contributor content - creative work, reviews, and any kind of love letter that just so happens to begin with 'Sup CV!?' rather than 'Dearest Margaret,'.

Metroid Database - A handful of people manage this one, and it's a sleek and dependable resource for all things Metroid. These guys clearly understand the video game creation process, and they frequently hold video game marathons for charity. From the main page one will be updated with news about Metroid and Metroidvania, as well as the frequent notable fan project. I'm sure there's a poll somewhere where you can vote on your favorite MDb staff member...

Nintendo World Report - These guys update those interested with all the latest Nintendo-related news, previews and impressions of upcoming games, reviews of recent releases, and a nice forum with passionate yet reasonable members. By the way, Insanolord is a terrible moderator.

Miscellaneous Sites

Listal - Like to list? This site's for you! Like to list movies you've seen this year with comments at the end? This site's for you! Like to make preference-based best-to-worst lists regarding a particular series? This site's for you! Like to list movies that you - a blue parakeet trying to embarrass your owner - think particularly "suk awsume"... Well, let's just say this site's for everybody, so long as you follow the rather easy-going rules. (And you're pushing that last requirement, feather face!) You can list, review, rate, and tag pretty much any movie, TV show, music album, book, video game, and those parties responsible for them. You can keep track of your collections in any of the available categories. And more importantly, you can find others who share your interests - even comparably niche ones like bubble tea. Well, you'll find one person who shares that interest, and he's a moderator, so expect some favoritism if you join.

You don't like them? Well, maybe I don't like you... Just kidding! Let's not fight.