Submitted July 24th, 2012
by SPK

My Sonic the Hedgehog Metroidvania

The Basis

My Sonic the Hedgehog game, were it to ever be created, would be a Metroidvania wherein finding new characters will allow for once-unreachable areas to be accessed. Each character will have his or her own special abilities which make exploration of specific spots possible. Sometimes there may be a choice between more than one characters who can each pass the obstacle effectively; other times, only one of the characters in the part can take on the particular challenge. The Sonic momentum/speed elements would still be in place, as would the ring system.

There will be quite a few hubs in the game, and there will be NPCs who will assign side quests for the characters to do. There are also Chaos Chambers where the game can be saved, teleportation to other Chaos Chambers in the game is possible, and the player can switch out his or her party of characters. The player would be able to alternate between three of the seven characters at a time. The character that is currently in use can be switched in a selected rotation by pressing 'X'. The 'R' button executes a character's spindash or dash, and if the player clicks 'Down' on the D-Pad before releasing 'R' the dash will be charged up further.

Things to Collect

While exploring the game each characters will collect a Chaos Emeralds. The entire party will collect enough Back Rings Stocks (extra rings, in fives, which can be stored and either automatically or manually accessed when the player has run out of rings) for each player to stock five sets of Back Rings.

There will also be fun stuff to find and unlock by exploring, such as Chao eggs, Chao food, and Chao toys for the game's Chao Gardens; different costumes for the characters to wear simply for aesthetics; the game's various music tracks which can be selected to play so that they replace the assigned music for each area; concept artwork for the game which then becomes readily viewable; mini-games at the games' arcade which offer various simpler gameplay experiences; objects which can be used in the game's level editor; maps of the game's many locales; and, finally, furniture and decorations which can be arranged in homes in the game's several hubs.

Sonic the Hedgehog
True Blue Hero of Mobius
A - Jump
A+A - Homing attack
B - Ground roll
R - Spin dash
Up+R - Peelout
Left/Right+L - Skidslide

Sonic will be the fastest character, capable of blasting off all at once by peeling out - effectively becoming a blue blur faster than sound itself. He can also lock onto enemies and attack them from a reasonable distance; when doing this against several enemies in a chain, he can reach places other characters can't. His ability to roll in a direction despite whatever momentum he has is useful for going uphill. He can also slide through narrow openings in his path.

Upgrades to attain: Homing Attack, Peelout, Skidslide
Alternate costumes:
Classic Mega Drive Look, Sega of America Look, Original Yuji Naka Design, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog/SatAM Look, OVA Look, Fleetway Look

Miles Prower/Tails the Fox
Sonic's Sidekick/Best Friend and Skilled Mechanic
A - Jump
A+A - Fly
A+A+B - End flight
B - Tail whip
B+B - Tail whip combo
R - Spin dash
L - Launch Mecha Tails/T-Pup

Tails can fly for a fair amount of time, though he flies left and right much faster than he does up and down. This helps him to reach areas up and over with ease. He can also perform a tail whip to take out enemies within a good range in front of and behind him. Finally, he can use T-Pup for reconnaissance missions where the aim is to avoid notice and ultimately open paths for Tails and company.

Upgrades to attain: Flight, Tail Whip Combo, T-Pup Robot
Alternate costumes:
Classic Mega Drive Look, Sega of America Look, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Look, Satam Look, OVA Look, Fleetway Look

Knuckles the Echidna
Rad Red Guardian of the Master Emerald
A - Jump
A+A - Glide
Direction of Wall+A - Wall Rush
B - Punch
B+B - Punch combo
R - Spin dash
L - Latch onto wall

Knuckles can glide for as long as open space is available. When he glides into a wall, he can then climb it up and down. He can latch onto it, at which point he will slide down slowly and can perform a wall jump; this is useful for scaling parallel sets of both continuous and broken walls.

Upgrades to attain: Glide, Punch Combo, Wall Latch, Wall Rush
Alternate costumes:
Classic Mega Drive Look, Sega of America Look, OVA Look, Sonic Underground Look, Fleetway Look

Amy Rose
Hopelessly Infatuated Fangirl
A - Insta-shield Jump (with Hammer)
A+A - Rides straight up on two balloons
B - Piko Hammer attack
R - Dash
L+Direction - Shoot Grappling gun

Amy can fly directly upwards for a long time with helium balloons, and can float left and right a little while falling down. This is in great contrast to Tails's flight. She also has a wider jump attack, as her Piko Hammer spins around with her as she jumps, giving her extra range while keeping said range from being vulnerable to damage. She can even fire a grappling gun so that she can hang and swing from ceilings and hooks in the air, doing so several times to swing to places unreachable for others; this can also be combined with her upward flight ability, as she can fly to a ceiling and proceed to travel along it.

Upgrades to attain: Insta-shield Jump, Balloons, Grappling Gun
Alternate costumes:
Classic Mega-CD Look, Sega of America Look, Fleetway Look

Shadow the Hedgehog
The Ultimate Lifeform
A - Jump
A+A & D-Pad - Chaos Control teleport
B - Chaos Spear
R - Spin dash

Shadow can use Chaos Control to teleport past enemies, walls, and road blocks in any direction. This allows him to enter hollow walls, skip through doors and then open them from the inside, and bypass obstructions that stump other characters. Lastly, he can throw Chaos Spears at distant enemies, but can only do these a set number of times in a row because of his Chaos Control inhibitors.

Upgrades to attain: Teleportation, Chaos Spear

Silver the Hedgehog
Hero of a Desolate Future
A - Jump
A+A - Float in place
B - Lock onto enemy/object
B & Direction (when locked on) - Move/throw enemy/object in specified direction
R - Spin dash
L - Hover above ground

Silver can move objects and enemies with telekinesis, taking out two enemies by throwing one into another or stacking boxes into stairs. He's capable of hovering slightly above the ground while moving with said telekinesis as well, which is useful for safely passing over spikes, lava, and other obstacles below; too, he can float in place to avoid danger below and lock onto enemies in mid-air.

Upgrades to attain: Float, Telekinesis, Hover

Metal Sonic
Sonic's Mechanical Counterpart, Now with Free Will
A - Jump
A+A - Air spin dash
A+A (when having just landed from previous jump) - High jump
B - Shoot Blaster
R - Spin dash
Up+R - Back dash

Mecha Sonic has a number of combat-oriented abilities, and thus is great for taking out enemies. He can also go for an unlimited amount of time in submerged areas and ones with extreme heat, since he's a robot and doesn't require oxygen or room temperature climate. Upgrades to attain: Air Spin Dash, High Jump, Back Dash

Alternate costumes: Metal Sonic Model, Silver Sonic Model, Mecha Sonic Model, Archie Mecha Sonic, Fleetway Emperor Metallix