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Thank you for purchasing the MEGA MAN 6 * game pak for your Nintendo Entertainment System®.

Please read this instruction booklet carefully and follow the correct operating procedures. Keep this instruction booklet and warranty in a safe place for future reference.


GETTING STARTED ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5

THE MYSTERIOUS MR. X! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6

CONTROLLING MEGA MAN ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7

DECATHLON OF DOOM! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8

MEGA POWER! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9

MORE POWER TO YOU ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10

A LITTLE CYBERNETIC SUPPORT ----------------------------------------------------------------- 12

SPECIAL ITEMS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13

HELPFUL ADVICE FROM DR. LIGHT -------------------------------------------------------------- 14

USING YOUR PASSWORD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15

ROBOT MASTERS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16

NOTES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17

[Safety precautions and trademark info. follow.]


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[Picture of Mega Man, Rush, Beat and Flip-Tip together.]


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1. Insert your MEGA MAN 6 Game Pak into your Nintendo Entertainment System and turn it ON.

2. When the title screen appears, you can choose to being a new game or use a password to continue a previous game.

To begin a new game, move the arrow next to PRESS START, then press the START button.

To continue a previous game, please read the section entitled "Using Your Password."

3. When the next screen appears, Mega Man will be faced with eight of the kidnapped robots. Use the control pad to select the robot you wish to battle and press the A button. In a flash Mega Man will teleport toward the lair of the robot master and be ready for action!

4. To end a game at any time, simply turn OFF your Nintendo Entertainment System and remove your Game Pak.


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The most talented robot designers from across the globe have come to the 1st Annual Robot Tournament sponsored by the billionaire, Mr. X. Traveling from Japan, Canada and the United States, the designers have brought their finest cybernetic creations to do battle in a series of tests to see which robot can claim the title of "The Most Powerful Robot In The World."

Nothing seems strange as the contest begins, but when the top eight robots enter the arena for the final event, the lights dim and the mysterious Mr.X appears...

"Ladies and Gentleman,

I wish to thank you all for coming to see the final event of my 1st Annual Robot Tournament. As you know, I have kept the final event of the tournament a secret. This event will test the strength, skill and intelligence of each of these fine robots. In fact, it will also test the strength and skill of each one of you. That may seem strange, but I'm sure you will understand when I explain that the final test for these robots is to help me conquer the world!"

"Please excuse me and my robots as we teleport out of here, but we have lots of work to do. But don't worry, you'll see me again soon. Real soon!"


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[Shows which buttons do each of the actions.]


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Out-numbered and out-gunned, Mega Man stands alone against the advancing robot hoards. Even with his Mega Buster all charged up, he's going to need to move at world class speed to blast every robot back to the starting line! Collecting power-up items to keep up his strength, Mega Man must find his way through an endless maze of corridors to the lair of the stolen robot. But Mr. X has done some quick reprogramming and made sure that these robots don't want to be rescued. So, it's a battle of power and agility as Mega Man attempts to deactivate the robots using his entire arsenal of weapons! Blastin' his opponent until their energy level is gone, Mega Man is determined to win the battle and emerge victorious to face the next robotic rebel!

[Shows screenshot of Mega Man's regular and weapon energy meters.]


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As you blast each of Mr. X's metal maniacs, you will gain a special weapon and add it to your arsenal. You can view the various weapons you have collected by pressing the START button.

[Shows screenshot of Mega Man's weapon box.]

When the weapon box appears, you can see all of the Power Adaptors, Weapons, Energy Tanks and Extra Lives you have collected so far. Press the control pad in any direction to select the weapon or item you wish to activate and then press the A button. When you return to action, Mega Man will be armed with the power that he selected.


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Unable to stand against the awesome power of Mr. X's army, Mega Man and Dr. Light realized they needed something new to combat this threat. Laboring long and hard, Dr. Light was able to design two new transformations circuits for use with Rush, Mega Man's canine companion. Once Mega Man finds these power adaptors, he will be able to call Rush to his side and together they will become more powerful that ever!


Rush transforms into body armor and gives Mega Man an extra punch. Press and hold the B button to charge up the armor to make a really big hit!


Because of the size of the Power Mega Man Armor, Mega Man cannot use other weapon systems and cannot slide wearing it.


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Rush transforms into a jet pack to help launch Mega Man into the sky! Press and hold the A button to fire the turbo thrusters and send Mega Man soaring into the sky.


The turbo thrusters can only keep Mega Man in the air for a short time before they overheat and drop Mega Man back down to the ground.

Once you find the adaptors, you can transform Mega Man using your weapon box. Press the START button and when the weapon box appears, press the control pad in any direction to highlight which version of Mega Man you wish to transform into. Press the START button and when you return, Mega Man will be transformed and ready for action.


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Flip-Top, Dr. Light's cybernetic suitcase, will teleport down with a power-up item from time to time, but for this mission Mega Man needs a little more help. So, Dr. Light has been hard at work to create a remote-controlled attack bird named BEAT. But BEAT's four new circuit plates are missing! If Mega Man is able to find and collect the B, E, A and T circuit plates, he'll will automatically teleport them back to Dr. Light for final assembly.

Once Dr. Light has completed BEAT, he'll be ready to swoop to Mega Man's rescue on command. Press the START button and when the weapon box appears, press the control pad in any direction to hilight BEAT and press the A button to activate him. When Mega Man returns to the fight, press the B button to whistle for a little help from above. Soaring down from the clouds, BEAT will automatically attack any enemy on screen and shred them to tin foil with his razor-sharp talons.

[Bottom-right has that same picture of Mega Man, Beat, Rush and Flip-Top together.]


Page 13:


As Mega Man blasts through wave after wave of cybernetic soldiers, he'll find a variety of powerful items that will increase his chance of survival in the battles that lie ahead.

Energy Pellets: These pellets increase Mega Man's energy level.

Weapon Capsules: Weapon Capsules increase the energy level of Mega Man's current special weapon.
Energy Tanks: Energy Tanks fully recharge Mega Man's energy supply. Mega Man can store these tanks until needed.
1-Up: A 1-Up gives Mega Man one more chance to complete his mission.


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1. Each robot master is vulnerable to a certain type of weapon. If a robot master seems too hard to defeat using the normal cannon, you may need to acquire a special weapon to defeat him.

2. If you special weapon runs out of energy, pick up a weapon capsule while the special weapon is active and it will recharge the weapon.

3. It is not necessary to collect the four BEAT circuit plats to defeat Mr. X, but it will sure help!

4. Mr. X has also stolen an Energy Balancer. Unable to use it with his stolen robots, he has hidden it somewhere in the city. If Mega Man should find it, the Energy Balancer will automatically recharge Mega Man's lowest weapon energy level each he picks up a weapon capsule.

5. The Power Mega Man armor can be used to break through cracked stone walls.

6. Sometimes, there is more than one way to get into a lair of a robot master.


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If you reduce the sinister cyborgs into scrap metal, Mega Man may be rewarded with a secret password. On a piece of paper, copy the location of each dot in the password grid. When you finish writing down your password, place the paper in a safe place.

The next time you play Mega Man 6, you can continue from where you received you password. Here's how:

1. On the title screen, move the arrow next to PASSWORD and press A button.

2. When the empty password grid appears, use the control pad to move the brackets to the location of the first dot. Press the A button to place the dot. (If you place a dot in the wrong place, just press the A button again.)

3. Once you have finished placing each of the dots in the correct location, press the START button and the brackets will move to END. Press START again and if the password is correct, the game will return you to the stage you received the password.


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Blizzard Man

Wind Man

Knight Man

Plant Man

Centaur Man

Flame Man

Tomahawk Man

Yamato Man


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[Warranty and service information.]